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Chapter 18 – Edward's point of view

I made my way up the steps of my recently purchased house and chuckled. Even with the door shut, I could hear Alice squealing and giggling and Bella yelling and getting upset with her. Oh how I love those two. The two most important women in my life: my sweet sister, and my beautiful soon to be wife. They both drive me a little crazy, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I couldn't imagine my life without those two.

"Bella, my love, I'm home", I hollered as I walked in through the front door. We weren't actually living in the house yet, but it was our home, so it seemed like the appropriate thing to say.

Bella waddled down the stairs with aid from Alice and smiled her beautiful smile that made me fall in love with her all over again every time I saw it. I couldn't help but smile back at her and I even had to fight back a chuckle. They were both a complete mess. Bella's hair was in an even messier bun than usual and there were speckles of pink, white and purple paint in her hair, on her clothes, and her face. And strangely, for once, Alice didn't look much better. My guess was she hadn't had access to a mirror yet. Oh that will be a laugh.

"Bella sweetheart please be careful around the stairs", I pleaded. My Bella was a klutz. That poor girl couldn't walk five feet without tripping over something, and often times it was her own two feet. Other times it was things that seemed impossible to trip over, like a small stick or a leaf, so naturally it made me just a little nervous to see her walking down stairs. I wouldn't know what I would do if something were to happen to my love or any of my unborn little girls.

She laughed a little and smiled sweetly as she stepped off the last step and made her way toward me. "Oh Edward, you worry too much. I think I can manage to walk down a flight of stairs, babe."

I raised an eyebrow and chuckled. I worry too much? She can manage to walk down a flight of stairs? Did she forget that my father has been keeping medical supplies around the house since the first day he met her? I'm pretty sure that says something.

She waddled to me and wrapped her arms around my neck as tiptoed so she could kiss me. As her lips grew closer, so did her belly and it eventually prevented her from reaching my awaiting lips. She became frustrated and pouted, crossing her arms. Alice giggled and I couldn't blame her. Even I couldn't help but chuckle at her sweet but failed attempt to be romantic.

I smiled at her and sweetly kissed her forehead before scooping her into my arms. Sure, she weighs about fifty more pound than she did when I first laid eyes on her, but thanks to power lifting, it's still like lifting a feather. I twirled her around in a circle a few times and gave her a long, passionate kiss before setting her back down.

She smiled her huge, teeth revealing, sweet Bella smile, and blushed, a rosy pink color taking over her soft pale cheeks. Alice let us enjoy our moment for a few seconds before clearing her throat and pretending to gag. Oh little sister, you always did know how to ruin a moment. She's lucky I love her.

Bella and I both laughed at her and shrugged off the fact that she ruined our sweet moment. Alice let out a squeal and jumped up and down excitedly.

"OMG! Brother, your soon to be wife and I accomplished so much today. I am sooo proud of her! We ordered a wedding dress and chose the cake flavor for your wedding. Your wife is going to look absolutely gorgeous and the cake will be delicious", she exclaimed.

Bella sighed and rolled her eyes. I couldn't help but chuckle at Alice's over excitement and Bella's lack of interest when it came to anything having to do with the approaching wedding.

"Alice, my soon to be wife always looks gorgeous, even when she's in her beloved sweatpants, and I could care less what the cake tastes like, I just want to make the girl of my dreams officially mine."

Bella's eyes lit up and even Alice couldn't help but smile at my response.

"Okay, okay, enough wedding talk for right now. Babe, Alice and I started decorating the nurseries. Before, you get your panties in a twist, don't worry, Alice didn't let me work too hard. She did most of the work and I watched, but they're turning out really great and I'm excited. Come see! Come see!" my silly fiancé rambled on.

Oh she knows me so well. I chuckled, shook my head and let her lead me to the stairs. Before her swollen feet could make contact with the first step, I scooped her up and carried her up the stairs, Alice trailing behind us.

The two excited women led me into the bedroom closest to the staircase and they were right, they really did make progress. I expected to see painted walls and maybe a few pictures hung up on the walls, but then I remembered who I called "little sister". The first nursery was beyond what I had imagined. Aqua colored paint blanketed three of the walls while the fourth was painted with light pink and white chevron stripes. A white crib was positioned in from of the uniquely painted wall and a matching rocking chair sat next to it. A dresser and a changing table could be found on the opposite side of the room and the lyrics to the song "isn't she lovely" were painted in white on the wall behind them. I was really impressed with the work they had done and knowing Alice, the room still wasn't complete.

"Good job little sister", I said to Alice. She smiled triumphantly and gave a little bow. Bella chuckled and gave her a playful smack on the behind.

"You really did do a wonderful job Mary Alice", Bella said and I knew she was being sincere. She loved the room and I could tell that seeing one of the nurseries almost complete and ready for a baby made her excited and ready for a baby.

When I first found out Bella was pregnant I was terrified. I didn't know what would happen. I didn't know what her family would think or what we should do, it seemed like everything was falling apart, but now it seems like everything is coming together. Both Bella and all three babies are healthy, I bought Bella her dream house, and in a month she would be my wife. Nothing else could be more perfect.