Everyone grieved over the loss of Yuffie over the next week, each in his or her own way. Sora, for instance, spent most of the time when he wasn't teaching me either with me or alone, crying and mourning. Roxas and I usually just practiced and practiced. Both of us were improving (Roxas, for instance, wasn't sucking anymore). Larxene spent most of her time alone, Demyx went to his music for comfort, and Luxord went to his best friend: Mister Alcohol. I think the drink of choice for this occasion was wine.

At the next meeting Xigbar called, he announced the cancellation of the "tournament/shows-of-skills" thing in light of Yuffie's death, along with announcement of the new Deputy to take her place. I knew who it was beforehand. Xigbar had conferred with Roxas and me about his choice. Since we didn't know too many people yet, we agreed. The new Deputy was Marluxia.

After the meeting was over, everyone went their separate ways. On the way back to my room, I walked past the kitchen. Inside was Luxord, who was drinking wine like there was no tomorrow.

"Luxord?" I asked I walked in.

Luxord looked my way and set down the bottle he had (he wasn't even using a glass. He was drinking straight out of the bottle.) "Naminé!" Then a look of realization dawned. "Or Princess… Your Majesty, maybe?"

"Just Naminé. You can save the titles for later. But anyway…" I glanced at the wine. "You're drinking straight from the bottle again?"

"What?" He asked. "I'm going to finish it." He took another swig.

"You're going to be smashed!" I said.

"I know." He took another drink. "That's what I'm going for."

"What do you mean…? You've never been this upset before…"

"I've never been in love before," He said.

My brain short-circuited. In love? But if he was "drowning his sorrows" so to speak, then that meant… "You love Yuffie?"

"I… I did. She was just… wow. It's hard to explain, but… She was just… incredible and amazing and lovely…" He looked at the wine bottle again. "Even before you and Axel and Roxas came along, when I was thirteen and she was eight. A cute little girl. A playground crush, you might say… and I met her again here… I felt that spark again." He took another drink mournfully. "We kissed. A few times. I told her I loved her. Once, at least. And now…" He took a huge gulp with a sigh. "She's gone. For good. I'm never gonna see her again. I'm never gonna feel that spark again."

"I…I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault." He finished up the last of the wine and left the kitchen. "I'm going to my room."

I stood there alone for a little bit. Luxord loved Yuffie. The slave boy fell in love with his Mistress. Who would have thought? Except… I was kind of living out the same story, just a gender flip. I fell in love with my former Master.

I went back to my room somewhat slowly, still processing everything. How badly did it hurt, I wondered, to see the dead body of your beloved, to see their still face and know that they will never, ever come back? And then a more disturbing thought came to mind. Sora and I are sort of a role-reversal of Luxord and Yuffie. And since their story ended unhappily… How would mine and Sora's end?

Destiny: Again, it's short, but I ran out of ideas for this.

Luxord: You split Yuffie and me up!

Yuffie: Just after we found each other again!

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