Backyardigans High School Story

(The story takes place in Normville in the near future)

The halls of Normville high were empty as the bell ended the classes rang the students rushed out getting their book-bags

"Hey Austin, that was some hard math"

Pablo said strapping his bag over his shoulder

"Honestly it's pretty easy"

Austin replied

"Really, maybe you should tutor me some time"

Pablo said walking away as Austin gave him a thumbs up in a "will do" manner as he continued walking out the school in the alleyway as he clashed head in with a girl as another student pushed Austin down

"Het watch where you going klutz...Austin"

The girl said revealing to be Uniqua with a young rhino who was the one who pushed Austin

"Is he bothering you?"

The rhino asked

"No Erik, it's cool, you remember Austin he's my friend"

Uniqua said who now was a really popular girl in school

"Hey Uniqua, you're with Erik now, what happened to Mark?"

Austin asked

"I dumped him, he only thought of himself, me and Erik are going out for dinner, care to join us"

Uniqua asked


Austin said as Uniqua went walking off with Erik as Austin looked at them feeling happy for her but also sad, he admired Uniqua for the longest time

(Uniqua's POV)

"I was stuck in a dead-end relationship, like everyone I've ever been in, looking for Mr. right and I've never found him"

Uniqua was walking with Erik

"I can walk the rest of the way"

Uniqua said letting go of Erik

"I can walk you"

Erik said tightening his grip mildly

"I just need some time alone"

She said as they split roads she was thinking

"Erik isn't any good either, what does a girl have to do to find Mr. Right, someone caring, emotional, friendly, and funny. As night arrived Uniqua changed into a pink dress as she left her house

"Mom, I'm going out"

She said leaving

"Be back soon"

Her mom Caroline said as Uniqua went down the alleyway crying as she covered her eyes she bumped into a figure landing on top of him

"Uniqua, I swear this is becoming more frequent"

Austin said

"Why are you crying, you're on a date with Erik?"

Austin said confused

"Because…I don't even like him"

Uniqua said crying

"Then why do you hand out with him?"

Austin asked rubbing the dirt of Uniqua's dress

"Because, I feel like no one else would date me, I've been thru like 7 boyfriends, and none of them I kept, boys just don't like me"

Uniqua said crying

"No true Uniqua, I like you, I always have

Austin said giving her a hug

"You're just saying that to make me feel better"

She said

"No I'm not; I've never asked any girls out thru out our school years, the only girl I could ever love…is you"

Austin said as Uniqua tightened the hug

"Austin, all these years I've been dating to find the perfect boy for me…maybe I knew him this whole time, forget dinner, you wanna watch a movie at my house?"

Uniqua asked

"Anytime, wait it's not anything cheesy is it?

He asked as she laughed holding his hand as they walked back in the streetlamps shining in the streets