Author's Note:

It's been a long while since I've posted and update. Bet a lot of you guys were thinking I've left this story hanging, but I promise I'll finish. It's just going to take longer because real life has gotten more complicated. I realize that a lot of Liasonites are jumping ship after SBu's announcement. But I'll keep writing, because honestly fanfiction is the only place were we are ever going to have a Liason happy ending. This is a filler chapter so I can move story along, still it does have some cute Liason moments... Hope you enjoy!

10 Half Truths

It was 10 o'clock at night when Jason and Elizabeth stepped out of the boat at Spoon Island. The ride from the hospital had been fairly quiet. Elizabeth had made a few observations about the city here and there, but Jason had kept to himself. She knew that he was preoccupied about Sam's condition and about Lila's well being. Her mind was also reeling with ideas and possibilities of things Jason could do to make this easier for the little girl.

Once they stepped up to the door, Elizabeth was about to knock but Jason grabbed her hand in mid air. She looked at him in question.

"I- I just… I think I'm going to need your help."

"Help with what?"

"Once we walk through this door, Lila is going to start asking questions about her mother. Where is she, why hasn't she called? Why isn't she here?" He took a deep breath when his voice broke a little. "I have to tell her she's sick. I've never lied to her… Well, except about me being her father… And that's a pretty big lie on itself, but really it was…"

Elizabeth's laugh bubbled out of her lips and Jason's troubled eyes turned towards her. She was giggling so hard her eyes were sparkling with unshed tears.


"I'm so sorry, I know this is very important... But it's just that you were rambling. You never ramble. That it's a Webber trait, not a Morgan one."

He couldn't help but give her a small half grin. "Well I have been spending a lot of time with you lately, Webber. I think you are starting to rub off on me."

They both laughed for a moment and then sobered remembering the situation they were in.

"I'm sorry, Jason. I didn't…"

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Elizabeth. I don't know if I could've been able to do this without you. So thank you."

"Okay, can you just promise me something?"


"Stop thanking me already. I'm here because you are my friend and you need me. No thanks necessary."

Before he could answer her, the door sprang opened and they found themselves enveloped in small limbs.

Dropping to meet their children, Jason and Elizabeth occupied themselves greeting the kids with hugs and kisses. Emily came running behind them and stopped at the sight before her. They looked perfect together, just like a family.

"And she didn't let me watch Cars…"

"I played with Paige's barbies…"

"Uncle Nic's not here and I couldn't ride…"

"The trees where inside the room…"

"How did you did that Mama?"

"Where's my Mommy?"

They had been bombarded by information and questions from both Cameron and Lila. But as soon as the little girl uttered those words both Jason and Elizabeth's eyes meet over the kid's heads.

"She didn't call and she always calls… Daddy?" Lila continued her questions unaware of the change in the adult's body language.

Emily stepped forward, then. "Hey kids. It's getting kind of chilly out, why don't we take this inside?"

"Aunt Emily is right. Come on, let's go inside for a while." Elizabeth told Cam and stood grabbing his hand.

Lila's eyes were shining bright and she wrapped her arms around Jason's neck. He picked her up and kissed her forehead. "Come on baby girl."

He had been sitting by the window since earlier in the afternoon.

Light gave way to night and darkness and he was still lost inside his thoughts. Memories of all the places, people and decisions that couldn't be undone, filled his mind. And still Sonny Corinthos couldn't find the answer to his dilemma.

After walking away from the territory and taking a less active role in the Five Families, he started making changes to his life. He used to be selfish, he used to go get whatever he wanted, it didn't matter what or who paid the price. But the power and money didn't fulfill his life anymore. The emptiness, danger and death that surrounded him didn't seem worth it, not when he had laughter, joy and freedom waiting for him at home.

His children, they were the one's that would pay the ultimate price for his sins and he just couldn't take that chance anymore.

Deep down he knew that he was a selfish bastard. He never did things out of the goodness of his heart. There was always a motive, a means to an end.

And now, now it was no different. He wanted to claim his younger daughter, even if it meant breaking his best friend's heart. This decision, although difficult was the last thing he felt he needed to do before he could truly feel cleaned of his past and vindicated in his new beginning.

But this decision could also break his most treasured friendship. So he looked back out the window and thought some more... Maybe he could find a sign written somewhere in the stars.

Her hair was the blackest black against her pink complexion. He held her tightly against his chest as if with the gesture he could keep away all the bad things his world could bring into her life. She came into his life as a burden he was glad to take, but a burden nonetheless. But soon he began to warm up to the idea of having her in his life, someone he could finally love unconditionally and who would love him back. And all that love, it came crashing down on him the second Elizabeth had put her in his arms. The small baby girl, still unnamed, had won him over when she turned her face towards him and her long dark lashes had opened to reveal her curious gaze, mocha color eyes that held his ice blue ones for a second and all eternity.

"What do you mean Mommy is sick?" Lila's sweet voice brought him back to reality.

Jason blinked twice and found her worried mocha color eyes on his.

"Does she have a bug? Like the one I get when it's very cold outside? Or is it a booboo?"

"Sam, she has…" Jason looked up towards Elizabeth and Emily who were standing across the room.

"Neither. And both." Elizabeth interrupted as she moved to sit next to Jason in the sofa.

Lila looked up at Elizabeth, and she could see the wheels turning in the little girl's head. "Do you remember how bad it feels to get a bug?"

"Yes. It's yucky… My head hurts, and my tummy hurts, and I get really hot and sweaty, and I don't want to eat… Not even I's cream, and that's my favorite!"

Elizabeth smiled at the earnestness in her voice. "Right. Well, your mommy is feeling all of that but three times more, because she's bigger. And her body also aches, like when you get a boo boo."

Lila's eyes filled with tears and she looked back at her father. "We have to go home daddy. We need to go read her Snow White and make her magic soup, so she can get better really fast, just like she does to me."

Jason's heart broke at the desperation in his daughter's voice. He ran his hand through her hair. "Lila, your mommy is not home. Right now, your mommy has to be taken care by doctors and nurses so she can feel better. She has to stay in the hospital a while."

"Then let's go." She grabbed Jason's hand and tried to pull him up. "Take me to the hospital. I need to bring her my special blanket and…" She looked around at Elizabeth, Cameron and Emily, and dropped her voice to tell Jason a secret everyone of them could still hear clearly. "We need to bring her Jessie, so she can get well really fast like me."

Emily smiled sadly at the little girl and then noticed Elizabeth's confused expression.

"Jessie is a little stuffed koala Jason bought Lila when she was in NICU after she was born. Lila loves that toy and thinks that it's magical and it helped her get better." Emily told her under softly.

"Lila baby. We can't go see mommy right now." Jason said pulling her back to stand in between his legs.

"But I wanna see her. She needs me."

"I'm sure she would love to see you too. But it's late, Sam it's probably asleep."

"And we all should be heading to bed too. How about we have a sleep over?" Emily said trying to appease the little girl.

Cam had been quietly standing next to his mom, but he spoke quickly at the clear intentions of his aunt. "Na ah… I'm not having a sleep over with a girl. Not with her either."

The distaste was clear in his voice and Lila, despite her sadness, was about to strike back, luckily Elizabeth spoke first.

"Cameron, your aunt Emily was talking to Lila. We have to get a move on because we are a good drive away. Go pick up your…"

"Don't be silly Elizabeth. Of course I was talking to all of you."

"Oh no. Em, I don't want to intrude."

"You wouldn't. And besides, the truth is that the crew has signed off. There's no one to drive you back to the city. So, there's no point in arguing. You guys are staying and that's it."

Elizabeth's reply died on her lips as she watch Emily grabbed both Lila and Cameron's hands in her own and walk away. "Let's go find your room guys."

The petite brunette turned around to find Jason's worried gaze.

"Hey, that wasn't as bad."

"I guess… Did you see her eyes? She looked so scared. I hate not being able to reassure her. I can't say everything is going to be all right, because it's not. It's never going to be the all right for my daughter again."