(A.N:/ Okay, so basically I was listening to the song "Simplify" by "Marina and the Diamonds" and for some reason part of this story idea suddenly came into my mind and wouldn't leave so I mixed it together with another story idea I've been wanted to do to make a hybrid story. Ha, and then I thought to myself, "you know what Megan, this would make one Hell of a Niff story!" But then again, what doesn't make for an awesome Niff story? Ha, anyway, enough with me and my rambling…hope you enjoy!)

My entire life it had just been Nick and myself. Nick and I have been together since before I can even remember. Both our parents were always away at work, leaving us in my mansion with our nanny. Our nanny never cared for us. She never fed us, or bathed us, put us to bed, even spoke to us. She was always too busy stealing things from the house. She always put on this fake smile whenever she saw either Nick or I, but we knew it was an act. It was always an act. She didn't even bother to learn either of our names, which was fine with us, we didn't need her. After all we had each other. Each other and only each other. It's all we needed. All we ever needed.

"I got an e-mail from Gretchen last night." Jeff said, poking out his blond head from underneath the blanket.

"Oh?" Nick replied, just waking up.

"She thinks 'it's in our best interest' if we attend school this year."

Nick snorted. "Since when has she ever cared? I'm surprised she even bothered e-mailing."

"Right," Jeff began, "Maybe she's trying to win 'mother of the year' I don't see why she cares suddenly." Jeff said with a bitter laugh.

Nick wrapped his arms around Jeff tightly. "Besides, we are going to school. We have a tutor."

Jeff laughed lightly, snuggling his chin into the crook of Nick's neck. "Gretchen said that not talking during homeschool is the same thing as not going."

"Then we've been wasting five hours a day the last ten years. I'm assuming the last tutor quit and that's why Gretchen sent you the e-mail?"

"She mentioned something like that in the e-mail."

"So has she gotten us another tutor?"

"She said she wouldn't until we started cooperating…I don't see the point though."

Nick moved his hand to grasp Jeff's. "So that means we're done with annoying, know-it-all, tutors? Right?"

Jeff smiled when he felt Nick grab his hand. He squeezed Nick's hand lightly. "Hopefully. It's not like we use them anyway. They're just a waste of our time."

"And our money."

Jeff laughed. "Not ours, Gretchen and Robert's. Honestly, I'm waiting for them to give up hope like Linda and Nicholas did."

"Gretchen and Robert are just stubborn. They 'want what's best'." Nick said with a laugh.

Jeff returned the laugh with his own. "Well then they should just leave us alone." Jeff moved his head up and kissed Nick lightly. "They just don't understand."

"And they probably never will."

"I know."

"So," Nick began, "If we have no tutor, that means we have nothing to do today?"

"So we can lay in bed all day."

Nick smiled fondly at Jeff. "Great."


"Yeah Jeffy?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"I know." Jeff said, cuddling closer to the brunet. "Let's go back to sleep."

"Fine by me."

A few hours later the two were up and showered. "What would you like to do today Nick?" Jeff asked, sitting down on the bed.

"Whatever you would like to." Nick said, handing his tie to the blond. The blond took the tie and wrapped it around Nick's neck, tying it. Nick then did the same procedure with Jeff. The two both wore black, custom made suits with black ties to match.

Nick grabbed a hair brush off their night-stand and fixed Jeff's hair. Jeff did the same to Nick. The two always helped each other get ready. They were practically one person. They did everything together, and were never separated.

"I think we're ready to leave." Jeff said, giving both of them a once-over.

Nick nodded in agreement. "Lead the way." He said as the two linked arms and walked out of their bedroom. The two made their way out the door and got in their limo.

"Hello Master Nick, Master Jeff."

The two didn't respond. They never responded to any one but each other and never spoke in the presents of others. Every one just assumed they were mute. They usually didn't even acknowledge the existence of other people.

"The usual place?" The limo driver asked, knowing he wouldn't get a response. He then started the limo and drove them to the park. The two got out, arm in arm the entire time, and walked over to a bench where they sat down.

Neither of them said anything for some time, even though no one was around. Finally Jeff spoke. "This is where it all began." Neither of them made eye contact with each other.

Nick took Jeff's hand in his own and gave it a squeeze. "Where we first met."

Jeff didn't speak, he only squeezed Nick's hand.

"…Our favourite place in the world…" Nick said, more to himself than to Jeff.

"Our favourite place in the world." Jeff replied stoically. "Nick?"


Jeff finally looked up to see Nick doing the same. The two looked each other in the eye. "Promise me something?"

"That we'll never leave each other?"

"That we'll never leave each other."

Nick laughed bitterly. "I wouldn't dream of it. Not even in my worst nightmares."

Jeff smiled softly, a look of sadness still in his eyes. "Good….And Nick?"

"Yes Jeff?"

"Let's go to the country this summer."

Nick looked at Jeff, slightly confused. "The country?"

"Yes. I heard it's beautiful."

Nick squeezed Jeff's hand tightly and smiled at the blond. "Of course. We'll go to the country this summer. It'll be nice to get out of the city for a little while."

"Just the two of us."

"Just the two of us." Nick repeated.

"We go here every day." Jeff said.

"Ever since we first met."

"And we sit here."

"In the exact spot that we first met."

"Every day…"

"For the last fourteen years."

"Why do we do it Nick?"

"The same reason we have this conversation every day Jeff."

"So we don't forget."

"So we don't forget."

"We even say the same words…"

"That we do."


Nick was taken aback slightly by the sound of his name. It wasn't the next line that Jeff always said. "Y-yeah Jeff?"

"How do you know if you're happy?"

Nick didn't reply for a few minutes. He mauled over the question before saying, "I don't really know, I suppose you just…know Jeff."

"I want a different life Nick." Jeff said as he rested his head on Nick's shoulder. "A new life…in the country."

Nick squeezed Jeff's hand a litter tighter. "We'll get out of the city Jeff."



"I love you Nick."

"I love you too Jeff."

"Never stop Nick."

"I wont."

"Thank you."

"Would you like to go now? It's getting a little cold."

Jeff nodded. "Let's go back home."

Nick gave Jeff a reassuring hand squeeze. "Maybe Gretchen sent us another e-mail?" Nick said, trying to boost Jeff's spirits.

Jeff snorted. "I don't see why she wastes her time. I've never replied to a single one of them."

"Step-moms always try to pretend like they care about their step-children. It's all an act."

"She's a lot more persistent than the last four."

"Don't worry, she'll leave us alone soon enough."

"I wish Robert and Linda would just marry. Then we wouldn't have to deal with annoying step-parents. We would just have two instead of four."

"We'd also be step-brothers. It'd be like taboo to love your step-brother the way I love you."

Jeff laughed bitterly. "Isn't our entire life like taboo?"

Nick laughed. "There isn't anything wrong with us though…It's the rest of the world that's messed up."

"That's why we don't deal with them."

"Because we don't need them."

"Or want them."

"We're better off without them."

"Without any one." Nick said as he gave Jeff another squeeze.

"We're fine by ourselves." Jeff said returning the squeeze.

"I love you Jeff."

"I love you too Nick."


"Yes Nick?"

"…Have you every thought about how different everything would be if we didn't have each other? If we never met each other."

"I'd be dead."

"Me too."

We spent our entire lives together. Ignoring the outside world. Not letting them in our world. The world that we created for each other. We never needed any one else. We never wanted any one else. We just needed each other. We just wanted each other. We were fine on our own. We leaned to take care of each other. We learned to care about no one but each other. We learned to love no one but each other

(A.N:/ If you've ever heard the song that I mentioned in the first place, it isn't really about the same thing that this story is. Though, there are a few lyrics mixed in the conversation…Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! :D Honestly, I have no clue how many chapters this will be…XOXO)