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Chapter 17:

Bella's point of view:

I groaned and pulled my purple and black comforter over my face, refusing to leave the comfort of my warm inviting bed. These days I never wanted to leave my bed, because seriously, if you were as fat as a whale and had to drag sixty extra pounds around, would you? Yeah, I was able to get everyone in my life to understand that except for one person. Who is this inconsiderate, horrible person, you may ask, well none other than the awful and still very short Mary Alice Cullen. She was always trying to drag me about of bed to either discuss wedding plans or go shopping and I really had no interest in doing either.

Alice sighed and tugged aggressively at the blanket that was shielding my eyes from the sun. I groaned louder and fought the urge to punch her in the face. That little midget was so lucky that I loved her and would never be able to live without her.

"Isabella Marie Swan, both you and my brother agreed that I could take care of all the arrangements for your wedding, and you are the one that decided you wanted to have the wedding before you give birth, so you better get your butt out of bed!", she exclaimed in her high shrilly voice.

I sighed and released my tight grip on the blanket, and exposed my face to the harsh sunlight. At the time, giving Alice total control of my wedding seemed like a really good idea. I thought that putting Alice in charge of the wedding meant that I would be left alone and that this whole thing would be totally stress free, but boy was I wrong. Well, I guess I really should have known better. Nothing is ever stress free if Alice is involved. It's like just hearing her name adds stress to my life.

"Yes, Mary Alice, I am well aware of everything your brother and I agreed to. We left you in charge of the wedding, short, feisty, and somewhat annoying, little you, so why are you in my bedroom, trying to drag me out of bed, and bothering me with wedding crap this early in the morning.", I spat.

Alice yanked my warm blankets off of me completely and raised her voice, although despite her best efforts, it was still shrill and squeaky. Emmett would really have had a good laugh at her attempt to get mad at me.

"Yes, Belles you left me in charge, but in case you haven't noticed, you are the bride, and there is no way, I'm going to just let you march down the aisle in what you usually wear, so we are going dress shopping today"

I groggily sat up in bed and glared at her. Was she nuts? I was six months pregnant with triplets, so where the hell was she planning on finding a wedding dress for my fat pregnant ass to fit into? It's not like Forks had a 'Whales Are Us', and even if by some miracle, she did find a dress that fit over my stomach, there was no way I would ever agree to wear it. I had always said I would get married in jeans, but since I no longer own a pair of jeans that fit me, sweatpants seems like a really good alternative. I'm sleepy, and cranky, and fat, and at this point, I do not care what my frilly best friend and soon to be sister in law says.

"Alice, I love you, but I'm really tired right now, and you're making it really hard for me to not push out that window", I exclaimed, gesturing toward my large window which she would easily fit through. Trust me this is not the first time the thought has popped into my head. I've been friends with her for a very long time.

"Bella, it's nearly noon. Get your pregnant booty of bed this instant!" Alice demanded as she tapped her hot pink heels impatiently. Even with heels on, she was still tiny.

I groaned loudly and threw a pillow at my high heeled best friend. She giggled and took a seat on my bed next to me.

"Come on Belles; please please please come with me. I found a sweet little seamstress to make a beautiful, yet comfortable dress for you to wear on your wedding day. I also need you to sample cakes with me. Bella, your wedding is in a month, we are running out of time. This stuff really needs to get done today, so please just get out of bed, quit being difficult, and come with Me.", she pleaded as she made a pouty puppy dog face.

I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at her.

"Oh come on Bella, I promise to feed you. We can have Italian and Ice cream and whatever else you want, just please say you'll come with me", she added.

I sighed and rolled my eyes once again before I finally gave in to little Alice's demands.

"Fine Mary Alice, I will go shopping with you on two conditions."

"What are your conditions Isabella Marie?"

"Well first of all, I'm wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, not a fancy outfit picked out by you. Second, after we are finished shopping, you are going to help me start decorating the nursery over at the new house"

Alice grimaced at my outfit of choice, but then shrilled with happiness at my request for help with the nursery.

"I really hate your love for sweatpants Isabella Marie, but I guess I can forgive you since your allowing me to help out with the nursery. EEEK! I can't wait! I'm so excited! I'm thinking pinks, purples, maybe some yellow, oh and twinkly lights! Ahh and flowers and lace!" she exclaimed.

I giggled at her over excitement as I pulled my sweatpants on and laced up the boots Alice hated so much. I was actually glad my little girls were going to have someone like Alice in their lives. Their momma might be a terrible excuse for a girl, but would have an extremely girly aunt to buy them cute frilly dresses, do fancy braids in their hair, and teach them the right way to apply makeup when the time was right.

Our first stop on Alice's agenda was a cute, homey looking little building with a sign that read 'Tammie's Threads'. I rubbed my belly, which was so huge by this point that I could no longer see my feet, and just thought about my little girls for a moment. It would only be three more months before I could hold all three of them in my arms. I imagined what it would be like for a few brief seconds before squirming my way out of Alice's Porsche. These days, everything had become difficult. It even took me a good five minutes just to use the restroom. Having a huge belly to lug around wasn't exactly easy, but I managed and I loved those little girls, so any time I became frustrated, I just pictured their sweet little faces.

Alice helped me waddle my way into the shop and searched for the amazing seamstress who she claimed could make a dress to fit my huge belly. I could only imagine the kind of dress Alice would have this woman concoct. I began to picture it in my mind; lace, frills, itchy beads, and giant bows. I was absolutely certain it would be horrid. You know how most little girls dream of one day wearing the gorgeous dress that their mother had married their father in? Yeah, well I was pretty certain that would not be the case for my girls, and the dress hadn't even been yet. I groaned and tried to push all thoughts of this awful wedding gown out of my mind, and I did, but something else popped up in their place. The shoes! What kind of shoes was little Mary Alice planning on shoving my fat swollen feet into? Surely she wasn't nuts enough to try and make a woman whose seven months pregnant with triplets wear heels. Was she? I shuddered at the thought.

Just as I was beginning to picture the most awful wedding in the history of weddings, Alice appeared with the sweetest little old woman who greeted me with a smile, rubbed my belly gently, and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. She promised she would make me an unforgettable wedding dress. Oh boy.