Author's Note:

Hello everyone! My name is Julie and it's been a while since I've posted anything. This story has been waiting for me for close to 5 years... I found the file a few months ago and the muse got tickled. So here I am posting the first chapter to see what you guys think and if you want me to continue posting I'll give it a go.

This story goes back circa 2004, right after Elizabeth gives birth to Cameron and changes everything and everyones history in Port Charles. It picks up 5 years later so it actually takes place around 2009 in a very different world. I think all changes are quite obvious on the first chapter. But if you have questions just ask and I'll explain them as best as I can. Sorry about the typos and grammatical errors my first language is Spanish so they are bound to be a few... Hope you guys enjoy this...

A Family All Our Own (PG)

1 Family Life

The faint rounds of footsteps on the cold wood floor echoed inside the empty penthouse hallway. Still sleepy, she made her way toward the master bedroom, careful not to make loud sounds to not get caught. Reaching the doorknob with a bit of difficulty, she noticed the door is unlocked and pushes the door open. Looking directly at him lying on the bed. There he is, the object of her assault.

Sunlight was starting to filter through the drapes illuminating the man's figure. Rubbing the remains of sleep from her face, she steps closer. He has no idea he is being watch. Slowly he starts to roll to his back and stretch, but still kept his eyes close. The white sheet is tangled around his strong legs, leaving his upper body naked to her mischievous eyes.

She holds her breath when she sees his chest expand, thinking she was about to get caught. But when only a faint snore is heard, a fit of giggles inevitably makes its way to her lips. Almost unable to stop them she claps her hands over her mouth. Seeing as he hasn't woken up, she realizes is now or never.

Walking to the right side of his bed she climbs up and looks at him again. Her face inches away from his she takes in his strong features. He was her hero, but still she knew he was going to be mad. Feeling doubtful for a second she stops and thinks about turning around. Nah, everything would be okay. And if it wasn't she was sure her little pouty lips and puppy dog eyes would do the trick…

Counting silently to three, she jumps over his stomach and shouts in a sing- song voice. "WAAAAAKE UUUUUP!"

Jason Morgan opened his eyes to find the smiling face of his four-year-old daughter smiling back at him. Her jet-black hair was falling out of her pigtails and her smile, dimples and all, was huge on her adorable face.

Closing his eyes for a second he thanked God for small miracles, his small beautiful miracle. He opened his eyes again when her chubby little hands barely covered his checks as she gave him her favorite kiss, Eskimo style, rubbing her small button nose with his own.

"Morning daddy."

Running one of her pigtails through his fingers he smiled back at her. "Good morning honey."

"It's time to wake up now."

"No it's not. It's too early. Why are you even out of bed?" He asked keeping his face serious.

Her face scrunching up in disbelieve she answered. "Did you forget? I'm going to school today!"

"You are?" He asked in mock surprise.

"Yesss…" She said jumping on his stomach for emphasis and successfully cutting his air supply. "I'm a big girl."

"No you are not. You are my baby girl." He said seriously.

"Don't be silly daddy. I'm almost five years old!"

"Wow! That really means you are a big girl."

"I told ya'."

Without thought, she scrambled off her father's chest and jumped out of the bed taking his hand. "Come on, you have to make my breakfast 'cause mama is still sleepy."

Jason sits up in bed and looks at the half opened door trying to listen to someone walking down stairs. The house was completely quiet. His daughter was right. She was still asleep. Something wasn't right.

His daughter tugged at his arm forcefully, taking him out of his reverie. "Come on. I'm hungry!"

The tall blond throws his legs to the side of the bad and grabs his daughter in his arms… "Come on Lila Adela Morgan, it's time to get cooking!"

The alarm clock chipped to let her know that her only full night of sleep this week was officially over. She stretched and opened her eyes slowly to find the sun shinning through the window. With a small frown she ran her hand over her eyes and turned back to her side to see the red numbers on her alarm clock that lay at her bedside table.

7:25 AM.

"7:25 AM!" She shouts as she sits on the bed. "Holly shi… smokes."

Jumping off of the bed she runs across the room and to the hallway. Opening the door to her son's room, she calls after him.

"Cameron, wake up. It's really late."

Walking inside her son's bedroom she finds it empty. Her stress level spikes up another notch.

"Cameron Webber!" She calls for him. Not receiving and answer she resorts to their usual ritual.

"Marco…" She stands in the middle of the hallway waiting for an answer, but nothing.

Elizabeth walks over to the bathroom and opens the door. "Marco…"

Still nothing. Great, she thought, losing her five year old an hour before the first day of school wasn't a good thing. Letting out a string of courses under her breath she runs down the stairs. Hearing the TV, a sigh of relieve escapes her lips and her heart calms down.

Walking into the living room she calls to him again. "Marco."

There sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, eating cereal out of the box was her whole world. Shaking her head she gets closer and in a second she goes from 'frantic- I – lost- my- kid' mode to her 'seriously- you- are- not- supposed- to- do-that' mode.


"Polo." That was Cam's only answers while his eyes stayed glued to the TV and his hand filled with Cocoa Puff's kept going from the box to his mouth.

With her hands on her hips and a raised eyebrow, Elizabeth stood in front of the TV, trying to disguise her smile at his antics.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Having breakfast." Her son answered.

Without even looking at her he sho's her away with his hand. "Ma… you are on my way. I'm trying to watch Sponge Bob here."

Silently she turns around and turns off the TV. Then faces her son again.

"Hey, I was watching that." He complains.

"How long have you been awake?"

Cameron looks at his mom and sighs. "Since the clocked beeped the first time."

"So you heard the alarm clock go off and you didn't wake me up?"

"You were all cuddled up and looked really happy in the bed. So I turned off the alarm and let you sleep for a bit longer."

Her son answered looking her in the eyes for the first time and she just wanted to eat him up with that angelic little face… Focus Elizabeth, this was very wrong. She couldn't help the sigh that escaped her lips. She looked at her son, sitting back on the couch a mass of unruly curls, pale skin and big brown eyes, a miniature version of herself. But that mischievous glint in his eyes… Oh that was all Zander Smith, all right.

Cameron caught his mother's wondering eyes and made a face. He really hated the mushy stuff and right now his mom had that look. The look that said I'm about to hug you, pinch your cheeks and kiss all over your face.

"What is it Ma'?" He asked quietly.

"Nothing. It's just that you are the cutest, most noble baby boy… and I'm so thankful that you are mine."

"I'm not a baby." Cameron protested as he placed the cereal box on the coffee table.

"You will always be my baby, Cam."

"But I am five years old. Six almost, like in 9 months."

Elizabeth laughed at his indignation of being called a baby and walks to stand in front of him. "Cameron Alexander Webber, you could be almost sixty, like in 9 months, and you still be my baby boy."

Watching the twinkle in his mother's eyes Cameron whined. "Moooommm."

"What?" She asked in a sweet and innocent voice with a raced eyebrow and smile.

The five year old stood on the sofa, closed his eyes and extended his little arms as far as they would go at his side. "Ooookayyyy… Do it already. I know you are going to do it anyway."

She couldn't stop the giggle that escaped her lips at his antics. She gave thanks everyday for the blessing of having such an amazing son. Taking two steps she took him in her arms enveloped him on a hug and started raining kisses all over.

She stirred, the wonderful smell of pancakes feeling her senses waking her of her deep slumber.

Soon she was awake, the deep aching in her head ever present and soon a bout of vile rose to her throat. She got up, ignoring the dizziness as she walked to the bathroom. Leaning against the wall so she wouldn't fall on her face, she made it to the bathroom.

Mornings where always the worst, she thought with disgust after emptying her stomach. She looked in the mirror as she washed her mouth. She winced at the reflection staring back at her. She had dark circles under her eyes and her face was paler than usual.

Running her hands to her short straight black hair, she opened the cabinet and found the brown unlabeled bottle. Opening the faucet again she filled a small cup with water and down three pills as fast as she could. Moving to the toilet she sat on the closed lid until the pills started to take effect. Soon the buzzing in her eardrums started to lull and her head became much clearer.

The sweet sound of her baby girl laughing made her eyes water and her hands tremble and her eyes water. Jason's voice echoed through the house and she knew she had made the right decision, because Jason Morgan was the best father her daughter could ever have.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Jason was busy turning the pancakes he had on the griddle, while Lila kept working in the lumpy batter she insisted on making. She was sitting on the counter, her face covered in flour and pancake mix.

His back to her, Jason asked. "How is it going baby?"

"It's not woooorkiiiiing." She answered in her usual singsong voice.

Once he flipped out the last pancake he turned around to find her with her whole hand inside the big bowl fishing for the small wooden spoon she had dropped inside.

Jason had to bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing out loud. Lila looked so cute all covered in flour, a determined look on her face as she picked up the spoon and started at the batter again, effectively spilling the mixture at the sides of the bowl.

He couldn't burst out in laugh right now. He had to be a father, so he mustered all his might and placed his 'I- am- mad' face. But before he could utter a word Samantha McCall walked into the kitchen.

"What is going on here?"

Jason looked up to find Sam leaning at the doorway, her arms crossed over her chest and her brow upturned. Apparently the 'I'm- mad' face was already taken.

As soon as Lila heard her mother's voice she turned around excitedly successfully splashing the batter all over the counter top.

"Mama, you are up! Look, daddy and me are making pantakes!"

Sam ran a hand down her peach color nightgown that fell to her knees then back up to her waist. "You mean daddy and I."

With a cheeky grin Lila answered. "Don't be silly mama, you just got here."

The short brunet walked slowly, still a little dizzy towards the kitchen island. "What I mean is that you say 'daddy and I' and not 'daddy and me'."

"Oooohhh, oky."

Lila busied herself stirring the little batter that was still inside the bowl. Jason noticed Sam's slow movements and her tired expression.

"How are you feeling Sam?"

"I'm fine."

Sensing his scrutiny, Sam busied herself with Lila. Jason turned around and began taking the pancakes out of the stove.

"Look at all this mess. Now we'll have to give you a thorough bath before you eat breakfast."

"Na ah… I don't want a bath." Lila said scrunching her face again. She tried to clean her face, but instead managed to get herself even dirtier.

"Lila honey. Do as your mother says. Go get yourself cleaned up and when you come down we'll have breakfast together before you leave for school."

Lila used the stools on the other side of the kitchen island as a ladder and climbed down. "Okay. But you'll be here when I come back, right?"

"I promise honey. I'll be here."

"Let's go. Look at you jammie it's all dirty." Sam chastised as they walked out of the kitchen.

"That's because I was cookin with dad…"

He listened at as his daughter tried to smooth over things with her mother. He smiled and began another batch of pancakes.

Elizabeth came running down the stairs gathering her long brown hair into a ponytail. She walked quickly toward the kitchen and found her son on his knees on top of a stool leaning over the counter looking at the newspaper.

"Cam, what are you doing?" She asked opening the fridge and taking out the orange juice and filling two glasses.

"Checking out what's been happening in Port Charles."

She let out a laugh and shook her head. "You've been spending too much time with your uncle Lucky."

Elizabeth busied herself making his lunch, sneaking glances at her five years old son. He was growing up so fast, and still he needed a father.

Remembering her last relationship she smirked. Her brother Steven had played cupid and had set her up with one of his colleges. Tyler Monroe was all charm and wits. She went along for a while because she was lonely and she wanted to feel pretty again, damn it. Tyler was a gentleman, intelligent, polite, good looking… boring like hell. After a few months she broke things off, things where getting serious real fast and she wasn't ready yet.

Now seeing her baby getting ready for his first day of school, she realizes how lonely she really feels. Life didn't really turned out like she had planned. A few years back she tried to rekindle her romance with Lucky Spencer, but they where just kidding themselves thinking they could go back in time. Too many stumbles, too much hurts, too many unfinished business on the way.

Soon they realized the will always love each other, as friends. And that was the only way they could ever work out. She sighed and drank her juice. She placed the empty glasses on the sink and turned back towards her son, who was just closing the newspaper.

"Finished getting informed on the comings and goings of Port Charles?"

"I don't know who's coming or going… I only look at the pictures 'cause you know I can't read too well. Today the best picture was one of two guys and a really big boat on the docks. Can we go see it?"

"I don't know. Maybe if you are a good boy on your first day of school. Now go grab your bag while I finish here and we'll be on our way."

"Can I bring Remy?"

"I don't think your teacher will appreciate Remy's presence in the classroom, Cam. It's best if he stays home."

"Why? He's really quiet and stays stills most of the time."

"He is a toad Cameron. They can hardly do much. But still you can't take him to school. Go grab your things and I'll wait for you outside.

Cameron ran toward the stairs. Elizabeth picked up the paper and looked at the front page. There she found a picture of Sonny Corinthos, some things never changed she thought. But the big bold letters of the headline said different.

"Corinthos- Morgan Enterprises to launch new shipping lanes for international commerce."

She skimmed the article and realized thing do change sometimes. Once alleged mob kingpin has been rumored to have gotten out of the mob into legal business all around. After the kidnapping of his son and daughter almost 4 years ago, he had finished Faith Roscoe and with her his ties to the mob. He had trespassed his territory to one of his associates, only with the condition that he would keep Port Charles free of drugs and violence.

Completely legal and devoted to his family, Michael Sonny Corinthos was now an outstanding citizen of Port Charles, creating business ventures that solidified the economy of the city. Looking back at the picture of the big freighter and the smiling ex kingpin she caught the man standing behind Sonny, almost hiding from the camera. His leather jacket, spiky blond hair, strong arms, face turned away… Her heart skipped a beat, and just like that she realized that maybe some things never really changed.

Lila, Sam and Jason finished breakfast rather quickly considering Lila's constant inquiry about school and all things school related. Jason walked into the living room as Sam and Lila where getting ready to leave. Lila was wearing a pink dress and white shoes, two white flower barrettes keeping her hair out of her face. But she was no longer smiling cheekily as she had minutes before.

"What's wrong baby?" He asked concerned.

"Mama wont let me wear my jacket."

"It's not cold outside, honey."

"That's exactly what I said." Sam added from her place near the desk by the door.

"I want my leather jacket!"

Jason looked at Sam and she raised her brow again. He turned back to his daughter.

"Why don't we make a deal? Wear the jacket on the ride to the school and once you get there you leave it in the car so you can show everyone your new dress."

"Okay." She said still not happy.

"Well, say goodbye to your dad. If we don't go now, we are going to be late."

"I'm sorry I can't go with you guys today. I need to deal with the schedules of the new shipping lanes. And there's a meeting I can't postpone." He turned back to Lila. "But, I do want to know everything about your first day of school so we have a date for dinner tonight."

"Okay. I love you daddy!"

He gave helped the put on her mini leather jacket and gave her a kiss.

Sam's phone received a message and she read it and smiled. When she looked up from her phone she found Jason's questioning eyes on her. She grabbed her bag and turned for the door.

"Come on, honey." She helped Lila with her bag.


"Yes, Jason."

"We also need to have a little chat, in private."

She fidgeted a bit and then smiled. "Okay. Just call me whenever."

They walked out of the penthouse leaving a very suspicious Jason behind.