The sorrows of an x-ray WILL be continued! Just after this gets through...

"Shizuu-chaan~!" Izaya waved as he skipped up to the blonde who was busy pulling a street sign out of its spot. "Hey Shizu-chan do you by any chance watch anime?" Shizuo swung the sign at him and growled when Izaya jumped back. "it's okay... I mean i don't watch it myself all that much but still. theres this one anime that actually catches my intrest!" he dodged another swing. "there's a demon you see and he'll grant you any wish you want in return for your own life usually by saying "i want to make a deal with you..." He usually deals with bringing people back to life though so i think it's a fair exchange! An old life for a new life..." he dodged another swing and smirked when the sign flew out of Shizuo's grip. He skipped up to the brute and leaned in a bit.

"Shizu-chan... What would you wish for?" Shizuo went to swing at Izaya, making him flinch a bit but never felt his fist make contact to his face.

"...what would i wish for?" he opened one eye and relaxed. "yes... What would you wish for?" Shizuo stood up completely, hovering over Izaya. "i don't know... I mean if i was going to die it'd be pretty pointless to make the wish wouldn't it?" Izaya blinked and looked at Shizuo curiously. "i figured Shizu-chan would say something like, 'for that retched flea to die!' or something along those lines..." Shizuo shook his head. "i said i would be the one to kill you off... I'm not letting some demon change that..." Izaya smirked and began to skip away. "so then catch me if you can shizu-chan!"

I never realized untill now, just how much my daily life depended on this louse. But i did realize that i was always chasing his back so i never saw his expression when i chased him around Ikebukuro.

"what happened?" "that criminal that robbed the bank just hit someone!" Shizuo looked over at the two panicked people. "who was it?" he asked absent mindedly. The two looked at him and pointed down the street from them. "i didn't see it happen but i saw the person in the car. It was that ba..." Shizuo didn't hear the rest of the sentence when he saw who it was. He hid the panic racing through his veins at the sight of the blood begginning to pool around the person's head. "n-no..." he ran over to the limp body and saw several people backing away.

"that's Izaya Orihara isn't it?" he heard one woman whisper. "yeah... But doesn't Shizuo hate him?" he heard whispers and murmurs about him being there.

"flea... It's time to stop pretending..." he said when the last person had left. Izaya still didn't move. Shizuo nudged Izaya's back with his foot. "damnit flea... There's noone around and i know you're faking!" he still didn't get a response. "flea...?" he knelt down onto his knees, not caring that there would be blood on his pants. "I-izaya... Wake up..." he carefully picked up the upper half of Izaya's body, leaning it against his knee and propped his head on his arm.

He felt his eyes sting at the blood slowly rolling out of Izaya's mouth and a large smear of it on his right cheek. He felt the tears roll down his cheeks and watched them drop onto the informants face. "Izaya you dumbass... I told you that nobody but me can kill you...! WAKE UP DAMNIT!" he yelled into Izaya's chest. "please wake up... Laugh at me, taunt me, make fun of me because i thought you were dead and was crying over it... Just please... Please wake up..." Shizuo heard a jingle, from a bell or a wind chime.

"he was dead as soon as the car hit him..." he flinched at the child like voice and looked behind him. "w-who are you? Or where are you?" he looked around catiously and heard the jingle again, this time right next to him. "You want this man to live again yes?" Shizuo looked at a clouded figure and barely nodded. "yes..." "then..." he saw a small hand and chain come out of the cloud.

"I want to make a deal with you..."

Six days later

Izaya blinked awake and winced slightly. He looked around noticing that he was in a hospital room and sat up. "my head is killing me..." he stretched and winced, immediatly covering a bruised area. "ow... I remember getting hit and then... I woke up..." he looked around the room, hopeing whoever it was that saved him was still in the room with. He saw nobody. "it couldn't have been Shizu-chan could it?" Izaya looked towards the door and saw a shadow next to it. He looked at it and shrugged. "i've seen weirder..." he waved slightly and he blinked when it flinched. He sighed when the shadow walked out of his room and felt lonely for some reason. "where is my monster...?" he mumbled.

A girl with short hair and long sideburns hanging off each side of her face and bangs barely covering her eyes floated cross legged above the floor huffed. She held a chain attached to a collar on the neck of a slowly forming body. She had black wings with another chain attatched to the tip of the left wing flaoting up as if gravity didn't exist, sleeves going up to her elbow tied off with miniature chains and ribbons, a small gold bikini top tied off in a double bow, flowing black tattoos on her hips and stomach, and a small three layered black skirt.

The figure finished taking shape and she looked at it. "there you saw him! Can we go please?" she asked. The figure nodded and bowed his head to her. She huffed and flapped her wings, the chain whipping around her head. She started floating down the hallway, the chain attatched to the collar started to lengthen out when the person attatched to it didn't move. She looked behind herself at him and noticed his shoulders were shaking. She floated over to him and smacked his head. "hey you said you'd agree to it!" he shook his head. "you ain't crying bout that?" he nodded. "then what?" she blinked as he explained to her why he was crying.

"well geez! Ya' could've said that they were tears of joy!" she laughed and patted his shoulder. "you kill him in another life okay?" he nodded and grabbed the chain begginning to coil on the floor.

The girl floated in front of him for a few seconds and started giggling. "so you have crimson and silver eyes, pale skin, white wings, fangs, the thirst for blood and you still want to keep that ridiculous blonde hair?" he nodded and she laughed. "you're the funniest incubus i've ever gotten. Do you want to pass by your grave before we leave for the demon world?" she asked already starting to make her way towards the front entrance. He nodded and followed behind her. He rubbed over a scar on his wrist and wrapped the chain around his fist.

"Shizuzu-chan... Are you happy that you became an incubus for Izaya to live?" he nodded and moved his shoulders in a sigh. "it's a shame that you can't flat out speak for the moment... You should get it back in a few weeks! But... I loved the sound of your voice..." he looked down at the ground. "you'll be okay without him won't you?" he nodded and scratched the teardrop tattoo under his right eye. He stopped when he heard the door to Izaya's room slammed open and turned around. "Shizu-chan!" he stared wide eyed at the informant when he ran up to him and threw his arms around Shizuo's neck. "hey hey hey! What do you think you're doing to my incubus? You're inducing him and he's gonna end up drinking you dry!" Izaya blinked and stared at the girl. "who the hell are you to tell me what to do you little brat?" she stared at Izaya angrily. "for your information, i'm 2,000 years old so i can tell you to do whatever the hell i want!" Izaya blinked and laughed.

"hate to break it to you little girl but you'd have to be either a god or a demon or an angel to be that old." Shizuo put a hand up and shook his head. "Shizuzu-chan?" he looked at Izaya and lightly pushed him off. "shizu-chan?" he gestured for the girl to turn around and smiled when she did. He glared at the people staring at Izaya. "Shizu-chan... Why aren't you saying anything...?" Izaya asked. Shizuo cupped one of Izaya's cheeks and looked into his crimson eyes. Izaya stared back and a light blush started to appear on his face. "Shizu-chan..." he blinked when Shizuo bent down and lightly kissed him.

Izaya... Don't get me wrong i don't like kissing you but it's pretty much the only way i've found i can talk to people for the time being. I turned into an incubus for your annoying ass so don't ruin this for yourself. Izaya pulled back and looked at Shizuo's slightly irritated face. "she wasn't lying?" Shizuo shook his head. "brat... She gets to spend eternity with Shizu-chan!" Shizuo kissed Izaya again.

You annoying louse! I gave my human life for you! Now dammit i'm pretty much a vampire because you broke the only rule i ever gave you! Only I get to kill you! So shuddup and live with the fact that you're never gonna see me again! And if you do ever see me i'll be sure to murder you right on the spot got that?

Izaya smiled and nodded. "i'll never see you again! That sounds fine to me!" Shizuo couldn't help but notice how hurt Izaya sounded. So he did the only thing he could think of to comfort the informant. He turned and demonstrated a puff of smoke with his hands. "okay... I'll see you later then!" she dissapeared and left the two alone. Izaya pulled Shizuo into his hospital room and pushed him up against a wall. "i don't want you to leave me shizu-chan..." Shizuo blinked and kissed Izaya.

I have to though... Demons can't live very long in the human world...

Izaya looked down, saddened that he couldn't stay. "what can you do to stay as long as possible then?"

Nothing... I can only stay a few weeks at a time... And since i'm only six days old, i have to be there by tonight or i can't sustain the pressure this world puts on my body.

Izaya sighed. "then... When will you be back?"

If i go tonight i can be back within the next few days...

He rubbed the informants neck and kissed him again.

"i'll miss your annoying self, Izaya..." they both blinked and Shizuo covered his mouth with a couple fingers. "shizu-chan! You actually spoke! That's great!" shizuo looked outside through the window and smiled lightly. "yeah... I guess so huh..." Izaya grabbed Shizuo's neck and pulled him down into a kiss.


He looked at Shizuo and smiled. "one to remember me by!" Shizuo blushed lightly at the statement and smiled. "i don't think i needed a kiss to remember you by... You're annoying and i never forget annoying people..."

"no but you still wanna a memory of me you'll enjoy right?" Shizuo smirked and pulled Izaya up a bit. "and i may want two memories..." Izaya blushed and filled the gap between the two, pressing his lips to Shizuo's.

I don't love you... But i don't hate you either...

Izaya opened his eyes to look at Shizuo but all he saw was black smoke and had the lingering taste of strawberry.

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