Hi readers. I just wanna clarify a few things before we begin. Yes, I screwed up a couple for the names. Pinkie Pie will be playing Marcus Kane, not Mitch. My bad. Also, Miranda Watts will be played by Apple Bloom. One more thing, Sheriff Sliver Star will not have a passenger with him because I couldn't think of anyone for him to have as a passenger. Besides, I'm not going to include anything that you would need other versions of the game to understand. Anyway, I'm going to start with Big Macintosh. This will be cutting out 90 percent of the violence simply for back stories and the endings. This will have spoilers from any of the earlier games. Wow, this author's note is taking too long. ON WITH THE STORY!

Big Macintosh screamed in pain as his father bolted his front legs into the enormous two wheeled contraption.

Mr. Apple socked the last bolt down tight and said, "This is what you get for being disobedient. Twenty years in The Wheel oughta set you straight."

Big Macintosh realized that there was no escape. He began to weep.

Mr. Apple slapped him across the face. "Quit ya bawlin'! Cryin' never got anyone anywhere."

Big Macintosh struggled against his bindings, trying to free himself, but to no avail.

Ten years later...

Big Macintosh had spent the past ten years attached to this hellish machine... The huge contrapion made him into a freak. He wanted out of his mechanical prision. That was when he heard about Twisted Metal. If he won, he would be able to wish for whatever he desired. How could he refuse? He simply had to enter.

He had his friend, Beau, modify the machine he was attached to with machine guns and rocket launchers, then he headed off to join Twisted Metal...

After the battle... (assuming that he won)

Big Macintosh slowly drove his huge, metal prison to where Princess Celestia sat.

The Princess clapped and said, "Congratulations, Big Macintosh. You have won Twisted Metal. As your prize, I will grant you one wish for whatever your heart desires. What do you wish for?"

Big Macintosh thought for a second and said, "Colopso, I want you to bring my father here. I have something I need to say to him."

Colopso nodded and said, "Your wish is granted." Her horn glowed, there was a bright flash of light, a loud crack and a cloud of smoke.

When the smoke lifted, Mr. Apple stood there. "Where the fuck am I?" He asked, bewildered.

Big Macintosh drove over to him, as though he was going to run him down, but stopped short. He glared into his father's eyes and said, "Father, I'll give you one more chance. Release me from this priso or I'll be forced to take matters into my own hooves."

Mr. Apple laughed darkly and said, "Still being disobedient, I see. Another twenty years oughta fix ya."

Big Macintosh nodded, said, "Fine. If that's the way you want it..." backed up, and fired his machine guns.

The heavy bullets slammed into Mr. Apple, throwing him off of his feet. Mr. Apple lay on the ground, the life slowly leaving him.

Big Macintosh then growled, "You are no longer my father! I refuse to stay in this hellish device!" and he yanked with all his might until his arms ripped off at the elbows.

Mr. Apple watched in shock, then died.

Bitg Macintosh then stepped out of the machine, kicked Mr. Apple's lifeless body, and, ignoring the blood pouring out of his stumps, walked away into the night.

Whew! Big Mac's chapter is done. I probably won't be staying in the order that I listed them in the last chapter, so bare with me. Thanks for reading this far.