Spring of 2012 found a lot of changes with the gang who lived and hung out in apartments 4A and 4B. Penny and Leonard broke up for the last time after Penny realized that while she loved Leonard as a friend, she wasn't experiencing real feelings – both in and out of bed. Within weeks Leonard had found himself a new girlfriend, a new physicist at CalTech named Mandy, whom the gang all agreed suited Leonard better than Penny. Sheldon and Amy finally terminated their relationship agreement when Amy grew tired of waiting for Sheldon to become more enamored with her and begin a physical relationship. She moved onto a sexy but remarkably stupid guy named Chad she met at the coffee house. Howard had managed to hang onto Bernadette and they were full swing into their marriage plans, and for once, Raj wasn't alone, having found a woman who actually enjoyed that he wasn't able to talk to her verbally but could show her how he felt in other ways.

That left Penny and Sheldon without partners.

Sheldon, being Sheldon, was not completely upset to find himself without a girlfriend. He understood that while he and Amy had eventually considered themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, they never had a lot of the socially-accepted attributes in their relationship as most couples did – namely a physical intimacy. Sheldon had grown to allow Amy to hold his hand or "snuggle" occasionally on the couch, but to him, all other forms of contact were alien to him. He had no desire to have coitus with Amy, though it did puzzle him if it was merely because he didn't really like Amy in a physical sense – that he wasn't attracted to her. It was a mood point since they were no longer together. In the meantime, his Saturday night of self-exploration would suffice – he was in control and nothing was expected of him that he wasn't aware.

Meanwhile, Penny was growing restless with being alone again. She didn't mind spending some quality "me time" alone in her bedroom but she sometimes longed for the things that a man could give her – do to her – that her hands and favorite vibrator just couldn't do. She was – as Sheldon so abruptly pointed out the evening before – horny. She hadn't slept with anyone since Leonard and that was nearly 15 weeks prior – she was on edge, moody and knew she should just go out and seduce a guy to get that edge off, but she also wasn't sure she wanted to do that. Something was gnawing at her and she had no idea what it was.

So Penny and Sheldon found themselves hanging out together more than usual given the rest of the gang were busy in their relationships. They spent time playing video games, watching television and dining together – sometimes at Penny's; sometimes at Sheldon's.

It was Saturday night after Sheldon had finished his laundry that they met up for dinner. While other nights were designated specific dinner types, Saturday nights were usually pizza nights. He knew Leonard wouldn't be back until the morning so it would be a quiet, uninterrupted evening of dinner and television. Penny entered 4A just as Sheldon had put his clean clothes away in his bedroom.

"Ah Penny, you're just in time," he drawled, going to the kitchen to get paper plates and napkins.

"Hey Sheldon, what are we watching tonight?" While she grew tired of watching the same things over and over again, Penny knew she had nowhere else to be and admittedly, sometimes actually enjoyed Sheldon's company.

Sheldon grinned. "I have a surprise tonight."

"I'm on the edge of my seat," Penny replied taking her usual seat on the couch next to Sheldon's specific spot on the couch.

"But Penny, you're not sitting at the end of the seat – you're all the way back against the couch," he replied somewhat confused. Penny arched her brow, puckering her lips. "Oh I see…sarcasm."

"Yes, sweetie – sarcasm."

Sheldon frowned but continued on. "I have the blue ray set of Firefly. It's going to be amazing."

Penny rolled her eyes but smiled when she noticed Sheldon staring hopefully at her. "Great. Can't wait."

Pleased with her reply, until she added, "I love Nathan Fillion – he's so hot." Sheldon sat in "his" spot next to her and they ate while enjoying Firefly. Halfway through the second episode, Penny became restless – again. She moved her legs often, crossing her knees, or at her ankles, when finally the outside of her left thigh rubbed against Sheldon's and he shot out of his seat.

"Penny! Get a hold of yourself! You've been squirming for the past 20 minutes!"

Penny sighed in frustration. "I'm sorry, Sheldon…I'm just so…"

"I know…you're horny."

"You don't know what it's like, Sheldon. It's torture. I-"

Sheldon held up his hand and stopped her. "Penny, while I may not engage in coitus, I am after all a man…and unfortunately, as a man, I am susceptible to those…feelings."

Shocked, Penny stared at him, her mouth agape. "You – Sheldon Lee Cooper – get…horny?"

Sheldon sighed heavily, shaking his head. "As I said, it happens to the best of us. Suck it up, woman!" He resumed his position next to her with a huff and moved his eyes to the television once again.

While he didn't come right out and admit that he got horny, Penny now knew better. But that he so easily dismisses such feelings as irrelevant had Penny suspicious, and a bit perturbed. "Sheldon…" He sighed again, turning his head to face her. "do you jack off?"

The look on his face was priceless. Knowing he was a horrible liar, Penny waited to see what his big 'ol brain would come up with for a response. "I don't understand the question."

"Sure you do. You know, jack off…grab yourself and stroke…" Somehow he still managed to look slightly confused but she knew that he understood exactly what she was asking him. He was hedging.

"Masturbate?" he asked. His cheeks were flaming red now and Penny suppressed a giggle.

"Yes, sweetie…masturbate. Do you masturbate?" Sheldon's eye began to twitch slightly and she knew. "Just as I suspected…you do give into those hormones – the horniness."

"Penny…that's hokum."

"Oh no, sweetie…I am positive that you do exactly that. What do you think about? Who do you think about?"

"P…Penny…simply because you can't control yourself, doesn't mean others cannot. I no longer wish to discuss this matter with you. It's quite private."

Sighing again, Penny stood up and paced in front of the television. Sheldon's eyes followed her, wondering what she was thinking. It was then that he really saw what she was wearing – pink shorts with little hearts and a pink halter top. There was a lot of skin showing and Sheldon felt his throat constrict. Her outfit was nothing new but all this talk of urges, masturbation and horniness was getting to him. Then he recalled that it was Saturday night – his usual night for self-pleasuring and he blushed further.

"Sheldon, I don't know why you just don't admit it. It's normal. You're a guy."


Penny groaned in frustration – both at being so horny but also because of his obstinance. Even touching herself in the shower this morning until she came wasn't enough to satiate her hunger right now. She really needed to get laid. Sheldon's bullheadedness only made her all the more ornery. Then she had an epiphany.

Penny stopped in front of Sheldon until his gaze met her eyes. "Sheldon…you can act like you don't get urges and take care of them, but you're not fooling me. I even think that you actually might like women's bodies…maybe even my body…" Penny moved her hands up her stomach and then down to the hem of her tank top. "In fact, I'm willing to bet that you really like my body. I've seen you staring at me."

"Penny," Sheldon started, shaking his head. "Don't be absurd."

Penny let out a shriek of anger and stomped closer to him. "You…" she was poking her finger at him in the air. "You are the most stubborn, pig-headed, wacka-a-doodle. Really Sheldon, these don't excite you!" And with that, Penny again grabbed the bottom hem of her tank top and pulled it up and over her head, exposing her breasts. She wore no bra.

Sheldon tried to look away but couldn't. Her breasts were magnificent and now that she was nearly naked, Sheldon felt a stirring in his groin and stifled a moan. His cheeks flamed but still he said nothing and finally forced his head to turn away from her.

Penny stood in shock, embarrassed by her sudden actions and hurt to find that he really didn't find her attractive. Well, screw him, she thought roughly…at lot of guys did. With a huff, Penny pulled her tank top back on and stormed out of the apartment, slamming both his door and hers.

Sheldon at stunned at the turn of events. Never would he have imagined earlier in the evening while doing his laundry that the night when end like this. He wasn't sure what had just happened but he did sense that Penny was upset, and probably a little embarrassed.

He cleaned up their dinner plates and garbage and turned off the television. He wasn't sure he would ever understand women, in particular the beautiful blond across the hall. Sheldon showered and changed into his Saturday night PJs, then settled into bed, still thinking about Penny, though now – thanks to his eidetic memory – he had a remarkable picture in his mind of Penny's lovely full and firm breasts. He felt the heat quicken to his groin again and he slipped his PJ bottoms down to his ankles. He would never admit it to her that he masturbated but he certainly would never admit it to her – or anyone – that he masturbated thinking of Penny. He tried once to think of Amy and nothing happened and he'd finally given up. He deduced that as he'd suspected all along, he simply didn't feel that way about Amy but he did about Penny.

Closing his eyes, Sheldon took his cock in his hand – he was already half hard but he knew it wouldn't take long. Normally his Saturday night masturbation sessions were all about Penny – what she wore during the week, enticing everyone around here, even when she wore her work uniform…but tonight he had new data to use and he intended to put it to good use. As he slowly stroked his cock, Sheldon pictured Penny standing directly in front of him as he sat in his spot. She was topless, with tiny little shorts barely covering her amazing ass and she was touching her breasts, teasing them – to tease him. As she did this, Sheldon sat watching, hungry to taste her – take each breast in his mouth and suck and lick and bite. "Mmm…" he groaned softly.

Meanwhile, Penny sat on her bed, horrified at her behavior in front of Sheldon. She was sexually frustrated and while he normally frustrated her to no end, tonight he just pushed her over the top. And she'd lost it. Lost it enough to flash him her tits. Good God, she thought. How mortified must he be?

She felt she owed him an apology. Deciding to go across the hall again, if he was awake she would apologize and hope that their friendship wasn't damaged. If he was asleep, she'd wait until the morning. Grabbing the key to 4A, Penny peaked in and found the living room quiet. Suspecting Sheldon may be in his room but awake as it was still early, even for Sheldon, she made her way down the hallway to his room. Just as she was about to knock, she heard an unusual sound – a gasp. She momentarily thought he might be in pain and was about to knock and open the door when she heard, "Oh yes, Penny!"

Penny stumbled back in surprise. So he did jerk off. And he did jerk off thinking about her! She knew it! Knowing it was so wrong to listen in, she couldn't move away. The horniness she felt coupled with the thoughts of him jerking off got her hot, and wet, quickly. She'd always loved to watch guys jerk off, especially if they were thinking about her – and she assumed since she was with them they were thinking about her. But the idea of Sheldon Lee Cooper going to town on his cock thinking about her – she creamed her panties and stifled a moan.

She could hear him gasping, calling her name and she finally couldn't take it anymore. Cautiously opening his door, Penny peered inside his room and while she knew exactly what he was doing, seeing him doing it was an entirely different matter. He lay on his bed, PJ bottoms around his ankles, hand on his cock – his very impressive cock. It was thick and from what she could tell, at least two of Sheldon's fist lengths long. Her mouth watered at the sight. Never had she pictured Sheldon Lee Cooper had such an impression cock. His hands were impression – big with long fingers and as they stroked up and down his rock hard cock, Penny fought back every urge to put him in her mouth and have those big fingers deep inside her. God she needed to get laid!

As she watched him, the noises he made turned her on even more. Whenever he said her name in the throes of ecstasy, she felt a jolt go right down to her wet pussy. Then she heard, "Oh yes, Penny…play with your tits…pull the nipples – hard." He said it with a sigh and it was the fucking sexiest sigh she'd ever heard. As her hand moved down her stomach to her shorts, he continued, "You like…watching me stroke my hard cock watching you, don't you? You're so fucking…hot…"

Penny was startled even further. Sheldon never used some of the words he spoke here and she wondered what else she didn't know about the whack-a-doodle genius. Sheldon groaned just as Penny slipped her hand further into her shorts and touched her clit. She nearly lost it right there she was so turned on.

His hand was moving faster now, stroking harder as his breathing became rough, his voice strained. "Oh yessss…Penny…suck me….suck me hard!" And with that, Penny came on her fingers as Sheldon gripped his cock hard, giving is two tight jerks and he came, shooting cum out and onto his stomach, grunting with each pulse.

Weak and barely able to stand, Penny snuck away from the door and silently left the apartment as Sheldon began to move to clean himself up. She went straight to her bed and dropped onto her back, breathing heavy – still not truly believing what she'd just experienced. It was by far the hottest thing she'd ever seen or heard. Even watching Leonard do it once didn't do much for her. She suspected a lot of it had to do with three things: 1) she was beyond horny at that point; 2) it was Sheldon jerking off thinking about her and 3) well…it was Sheldon jerking off thinking about her.

She laid there thinking about the things he said; things he imagined. Her teasing herself while he watching; while he jerked off. Then her taking him in her mouth. Penny licked her lips and groaned. God how she wanted to taste him now! She had no idea how but she had to have him – in her mouth and her pussy. He had to feel him pulse inside her and have him talk dirty like that to her directly. She had to come up with a plan, after all, he wouldn't even directly admit that he masturbated. She wondered what he would do if he knew that she'd just watched him.

Meanwhile, Sheldon wiped himself clean and decided to take a quick shower before returning to bed. It was an exceptional masturbatory session – the extra bonuses of seeing Penny's breasts aiding in his pleasure. He sighed…oh how he imagined doing those things with her – to her. When he thought of taking those perfect tight breasts in his mouth he groaned and felt himself stir. Best to put the thought out of his head for now.

It was only when he reached for the door to head to the bathroom to shower that he noticed the door was open about six inches. He stood momentarily confused by this – he was sure he had closed the door, if by some slim chance that Leonard returned back early and he didn't want to be caught in the act. It then hit him: Penny!

Penny had seen him, heard him. He was embarrassed, angry and turned on all at the same time. She had invaded his privacy after all those lectures to her of minding her own business, yet at the same time, the thought that she had seen and heard him – what did she think? Was she angry? Upset? Was she turned on? The last thought make him shake. If she did see and hear him and wasn't happy, Sheldon didn't know if he could handle the embarrassment. The shame. Especially since he tried to avoid the entire conversation with her hours earlier.

Troubled, having never been in this sort of situation before, Sheldon took a quick shower and climbed into bed. Sleep evaded him as he went over and over again in his head the things he'd said, and wondering what Penny thought about this. He didn't think he'd have the courage to ask her; he'd barely been able to handle her asking him if he masturbated, let alone that now it appeared she'd watched him.

The next week, Sheldon did his best to avoid seeing her. From what Leonard hold him, she'd been over a couple times expecting to eat with him but given he wasn't there, she would return to her apartment and order in herself.

Meanwhile, Penny didn't understand his behavior. She went over and over again in her mind and had thought that perhaps he was trying to avoid her to relieve her embarrassment from when she flashed him. She just didn't know. It was then that she remembered. "I didn't close his door," she sighed heavily, flopping onto her couch. Oh shit…he knows. He knows I was there, watching him jerk off, thinking about her.

Several emotions went through her then. Was he avoiding her because he was angry with her? It was so unlike him to ignore her even if he was. He could never resist jabbing back at her whenever they sparred. The more she thought about it, the more Penny was convinced he knew. She just wished that she knew what he was thinking about.

When Saturday night arrived, Penny knew exactly where the creature-of-habit would be at 8:15pm – the laundry room. She put a lot of thought into how she was going to dress, hoping that since he did appear to find her attractive, maybe it would be in her favor if the way she dressed pleased him. Despite it being Saturday night and without a date, Penny knew she was overdressed for doing laundry but she didn't know what else to do – her body was her charms.

So dressed in a short black dress, Penny slipped on her black pumps and carried her laundry basket down to the laundry room at 8:20pm. She knew she probably looked ridiculous but given she could lie far better than Sheldon, she already had her story ready to go.

Stepping into the room she felt the heat rush through her body. He looked the same as usual, but knowing what he was like in private had her looking at him in a completely different light. Oh he was still her Whack-A-Doodle but now he was her absolutely hot and sexy Whack-A-Doodle. Good God, she thought…I'm really that horny!

Trying to act casual, Penny stepped towards a washer and smiled, "Hi Sheldon."

Startled, she watched him flinch before composing himself. "Hello Penny."

"How are you? I haven't seen you all week," she asked him. He was looking her over, obviously wondering about the outfit she chose to wear to do laundry.

"I'm fine. I was quite busy this week with things. I'm sorry that we didn't have time to spend time together."

"Yeah sure…I understand." As she leaned over to turn on the washer she sensed he was looking at her ass and when she turned her head slightly it was confirmed.

"Aren't you a bit overdressed for laundry, Penny?" he asked, still looking her over.

"I was supposed to have a date – finally," she sighed. "But he didn't show up and I thought I better come down and get a washer before I went back up to change."

"I see," Sheldon nodded.

She wasn't sure if he believed her or not but she was past caring. They were playing a game and it was down to who caved first. "Besides, I really like this dress – the way it hugs my body." And with that, Penny ran her hands up body to her breasts, over and then down to her hips and around to her ass, turning slightly to give him a view.

"It is an impressive dress," Sheldon offered.

"Oh...thank you sweetie." She noted that he turned away from her and seemed to be adjusting his pants. She smiled evilly. This is so much fun!

Moving to the table, Penny decided to sit on it while Sheldon sorted clothes. With her skirt so tight she could barely spread her legs so she hiked it up a few inches and sat down. This action did not go unnoticed by Sheldon and she watched his Adam's apple bob in his throat. She concentrated on watching his hands as she sat with her legs crossed tightly in the confines of the dress.

"So what's new?" She asked him.

"Lots of things."

"No, what's new with you, in particular? Anything happen since I last saw you? Which…by the way, I'm sorry I flashed you. I was upset and antsy and…"

"Horny," he added.

"Yes, horny. So I'm sorry, Sheldon. I didn't mean to upset you or have you think less of me." She stressed the word "less", knowing that it was in fact quite the opposite and that Sheldon was thinking about her a lot more.

He stumbled briefly in his reply. "N…no problem, Penny. Apology accepted."

"Good," she said and touched his arm. He froze and his crystal blue eyes looked up at her. She didn't pull her arm away and instead decided to be bold and move it up his arm, then down again. Sheldon stood motionless and simply watched her hand as it moved, gently caressing his exposed forearm. "Did I ever tell you what nice arms you have, Sheldon?" she cooed.


"You do. They're long, tight – not overly muscular like Kurt…and you have amazing hands." Penny took Sheldon's left hand in hers and moved her fingers teasingly over his palm and around his fingers. He didn't move. She noted too that he didn't flinch at her touch, instead he stood memorized by her touch and the way her fingers moved over his hand. "Hands like these are magical. They are long but sort of thick…these are the kinds of hands a woman longs to have touch her body."

"They…they do?" he asked curiously. Then he gasped out as she pulled his hand to her mouth and drew his index finger into her mouth and sucked. She was surprised that he didn't freak out and pull away, screaming something about germs. Instead he just watched her lips as they formed around his finger and sucked harder.

"Mmm…they do. A woman would imagine these big strong hands moving over her body, caressing it, making her feel wanted – arousing her. She would imagine his fingers touching her…intimately…" she paused and moving his hand to just beneath her dress hem. "here." She breathed breathlessly. Again, Sheldon did pull away. Instead, he shocked her by moving his index finger until it brushed her thigh. She couldn't help but moan at the contact of his hand on her thigh. "Oh…Sheldon…" she moaned, her breath coming quicker.

Before she could register, he was between her thighs. With his eyes looking into her, Sheldon placed his right hand on her hips and moved his left hand further beneath her dress, touching…searching. When he touched her they both gasped…she wasn't wearing any panties. She was hot and wet and Sheldon didn't take his eyes off of hers when he rubbed her slick folds before inserting a finger.

"Oh God!" She cried out, grasping his shoulders.

"You're so wet," he groaned and inserted another finger. "So tight."

Penny began to move her hips slightly, wanting to feel his fingers sliding within her. He wasted no time in picking up what she wanted and he thrust them inside her, before pulling them out and thrusting them back in. She was moaning now, knowing that anyone could come in and find them and know exactly what was going on but that only turned her on more.

As he continued to thrust his fingers into her, Sheldon gripped the back of her head and pulled her to him in a ferocious kiss, startling her again. Penny was learning fast that there was a lot about Sheldon Lee Copper that people didn't know. She parted her lips and his tongue thrust inside her mouth in time to his fingers plunging inside her hot pussy. They moaned as their tongues mated. She was close, having been on the edge for a week now since seeing him cum and she began to rock her hips more. Sheldon let go of her neck but not her mouth and put his hand on her ass, pulling her closer to him, further onto his fingers.

"Cum for me…" he pleads against her lips. "Let me feel you squeeze my fingers when you cum." Penny lost it. Hearing him talk that way, she felt the familiar waves of her orgasm blow down through her body and she came – hard. As she convulsed on his fingers, Sheldon whispered naughtily in her ear, encouraging her to cum further.

When at last she was spent, Sheldon removed his fingers and they were soaked with her juices. Again, in total surprise – though Penny couldn't imagine why anything should be a surprise to her now – Sheldon didn't wipe his hands and disinfect them – instead he raised them to his mouth and licked them clean. "Mmm…" he growled.

"That…that was so fucking…hot," Penny gasped trying to catch her breath. "Thank you, Sheldon."

He continued to lick his fingers clean and smiled. "Mmm…no…thank you, Penny."

She noticed then that he was hard and pressing against his goofy plaid pants and reached for him, pulling him closer. "I need to return the favor," she growled. Thinking he would object, Penny said, "Please…"

Sheldon looked to the laundry room door and then back at her and grabbing her hand, pulled her up the stairs. "But Sheldon, what about the laundry…" knowing full well that he currently couldn't care about the laundry being left unattended.

They got to his apartment, both grateful that Leonard wasn't there and he pulled her in before his mouth came crashing down on hers, his tongue dipping and tasting. She could taste of little of herself on his lips and she groaned, rubbing against him.

"What do you want, Sheldon" she murmured against his lips. "Do you want me to stroke you tell you come? Blow you? Yeah…do you want a blow job Sheldon?"

"God yes!" he replied, grounding himself against her. He pulled his lips from her and looked around. "Where?"

She smiled and led him to his spot on the couch. Reaching down as their mouths continued to mate, tongues twisting together, Penny removed his belt, undid his pants and slipped them down his legs. He stepped out of them and Penny gasped when she saw his rock hard cock outlined in his white briefs. "Oh honey…that looks painful."

"Oh Penny…it is…it really is."

Slipping her hands in his briefs, Penny slipped them carefully over his cock and down his legs allowing him to step out of them. Kneeling down in front of him, she smiled up at him. "Oh honey, it's beautiful. Big. Hot. But so soft." She wrapped her hand around him, barely able to get it all the way around and he groaned.

She encouraged him to sit on the couch in his spot, ass naked but he didn't seem to care at this point, so long as her hand was wrapped around his throbbing cock. Between his knees, she leaned forward, hand on his cock and licked the head, tasting him. "Oh Penny…yesss" he ground out in a hiss.

Penny smiled and moved her mouth over the head, taking as much of him as she could before pulling up and pushing herself back down. Sheldon was moaning nearly incoherently now but she caught enough. "I knew…oh…Mmm…dreamed of this…your mouth on…cock…Mmm…"

Penny got wetter and wetter the more he talked and the more she sucked. She knew how to give head and this was the sexiest cock she'd ever sucked. She continued to lick and suck him for all she was worth – his moans of passion egging her on. Then she felt his hands in her hair, guiding her up and down his cock and she creamed herself at the idea that she has Sheldon Cooper's cock in her mouth.

Sheldon felt the typical tingles in his body and knew he was close. He didn't want to cum in her mouth unless she was okay with it so he moved his hands out of her hair and said, "I'm close, Penny."

Penny slipped her lips off his cock head and licked the tip, tasting his pre-cum some more. "Cum in my mouth, Sheldon. I really want to taste you." And with that, Penny sank her mouth over him once again, taking him as far into her mouth as she could. She moved her tongue around him, encouraging him to spill his seed.

Sheldon grasped her head once again and started to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth with his cock. The tingling built up, cursing through him and he cried out. "Oh fuck…I'm cumming!" and Penny felt the first splash hit the back of her throat and she swallowed fast. He pumped into her mouth two more times, cum gushing out of the tip and she fought to keep swallowing as it was a sizeable load. When at last his trembling ceased, Sheldon moved his hands to her shoulders, brought her up to level with his face and gently took her face in her hands. "Thank you, Penny," he said softly before kissing her gently. They embraced and Sheldon's tongue snaked into her mouth, tasting himself on her tongue.

After several minutes, they broke apart breathless. Sheldon put on his underwear and pants as Penny fixed her hair. "Well, I must say, Penny…I am very happy that you caught me last Saturday night."

Giggling, but no longer embarrassed, Penny leaned against him as his hand rested on her ass. "Me too, Sheldon. Me too."

A cursory check of each other and they left to return to the laundry room, neither speaking again of what had transpired the week before nor what had just happened. When at last their laundry was done and they returned to their floor that they stopped, each holding their laundry baskets.


"Yes, Sheldon?"

"Would you…would you be acceptable to perhaps…watching me again?"

Penny swallowed. Oh hell yeah! She nodded afraid to speak. Throwing her laundry basket insider her door, she quickly following Sheldon through his apartment and to his bedroom where she shut and locked the door.

"I was wondering…" he began as he started to undress. "Perhaps you could help…you know…let me see you undress. Touch you." She nodded again and watched as his cock already started to harden. He sat against the headboard, legs spread slightly with his hand on his cock, stroking gently. "Take that dress off," he said gruffly.

Penny slid the sleeves of the dress down and pulled her arms free before pushing it down her body. When she reached her breasts, she looked to Sheldon, his eyes fixated on her body. Slipping the dress up and over her breasts she heard him groan. She wasn't wearing a bra. Exposing her breasts to him had his hand pumping faster, then he'd slow. She wiggled further and pushed the dress over her hips and down her thighs, exposing her bare pussy. He'd touched her there but hadn't seen it. He groaned again.

"You are so…sexy," he groaned again, licking his lips.

He fisted himself, which turned her on all the more. She reached down and touched her nipples and he sighed. "Yes…touch yourself." So she continued, pulling and pinching her nipples till they were hard buds. She leaned down and licked the tight bud with her tongue. "God, yes…." He moaned.

Penny moved her hands down to her pussy and slipped a finger insider her, moaning herself. "Oh Sheldon…you do this to me. I'm so wet." And as she stroked herself, he could hear the sounds of her wetness.

"Come here," he growled.

Penny pulled her finger out and walked to him. He took his hand off his cock and slid further down the bed. "I want to taste you," he said. "Come here." Grabbing her hips, Sheldon pulled one leg over his shoulder and had her poised above his mouth. She could feel his warm breath on her moist lips and she nearly came from that. "So wet…"

His mouth touched her pussy, thrusting a tongue inside and Penny thrashed and came against him so suddenly it surprised them both. "Mmm…" he moaned as he continued to lick her, taste her, thrusting his tongue then fingers up instead of her until she came again and was spent. She laid on the bed next to him, catching her breath. By now Sheldon felt as if he might burst, his cock was so hard.

"Can I…can I fuck you, Penny?"

"Oh honey…yes, please…" Penny spread her legs as Sheldon climbed between them, his cock already poised at her entrance. Pushing the head inside, they both moaned in unison as he sank deeply inside her. Bracing himself, he leaned forward and they kissed passionately, neither believing that they were there, experiencing and enjoying each other so completely.

As they kissed, Sheldon began to thrust inside her, slowly at first, then harder, pushing as far inside her as he could. Their gasps and groans filled the air as they both thrust together.

"Oh Sheldon, fuck me…oh fuck me hard!" she screamed and he pounded harder into her.

"Oh Penny…so good. Gonna cum inside you!"

"Yes…yes, Sheldon…cum inside me. Cum!"

And just as she told him to cum insider her, Sheldon slipped his hand down to her pussy and flicked her clit. She thrust her hips up and came again in an earth shattering orgasm. She was squeezing Sheldon so tight that three more hard thrusts from him and he was cumming inside her, his mouth on her shoulder as he cried out.

When at last they were spent, he slipped out of her and she settled in his arms both content for the first time in a long time. They both smiled and kissed softly.

"I'm thinking that perhaps this should be my Saturday night ritual now. If you're willing."

Drawing his mouth down to hers while his hand snaked up and pinched her nipple, she chuckled and said, "Oh, I'm willing, Dr. Cooper. You can bet on it."