"Yes! I hate it! It's revolting!" Data said happily.

"More?" asked Guinan.

"Please!" he replied, twisting up his face again as he drank it. He had raised the glass to take another sip when Deanna Troi tapped his shoulder and he turned.

"Hello, Counselor," he said brightly.

"Hi Data." She smiled at him. "It doesn't take an empath to tell that you're happy." He nodded vigorously and raised his glass again. "Do you really want to drink that?" she asked.

The glass was halfway to his mouth, but he scrunched his eyebrows together and set it down.

"No, I do not."

"I think I know something you'll like." After all, who couldn't? She turned to Guinan. "Two chocolate sundaes, please."

Guinan smiled knowingly and got them.

"Ah. Chocolate. I have seen its effect on others. However, now I can experience it myself." Data said.

Guinan set the sundae down in front of him, and he eyed it, anticipating another taste experience, hopefully better.

He put a spoonful into his mouth and his eyes widened. "I love it!" he exclaimed, grinning broadly. Deanna found herself smiling at his enthusiasm.

"It's wonderful, isn't it?" she agreed.

Data didn't answer because his mouth was full. Within a few seconds, the sundae was gone. He looked around expectantly, a chocolate smear on his face.

"Data, you should have savored it," Deanna chided, still smiling. "Guinan-"

The bartender was already waiting with another sundae, which she set in front of Data. He gave it an eager look. Deanna picked up her spoon and Data imitated her.

"In order to get the maximum experience from chocolate, you have to eat it a certain way." She spoke seriously, as if it were a matter of great importance, and Data listened as such. "First, you swirl the spoon around the edges, making sure to get some of the fudge and chocolate chips." She demonstrated.

Data swirled his spoon the same way.

"Take a spoonful."

He did.

"Close your eyes."

His pale eyelids dropped and he waited expectantly.

"Place the chocolate in your mouth and let it melt into your tongue. Chocolate is not just a taste, it's an experience."

"An experience I love." Data murmured, his mouth full of ice cream.

They ate their sundaes slowly, savoring every spoonful. When they finished, Data stood. "My shift is starting. Thank you for the chocolate. I can now understand why humans love it so much."

"I knew you'd like it."

"I have learned something about humanity!" he said, his voice filling with happiness.

Deanna couldn't help but smile again.

A/N I had fun writing this. In a way, I am Deanna here, because Data certainly needed to try chocolate. And I love chocolate as much as she does. The chocolate eating method comes from the episode "The Game". Now updated!