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Izaya sighed as he looked out the large windows and spun around in his chair. It had been three months since he and Shizuo had last seen each other. He missed him so much it almost hurt to think about him.

"Shizu-chan... Where are you?" he mumbled as he stared up at the dark sky. There was supposed to be a storm that night and he didnt feel like being alone during that time. Not that he would admit.

"Namie youre welcome to go home..." he heard the shuffling of papers and his witch of a secertary grab her bag and walk out of his office, slamming the door.

He sighed again and sunk in his chair. He covered his mouth as violent coughs wracked his body.

He moved his hand and rolled his eyes at the blood on his palm. 'i may not even be here next time Shizu-chan stops by...' he thought as he wiped the blood off on his jeans.

"izaya?" the informant looked at his best friend/underground doctor. "yes Shinra?" Shinra figited for a few seconds before sighing quietly. "you know how you came in for a check-up-" "because i was coughing up blood and wanted to know why... Yes i do know Shinra..."

"well... Unfortunatly..." Izaya eyed the doctor when he stopped talking. "Izaya... you have lung cancer..." Izaya stared at Shinra in shock and laughed.

"nice one Shinra! I gotta say thats the best youve come with in a while!" Izaya chuckled but stopped when he saw the sad expression on Shinras face. "youre... Youre serious arent you?" Shinra nodded and sighed.

"im sorry Izaya..."

Izaya stood from his chair when he heard a knock at his door, brushed his parka off, and opened his door to let the doctor in.

"Shinra~ pleasure to see you again! ... And as the last person i see before i-" "i wont do it Izaya." Izaya glared at Shinra. "what." Shinra took a deep breath and looked at Izaya.

"im not going to murder you Izaya. Just because you have lung cancer doesnt mean you can just give up on your life! I already told you that there are treatments we can do! And what about S-"

"Dont... Say his name... Ive already thought about it... I wouldnt want him to watch me die... I dont even think he would be here to do that even..."

Shinra sighed and crossed his arms. "that so?" he said, gesturing behind the raven haired informant. "Izaya... Please dont..." Izaya turned and stared at Shizuo. "Shizu-chan..." the blond cupped Izayas cheek and stared into his red eyes worridly. "Izaya... I can help you... Youd just have to trust me..." Izaya turned away from Shizuo. "i appreciate the offer but no..." Shizuo grit his teeth at the rejection and looked at Shinra pleadingly.

"you have five minutes Shizuo..." Shinra said as he walked back outside of the large apartment. Shizuo nodded and turned Izaya back around.


Izaya scoffed. "its a little late for 'why' Shizu-chan..." Shizuo sighed and pushed his forehead against Izaya's. "i want you to be with me forever though... I thought we both felt that way..." Izaya closed his eyes tightly. Of course he wanted it!

"theres no way for that to be humanly possible though!" he sniffed and hugged Shizuo tightly. "i love you Shizu-chan! I want to stay with you for eternity but we cant! Im human and youre... Im not quite sure what you are but youre close to a demon i suppose..." Izaya mumbled to himself before shaking his head.

Shizuo rolled his eyes and looked into Izayas eyes lovingly.

"youre an idiot... I explained this to you already..." Izaya stared up, confused. "i can have my master turn you... Sick free... It would take a little bit of effort to get used to but i think it could work..." Izaya sighed. "ive already died once..."

Shizuo laughed and hugged Izaya. "so have remember?" Izaya sighed and pushed his head into the crook of Shizuos neck, breathing in his scent. He shuddered slightly at the intoxicating smell, making Shizuo smirk.

"so what do you say hm?" Izaya thought on it for almost a minute but eventually nodded.


Shizuo grinned wide.

-several days later-

Izaya stood in front of Shizuos so-called 'master' in his parka and a pair of jeans. "wheres your shirt?" she noticed Shizuo turn red and rolled her eyes. "nevermind..."

"are you sure?" Izaya nodded. "liquid or physical?" Izaya stared at her confused. "im sorry?" she sighed. "liquid death or do you want me to snap your damn neck?" Shizuo flinched slightly but stood still.

Izaya pondered on how he wanted to die.

"... I want Shizu-chan to do it..." Shizuo immediatly shook his head. "i will not." Izaya huffed and crossed his arms.

"fine... Ill take the stupid liquid..." Shizuos master nodded and floated to a table with several utensils and a glass with black liquid in it. She picked it up and handed it to the informant.

"itll hurt but itll do the trick... Ask Shizuzu..." he hesitantly took the glass and glanced up as she turned to leave the room. "i dont really like witnessing someone dying so ill leave you with Shizuzu..." she said as she waved over her shoulder and closed the door.

The only sound Izaya recognized was his heart beating dangerously fast and Shizuo moving behind him. "you want to go with a good memory?" he asked quietly. Izaya nodded, the gesture almost going unnoticed by Shizuo. "then i can fulfil that wish..." the blonde said as he took the glass from Izayas hands and poured a bit into his own mouth.

He shook his head at the bitter taste and gently turned Izayas head, pushing his mouth onto the others. Izaya immediatly opened his mouth, accepting the thick liquid and Shizuos tongue. He almost gagged at how disgusting it tasted but forced it back, swallowing what was already there.

He gasped and grabbed at his chest, one of his hands gripping Shizuos shoulder tightly and doubling over from the pain. He wheezed as the pain died down enough to stand and looked up at Shizuo.

"unfortunatly... Thats not the worst..." Shizuo said as he poured what was left of the horrible liquid into his mouth. He leaned down, kissing Izaya again and forcing it into his throat.

Izaya held back his gag reflex again and swalloed the liquid, pushing against Shizuos tongue to distract himsef and hope to quell the pain that was starting to form in his chest again.

He struggled for breath and fell limp in Shizuos arms as he felt his heart skip two beats. Shizuo knelt down and gently brushed the raven bangs from his face. "shhh itll be okay i promise..." he whispered as he kissed Izayas forehead and placed a hand over his heart, feeling it slow to a beat every few seconds. he mentally grimaced and closed his eyes tightly as Izayas eyes dulled when his heart stopped completely.

He sighed and set Izaya down on a soft bed with black fluffy sheets. "good night..." he murmured as he kissed Izayas forehead. "sweet dreams Izaya..." he stood and walked out of the room Izayas now lifeless body lay in, waiting for the morning to arise.


Izaya blinked once, twice, four times before his eyesight cleared enough to see properly. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"hey sleepy-head."

He jumped slightly at Shizuos voice. "mm... Morning Shizu-chan..." Izaya looked at Shizuo drowsily and smiled lop-sidedly. "how do you feel?" Shizuo asked, looking over Izayas body. The raven blushed lightly and looked down. "alright i guess..." he mumbled. Shizuo made a sound of approval and sat on the edge of Izayas bed, running his hands through the black tresses.

"you look extraurdinary..." he whispered. Izaya purred and leaned into Shizuos hand. He felt the bed drop more when Shizuo moved and felt arms around his waist.

"beautiful even..." he blushed and leaned his head back against the blondes shoulder. "i love you too..." Shizuo kissed Izaya gently, his arms falling to rest on the small hips in front of him.

Izaya felt the top of his head twitch and he stopped. "wha-" "you have cat ears Izaya... And a tail too..." he shivered in delight as he felt Shizuos hand run along his tail which curled around his body, revealing its self as a long, black, furry limb. He almost laughed at the irony.

"as of the moment you woke up, we can be together for eternity!" Shizuo said happily. Izaya smiled and turned so he could wrap his arms around the blondes neck.

"just like we always wanted~!" he said, placing his forehead against Shizuos. Both demons looked at the door as it slammed open, Izayas ears flattening in annoyance, and Shizuos 'master' walked in the room.

"alright... So you can choose between me and Shizuzu to be your master." she said, a chain in her hand.

Izaya scoffed. "nobody owns Izaya Orihara!" he said proudly. She stared at him in annoyance. "thats what Shizuzu said." Izaya blinked and looked at Shizuo and back to her.

"... Who do you think should be my master Shizu-chan?" he asked hesitantly. Shizuo shrugged. "i suggested that you turn into a demon so we could be on the same level... If you were my slave then it would be for naught right?" Izaya nodded and looked at the 2,000 year old girl that was floating. "i guess that leaves you..." she nodded and put a black and red collar around his neck.

"we match~" he said, looking at Shizuos collar. They both grinned and Shizuo wrapped an arm around Izayas waist, pulling him closer and looking at their master.

"can we be alone?" she laughed and nodded. "i suppose. But you two already have some work to do so dont take all day~" she said as she closed the door.

Izaya immediatly jumped at Shizuo with what little room there was between them and tackled him to the large and soft bed.

"arent we excited?" Shizuo asked with a light smirk. Izaya huffed and layed on Shizuo, his legs pushing the blondes open. Shizuo wrapped his arms around Izaya and pulled him closer, leaving no space between them at all.

"i love you Shizuo..." Izaya whispered. Shizuo smiled and kissed the ex-informants forehead. "i love you too Izaya..." he said. Izaya purred at the response and felt Shizuos calloused but soft hands under his shirt, setting his skin on high sensitivity alert. His purring became louder as Shizuo felt along his back and shivered when his hands reached his neck. He held back a moan when he felt the stands that made up his hairline being pulled.

Shizuo smirked and tugged at them, causing Izaya to yelp and his face flush a pink hue. "its cute how sensitive you are here..." he mumbled. Izaya blushed and buried his head into Shizuos neck. "i c-cant help that its a turn-on spot for me..." he shuddered. Shizuo chuckled and lifted Izayas face by his chin.

"i love you with everything i could possibly love you with." he said. "i want you to know that i am never going to leave your side ever..." he gently put his hand on the ravens cheek and stared into the blood red eyes that glistened with tears he knew were of joy.

"i love you too Shizuo!" Izaya nearly shouted before kissing the blonde in front of him. Shizuo wrapped his arms tightly around the small man before him and kiss him back lovingly.


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