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Bella's pov:

My hair danced in the wind and the leaves rustled around us. It reminded me of the pitter patter of baby feet on a hardwood. That was a noise i would soon be hearing. Way too soon, in the eyes of most people.

Surprisingly, the sun was actually out today, so the people of Forks were privllaged with a little warmth. It wasn't Arizona warm, but it was better than usual. No rain was falling from the sky and chirping birds fluttered in the sky.

I actually envied the birds for a moment. It must be wonderful to not have any cares in the world and just be able to fly around without any rules or boundries.

My hands instinctively cradled my stomach. It was still flat and you couldn't visibly see that i was i pregnant, but i knew, and i would give my life to protect this little baby. He was a part of me, and i wouldn't let anyone take him away from me. Soon, I, Isabella Marie Swan or probably soon to be Cullen would be a mother and i would wake up to the pitter patter of my baby running around the house.

It hadn't been my plan to get pregnant at seventeen, but i guess it really isn't anyone's plan. It's just something that happened. Edward and i weren't careful so now we must deal with the consequences. At first i was a little scared. I didn't want to be a mother at seventeen. I think i would be able to take care of a baby, but now i know im ready. I'll just have to make an effort to be the best mother i can be. That's all i really can do.

I shivered a little as a cool wind swept by and Edward pulled me to him. He felt so warm.I didn't want to move. Not ever. I just wanted to stay snuggled with Edward for forever.

People say that it's impossibe to find true love when your still a teenager, but i don't care what anyone says. I know Edward loves me and that he would also do anything for this baby, so i guess we prove that theory wrong. Love does exist, and it does 'nt matter what age you are, but most people just don't search hard enough for it. Love is not different from anything else in life. It's not easy, and you have to fight for it if you really want it, but in the end it becomes clear that the struggle was well worth it. Our relationship hasn't always been a walk in the park, and i don't suspect that it will become one any time soon, but that doesn't matter to me. I don't need easy, i just need possible, and i know it's possible for Edward and i to be good parents and give our baby a good life, and since he's willing to give parenthood a go so am i.

Most guys in his position probably would have fled town after knocking up the police chief's only daughter, but not Edward. Edward stayed, and in about an hour he was going to drive me home, and we would tell Charlie about the baby together.

I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back weakly and brushed my hand with his soft filky lips. I loved when he did that to me.

I could tell he was nervous, but i guess that's just to be expecteed when your about to tell the police chief that his seventeen year old daughter that just graduated hight school would be a mom in six moths. Yeah, six months. I found out last month and we'vebeen waiting for the right time to tell Charlie, but i guess there isn't really a "right" time to tell your dad that he will soon be a grandpa. It didn't matter the time or place, he would freak and that was a given.

"You don't have to go with me", i lied. The truth was that i wanted Edward there with me when i told my dad, more than anything in the world, but if it made him uncomfortable, i would bulk up and tough the night out alone. He had already done so much for me, and there was absolutley no doubt in my mind that he would ever cease to do things for me, so i could do this one thing for him if he wanted me to.

A look of agony apperaed on his face and he scooted closer to me on our blanket of soft damp grass. We had come to the place where we always came to be alone. Our place. The one place where we didn't have to worry about anyone else, or what they thought of us. The place where we were free to be ourselves. Our meadow.

We hadn't been sure what we should say to Charlie, so we came here to think.I loved this place. It was so peacful. So beautiful. I always felt so at ease when i was here.

"What?", iasked. I couldn't understand why that agonized look had suddenly appeared on his face. "It pains me to think that you would even consider the thought that i would leave you alone to tell your father about something that im equaly responsible for", he explained. I let out a sigh and leaned into his muscular chest. "Im sorry, you just seem really nervous"

He chuckled and stared at me with his entrancing hazel eyes. "Well im pretty sure telling Charlie that your three months pregnant won't be the highlight of my day", he half heartdly joked.

That's one of the things i loved about Edward. He always managed to find humor in every situatuion, and he also always took resosibilty for his actions. He would be a good daddy to our baby. We might be young, but our baby will always have parents that will love him no matter what. I call it a "him" but i don't actually know. It's just a guess.

I let out another heavy sigh. "So how are we going to tell him?", i asked. Edward shrugged his broad shoulders and hugged me tighter. "I don't know Belles, i guess we should just say it". he decided. I nodded my head in agreement and thought about all the different possibilities of what could happen once we spill the beans, as Edward helped me to my feet. "Are you ready?", he asked as he placed his hands over mine where there still remained on my slowly growing belly. Soon i would look like a whale! i was already eating like one! Now anything edible and even a few things that weren't all looked apetizing to me. If i ate dinner at home more often Charlie probably would have already figured it out.

I shrugged my small dainty little shoulders and huffed a little in order to move my bangs from eyes without having to draw my hands away from my stomach. "As ready as i'll ever be", i decided. How ready can you really be to tell your dad that your pregnant? It's not like the prom.

Edward let out another chuckle , but this time it was accompinied by a smirk. "Can you walk back , love?", he asked. I pondered the question for a couple seconds before answering. "Well my feet hurt a little...", i complained meekly. That was all i had to say. He scopped me up gently and protectingly into his strong arms and we started on our journey back toward his car so we could then began the journey to my house, and then the crazy journey that we would soon be on as a family.