Chapter 6

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we walked over to eachother and met halfway.

"hey,what the hell are you doing?" he asked, calmly.

"dancing with Cindy, you?" i asked, trying to act cool.

he shrugged, "eh, i followed you"

i burst out laughing, "crepper much?"

he laughed, "yeah, well, i didnt want any creepy rockstars come by and take you"

i shook my head, "why are you always this protective, huh?"

he poked my nose again, "cause i can be"

Cindy rolled over on her skates, "awh aint that cute, now go dance!" she gushed, pushing me and Omar on the dance floor.

"i cant dance!" i yell at her

"hey what the hell?" he yelled.

"just dance!" she called, turing to some new guy.

i shook my head, "crazy"

"i know right?" he said.

we both just stood there, really confused..

"this next song is a slow one, so grab a partner and slow down those moves guys" the dj called, and switched records to some slow song.

i sighed, bad timing...

"this is wierd" he said, looking around.

i nodded, "very"

"awh, looks like we got ourselves a shy couple, lets give them a little spot light" the dj said.

then this light shined on us.

oh dear god...

"awhh dude, look at that girl, and girl, look at that dude. youre standing here on a dance floor, with other couples, now i suggest you dance." he said.

Omar shook his head, "na im good"

a few people booed at him

"come on man, shes one pretty lady, dont be shy" the dj ushered.

"we should just go" i say.

"boy you best be dancing with her or some of these men are gunna call dibbs" he pressed.

Omar looked around and saw a few older guys looking at her in an over friendly way. "perverts" he muttered.

"Omar we should go" i say, looking down.

"this ones mine" he said and glared at any male in the room.

he then did the most crazy and unthinkable thing ever.

he leaned down, and kissed me..