"Well, you OBVIOUSLY don't know what you are doing" Jack teased, pulling off his signature smirk. I frowned, trying to be angry with him.

Why does he have to be so hot? I thought to myself. i wrapped my hands around the steering wheel.

"Hey! I do too! It's not my fault I'm scared of driving!" I retort.

He just laughed, "that's why we're trying kid!" he laughed once more, before moving his guitar out of the way.

"Out of all the vehicles, why your truck?" I say, scrunching up my nose from the mess. Guitar picks, paper, drawings, various bottles, and candy wrappers. Not to mention a few knives here and there, [I cut my hand on one while using the shift stick, it hurt] but even though his truck was nasty, it had his scent, which is what I loved more than anything. I turned to the twenty two year old musician. He started saying something, but I wasn't paying attention, I was lost in his ocean blue eyes.

"KID!" he shouted at me.

"WHAT?!" I shouted back.

"Did you even hear me? Or were you to busy being a teenage girl?" he sneered.

I frowned, "I'm eighteen idiot!"

"Sure you are so are you ready or not?" he asked.

I nodded, "no shit Sherlock"

I put the truck in gear and slowly backed out of the parking lot his apartment was located at. He kept coaxing me through it, even though I was scared to drive. The first time I did, the other driver pulled out in front of me, and flipped my car, luckily I was alive. Jack's voice was soothing; I loved hearing it, especially when he sang at bars. He would step on stage, with Karkrash, Bashy, and Erik. Karkrash would stand to the left of him, playing bass. Bashy, in the back, yet the loudest, play the drums. Leaving Erik to play keyboard, rhythm guitar or what was needed for that song. Of course Jack played the guitar, and of course he was the lead singer. Cocky ass prick..

I'd always tell him to give Karkrash a turn, since he was a good singer. But noooo, it had to be him singing. Then I'd say, well, why don't you sing one of Bashy's songs, or hell even mine? Nooooope. Once again, you cocky ass prick.

But every time he was on stage, I would stare into those ocean blue orbs. why did he have to be so perfect? I thought. Shoulder length blonde hair, muscular, but not body builder, six feet tall, slightly tan, deep voice, deep minded, thoughtful, sweet, yet cocky, and annoying. Wore ripped jeans, boots, and plaid or band shirts. He was perfect, every girl wanted him. They crowed around him, attacking him, he was like Justin beiber or Andy six.

Me? Only five feet tall, wore anything from all black to colours. If stereotyped id be border line punk. Really short brown hair, like roxette, or la roux hair, pale skin, and grey eyes. And to top it off I had the make-up and shoes to match.

I was staring at my clunky black boots. I think my left one was coming untied.

"Pay attention!" he said, sounding like a teacher.

"Yes sir" I saluted.

Just to make things clear, yes I am 18 years old, yes I do not have my license, and yes I am in love with Jack.

I turned to windshield wipers on, it was snowing. It was December 23rd and Jack's present to me? To make me relive my worst fear over and over again till it became nothing. He said it was to help me conquer my driving phobia, but truth be told, it was really because he was tired of picking me up and wasting gas on me. Don't I feel special?

"Turn left here" he said, pointing.

I turned left, "where are we going anyway?" I asked.

"You'll see" he said nonchalantly.

I shrugged. Jack flipped on the radio, and fiddled with it till he got to an 80's rock station.

"…Don't need you! I don't live in this town, don't trust you

Don't trust anyone around, can't stand you

Ain't gonna stick around

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)"

Jack started to sing along with it. i sighed dreamily at his voice, every girl would KILL to be here where I am.

"now turn right, wai WAIT! No this street over here!" he said.

" I think it IS right, moron" I laugh.

He scoffed, then continued singing.

I did as he told. We got to a bridge and slowed down, I was deathly afraid of bridges, especially in winter.

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I hate you, and I hate this town

I mean you, and this pitiful town

I hate you, you just make me laugh

"Just take it slow kid, and you'll be okay" Jack reassured.

"okay" I said weakly.

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I hate you, you like me? (No!)

You like our music, now don't yah? (No!)

It's such a pity now you want me to go! (Go!

A lot of talk, not enough action

Once I crossed the bridge I sped up a bit, wanting to get as far as possible.

"where are we?" I asked, not recognizing the place.

"You'll see" he said again.

I rolled my eyes.

Lot of lies, but no real reaction

Lot of ways, but no real emotion

We came across some abandoned houses, which by the way looked beautiful in the winter!

"we're almost there" he said, smiling.

I raised a brow, " where are you taking me?" I repeat my favorite question at this time.

Jack picked back up into singing.

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I hate you, you like me? (No!)

You like our music, now don't yah? (No!)

It's such a pity now you want me to go! (Go!)

Suddenly a deer came jumped in front of us, I screamed and swerved, while slamming the brakes, he was screaming at me to calm down and kept trying to take the wheel. I was crying and screaming back. We hit ice and like before, I flipped the car, and we rolled down the ditch.



"Hey I need to tell you-


-I've been meaning to say this but-



"I love you"


We rolled six times before crashing into a tree. I lifted my head off the steering wheel. I was soaked in blood, glass, snow and ice. I think I had a twig on me.

I stared in horror at my secret love. He was covered in the same substances I was. I started to cry,

" im sorry Jack" I whisper.

He smiled back slightly, before moving closer to me, "at least I to get to be with you"

" I love you back" I say.

" he smiled, and kissed me, I tasted blood and snow. Even though I was cold and hurt, I felt fire burn within me. A blazing hot fire, coursing within me. We continued kissing. Pouring gasoline onto the fire, making it burn, we wanted to feel the heat, we wanted to feel the smoke. We wanted to be burned.

You're so pretty

You're so pretty

You're so fair

Love your hair (ha ha ha)

You're so pretty

I wanted more, just one more kiss.

I felt the fire instantly die. My face slammed against the steering wheel. With whatever strength Jack had left he grabbed my hand and laid his head on the dashboard. He cried softly to himself.

"It's never your fault. This was not your fault" he whispered to my body.

You're so pretty

You're so pretty.

Love your makeup

Love your nose

Love your eyes

Love your clothes..

" I love you…"

"You're pretty useless!" Omar screamed into the mic, slightly glancing at the pianist Angel. He jumped into the air strumming a few notes to his guitar. Dizzy shook his head, really guys? Can't we just get along? He thought to himself.

Ever since Angel and Omar broke up things have been a bit hectic. Angel floated from guy to guy, while Omar became even colder than what he used to be. Stretch, the bassist tilted his head, still confused as to why the two ex-lovers were STILL fighting. It has to be at least 3 months now, right? Dizzy thought, as Angel glared at the fiery red head rocker. Dizzy shrugged as they finished the last part of the song.

"I hate you, and I hate this town

I mean you, and this pitiful town

I hate you, you just make me laugh

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I wasn't born for lovin' (I was born to raise hell)

I hate you, you like me?

You like our music, now don't you?

It's such a pity now you want me to go!

I was born to raise hell...!" Omar sang the last line with venom as he once again turned to Angel, who changed expressions as her new boy toy wandered in.

Angel hopped off stage and into the arms of her new man, they kissed passionately before Omar butted in.

"That's it party's over! Get a room!" he sneered.

Angel turned back and stuck her tongue out.

Dizzy sighed, wishing it went back to the days when they got along. The days when Omar and Angel were still together. When Omar was a bit nicer…

Dizzy's phone vibrated, he checked it, Crista, his one year girlfriend. He smiled slightly before answering.

Stretch smiled that even in all this chaos, his best friend, Dizz, still managed to find happiness.

He then thought of his own girlfriend of five months, Lisa. He blushed just thinking about her. With her long brown hair, and big brown eyes that were hid behind a pair of glasses. To the gang she was a geek a nerd, but to him she was perfect. Pretty soon, like Dizzy, ignored the hatred amongst the band and found his place in happiness...

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