Episode list

Double Walker episode 3.01 = in progress

A break in the fold of time and space causes the sisters to fight against their evil selves from a parallel universe.

Navigating puberty episode 3.02 = complete

The sisters switch places as the present ones go back to high school while the past ones go to the future. But this day holds significant importance to all of them; will things change in the future if they screw up the past and don't follow the sequence of events?

Charmed of the dead 3.03 = complete

The sisters end up in a alternative reality where they must deal with zombies and major personal issues in order to survive and get back to kill the Queen of wands.

Fighting the signs 3.04 = not started

As the charmed ones prepare themselves to battle the queen of wands, the are faced with a new challenge as their horoscopes come to kill them. While Prue is trying to seek help as Piper continues to ignore her problems along with Phoebe. Paige is doing her best to learn the craft quickly.

The cursor of premonition 3.05 = not started

Phoebe is getting horrifying premonitions as the demons are not doing the same thing they have done the last two years. They are hitting quick and hard and don't seem interested in their powers anymore. But when the premonitions take a human turn, will she get overloaded and will the charmed ones go into save mode for none magical events?

Bring the Pain episode seven 3.06 = not started

The sisters are drifting apart as Prue finally breaks down because of the incident as Leo and Piper are given an ultimatum about their relationship, while Phoebe's knew boyfriend takes advantage of the circumstance.

More to come so stay tuned.