AN: A short, three part fic about a trip to the bank w/ Nick and Ellis… oh, and there's some douche bags who try to rob the place, or whatever. :T

Rating: M - for hardcore smut in THIS CHAPTER. You've been warned!

Nick's shoulder healed up relatively fast since the bullet had gone straight out the other end, leaving a clean tunnel of torn muscle that the doctor had tended to with nothing but some disinfectants and a bit of stitching. He was given some painkillers to help ease the process of getting better, but Nick rarely ever took them. He'd had enough pain pills to put down a bull elephant during the whole zombie jamboree of 2009, and the wound wasn't nearly as bad as getting mobbed by a horde anyhow.

Ellis checked his lover's injury often to make sure it stayed free of bad bacteria, reapplying the bandage after every shower as they were told to do by their surgeon. It'd been two weeks since their adventure at the bank, and, truthfully, it was almost as if it never happened. Sure, Nick would have a new scar added to his plethora of other "insignias", as he liked to call them, but soon it would fade into his skin like the rest - hell, a few years from now, the guy probably wouldn't even remember when and where he got it.

The gambler had one last checkup at the hospital today to make sure he didn't have any lingering problems with his muscle movements, and to see if anything had been improperly mended. Both partners were pleased to hear that his shoulder would be A-OK as long as he didn't put too much strain on it for the next month or two, just as a precaution. Once administered his sparkling bill of health, Nick marched out of the hospital with Ellis in tow, relieved that he wouldn't have to be coming back here anytime soon.

"Finally, we can put all this shit behind us. I swear, the doc was more worried about this little hole in my shoulder than I was. It's not like I haven't been shot at before."

Ellis shook his head knowingly and caught up to walk along side the older man. "Yeah, but you weren't just shot at, you were actually shot. And I think he knows yew Nick, which is why he was frettin' over ya s'much. I figure Dr. Halls acts like that with all his patients who don't worry enough 'bout themselves." His tone took on a more serious note at this time. "Besides, yew can't brush these things off so lightly, Nick. 'Member how much yew was bleedin' back then? It done near gave me a heart attack." He got the chills just thinking about it...

Nick's chest stained with an unsettling crimson color, his pained groans, the sound of the criminal's gun going off… In the end, they couldn't get the blood to come out of his nice green button-up shirt, so it was thrown away without a second thought.

"Oh man, you should've seen your face back then," Nick chuckled. "The phrase, 'white as a sheet', is no longer just an imagery in those horror stories I read as a kid."

"Well, to be honest, I felt likeI was the one losin' all that blood. Don't think I've had that much of a scare since… shit, probably since that Witch nearly took my arm off when we was going through them swamps."

"Oh, yeah. I remember that. Those two Jockeys and a Spitter didn't really make it any easier for us either."

It was funny how casually the two could bring up such gruesome memories without hesitation. There were many other survivors who wouldn't even so much as mention the term "zombie" or "infection" after being traumatized from whatever life-changing trials they had to go through. Nick and Ellis made sure not to involve the sensitive subject in their public conversations out of respect for those who didn't come out of the apocalypse as lucky as they did.

Once they reached Ellis' old Ford, the mechanic let out a troubled sigh and paused at the driver's side of his truck, his hand resting on the handle with no immediate intention of pulling just yet. Nick waited on the other end for his lover to get in and unlock his side of the truck (it was an old-fashioned girl, and she didn't have the fancy automated locks that the conman's Mercedes' had.) When he peeked his head around the windshield to see what the hold up was, Ellis' glum face was the first thing that came into view. This wasn't the first time he'd seen that expression since their trip to the bank, and Nick was hoping he wouldn't have to see it too often since they'd just gone to his final checkup with the doc. Maybe now this could all be swept under the rug for good.

Ellis saw a tall shadow creep over his arm and looked up to see Nick's reflection in the car window. He held the gambler's gaze in that dimension for a moment until one of them spoke.

"Look, Ellis… Worse things have happened to us. You know that just as well as I do." He laid a hand on the side view mirror and broke eye contact with Ellis' reflection to make sure no one was nearby. "I know the whole thing at the bank shook you up a bit… Hell, it shook me up, too. But I don't get why you're still so bothered by it. I'm fine, you're fine, we're all fine. So what's the matter?"

The younger man waited a few seconds to compose what he was about to try and explain to his lover, pressing his lips together in determination. His eyes met Nick's, and he forced his mouth to open to keep himself from stalling any further. "We've been through a lot, Nick. A helluva lot. But… of all the times we were in danger - when that Jockey almost rode you off a building, or when that Smoker almost pulled me into the river - I ain't never been as scared as I was when them guys were robbin' the bank."

"You serious?" Nick quirked one eyebrow and let out a one syllable laugh. "Why? I'd take those goons over a Tank any day."

Ellis shook his head adamantly, trying to keep himself from choking up. "They were like us, Nick; human. And, I don't know about'chu… but I'm more afraid of them than I am of any mindless zombies."

The southerner could tell from the look on his partner's face that the thought had never crossed his mind before now.

"I can kill as many Hunters, or Chargers, or goddamn Witch's as I want, and I ain't gonna worry 'bout when, where, or how the good Lord calls my name. Fuck, I knew we'd make it through! Call it a hunch, or whatever, but there was not a doubt in my mind that we were gonna survive this shit, even if it was by the skin of our teeth, man." His brief exuberance quickly deflated when he got back to the issue at hand. "But this… that…" he gestured to Nick's shoulder, "… I didn't know, Nick. I honestly could not have told yew if we were gonna make it outta there alive. I mean, maybe at first I thought we'd be okay since they were plannin' on leavin' n' stuff… but then you got shot, and I just… I don't know…" Ellis lowered his head a bit to mask his emotion. He didn't hide his feelings from Nick that often, but for some reason he felt all too vulnerable right now, as if he'd break down once spoken to. No way in hell that was happening, though. Despite being in a loving three year relationship together, the Georgian still cared about what his lover thought of him, and he didn't want to come off as some yellow-bellied, lip-quivering pansy if he could help it.

Nick took note of the boy's fragile state, and he started off his response by initiating some physical contact first so that his words wouldn't be the life line Ellis tried clinging to the most. He reached out and rubbed the younger man's arm with his palm, giving him a small squeeze before responding.

"Hey." He grabbed the mechanic's gaze once more with that one insistent word. "You're right about the whole human thing, I'll give you that. I'm well aware of how people can be the biggest bastards you ever meet in this lifetime. Believe me, I mingled with guys like them way back when, and… come to think of it, I don't think I enjoyed a single second of it."

Ellis smiled. "I'm glad about that."

"But that's because I didn't know what I could've had," Nick continued. "I spent so much time brooding over what a shit hole my life was and turning my back on the world that I didn't leave room for a chance to make things right." The northerner brought his other hand up to mimic the one on Ellis' opposite arm. "I didn't know what was going to happen in there either, Ellis… but dammit if I was going to let those guys take the reigns from me, not after I'd finally gotten a hold on my own life." He looked around the parking lot once more and leaned in to whisper to his lover. "And I might've been trying to show off for ya a bit."

Ellis' smile came back full force with that comical break in tension. "Yew would, wouldn't yew?" He jabbed Nick in the chest with his finger. "You've always liked to fly yer own kite, even durin' the apocalypse. I guess that's what people call 'swag' nowadays, huh?"

Nick smiled back when the mechanic wrapped his arms around the older man's waist. "El, the fact that you just used that word made my fucking day."

They laughed and embraced, but not before Nick scanned their surroundings to assure himself of their solitude at the present time. It wasn't that he was afraid someone would see two men hugging it out in broad daylight, he just preferred this tender moment between he and his beau be a private one.

Nick stayed that way for as long as Ellis wanted him to. Eventually, the southerner fell back into the driver side door, the sun's warmth having been absorbed into the metal for the amount of time it was sitting outside and causing a pleasant heating sensation to spread across the boy's broad back. His partner was forced to lean into him, trying not to touch the truck with his fingers since they didn't have any protection from the hot window glass.

It was very amorous, almost uncharacteristically so for the conman. Nick had grown immune to his lover's tactics in getting him to be more affectionate like this, especially in a place where anybody could see them. Unless those "tactics" involved a trip to the bedroom, there wasn't a bribe out there that could get the man to do exactly was Ellis wanted in terms of being romantic. This time was an exception, of course.

An entirely different warming sensation began to pool in the Georgian's stomach, one that often made him weak in the knees and cloudy-headed with salacity. He wondered if Nick was starting to feel the same way?

"Well, fer what it's worth, yew were purdy cool when yew stood up to those robbers, Nick."

The gambler smirked at the playful tone in his lover's praise and shifted to move his mouth closer to Ellis' neck. "Oh really? Did I look like one of the super heros in those comic books you're always reading?"

"Yeah. Heck, if it weren't fer the fact that we were in danger 'n all, I'da found the whole thing kinda… hot." By now, Ellis wasn't being at all subtle in his seduction.

"Well, well! I didn't know you were into the cops n' robbers scene."

"Oh, yeah. Used to watch shows like that all the time when I was a kid. I was always rootin' fer the good guys, a'course. A lot of them were pretty good lookin', too." One of the mechanic's hands slithered towards Nick's front and traveled the expanse of his chest, nearly dipping into the slightly unbuttoned dress shirt. "Havin' the real thing in front of me… it's a damn turn on."

Nick felt the pit of his own stomach come alive due to his partner's sultry words and the hand that was constantly teasing his pectorals, with the other firmly grasping at the waist of his shirt. He pulled his head back a bit to level his lips with the side of the southerner's face, knowing how much talking directly into his ear made the poor boy squirm. "News flash, El: you're still a kid," he teased.

Almost as if he expected an answer like that, Ellis grinned and made it so that their noses were barely touching, eyes boring into each other's without reluctancy. "I don' think a kid could get ya this worked up, Mr. Petros."

"Oh? Who's the one getting worked up, now, Mr. Rogers?"

Nick studied his partner's face, full of desire and longing, unlike the frown he was wearing before their talk. He hoped he could see this expression every day for the rest of their time together, or at least when the mood was right. The gambler wet his lips with a flick of his tongue, preparing for the inevitable contact that was about to happen, but Ellis denied him of the kiss when he pulled away, the corner of his mouth pulling up into a cocky smirk.

"I think the hero deserves a happy ending of his own, wouldn't yew agree?"

Nick hadn't even noticed that his shirt was open by two more buttons, his gaze currently transfixed towards the sex-on-legs before him. "Oh, I'm all for that… but don't those stories usually end with the hero getting the girl and riding off into the sunset?"

"Hmm, yeah, I suppose so," Ellis rubbed his chin and nodded thoughtfully. His blue eyes, swimming with a sudden surge of lust, locked back onto lover's after the brief contemplation, and he concluded his answer in a low, provocative voice… "I bet none of them girls could ever suck the chrome off a tail pipe like I can, though."

Nick's resolve was tossed out the window.

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By the time they got back to the house, Ellis had already discarded Nick's coat before the man could even object to throwing it on the floor. They reached the bedroom just as Ellis coyly pushed the gambler's good shoulder with his three middle fingers, causing Nick to tumble back on the mattress with a bounce.

He laughed and laid his hands flat on either side of himself. "A bit eager, aren't we, sport?"

"It ain't obvious?" Ellis whipped the older man's belt from it's belt loops and wasted no time in unleashing what lie beneath the zipper of his partner's khaki pants. He reached in to tug the semi-hard member from Nick's boxers, pleased at how much his erection had already tightened the normally lax skin stretched around it. The southerner gave a few teasing strokes to get the length warmed up for his mouth, which would do the job either way; he just liked to see Nick slowly slip into heat.

The conman groaned quietly and tilted his head towards the ceiling, allowing his neck to collapse into his shoulders. He smiled and looked at Ellis under hooded eyes. "This is gonna be one hell of a reward, I can tell."

"Fer both of us," Ellis nodded and wrapped the rosy head of Nick's cock between his lips. He always had a hankering to play around with that part first because of it's tantalizing color and how smooth it was compared to the rest of his member. The conman's dick in general had a lovely shape to it - long, slightly bulged in the middle, topped with a perfectly formed head. It never looked overused or worn out in the least, which was amazing considering how much of a playboy he was back in the day. Time had definitely been kind to him.

"Ohh yeah. That's good, El." The gambler spread his legs a bit more to give his lover some room for the task. With an appreciative hum, Ellis scooted closer and nestled himself at the foot of the bed, resting his elbows on the bit of mattress between Nick's legs and using his fingers to gently cradle the now twitching length as he serviced the older man. After messing around with the head for a bit longer, Ellis dragged his tongue up the side of his partner's cock, inwardly smiling when he saw the first sign of precum emerge at the top. He met Nick's eyes, nonchalantly, as if bragging about his skills through that bead of pearly white liquid alone.

The conman shuddered and couldn't stop himself from weaving one hand into the boy's hair, not to steer his movements, but to simply show his approval. Ellis knew this and kept going before either one of them lost their senses completely. The southerner administered soft nips to Nick's length using his lips only, similar to how they made out with the exception of a different tongue technique. The pink muscle would take turns curling around the diameter of the member and flicking at the head every now and then. Nick became more and more relaxed with each gesture, green eyes remaining closed in a look of contentment that you wouldn't see around anyone else but his lover. The only tense part of his body was what Ellis was tending to, and one more suggestive look from that sweet face of his would probably send the older man reeling if he didn't take the initiative soon.

"Alright, El, not that I don't enjoy this, but I'd rather save my best for when I take you." He had to force the curly-topped head away from his groin in order to get him to stop, otherwise the boy would've just kept on going without coming up for a single breath of air. Ellis licked his thick lips of any precum that had stuck to him during the blowjob, and gave his lover that final smoldering stare he'd been anticipating. Not a moment later and the two were intertwined in a passionate embrace, mouths smacking against each other like a couple of overexcited teenagers. Ellis joined Nick on the bed until they were both on their knees, lost in the makeout session that had so suddenly erupted.

An overwhelming tidal wave of emotion slammed Ellis in the chest harder than any Charger had ever done, and he pulled back for a second to get a good look at his partner, who was just as disheveled and breathless as he was. Nick noticed this abrupt change in demeanor and waited to see if the mechanic was going to say or do something.

"I'm so glad yer here."

It took the gambler a while to understand what his partner meant, but he had a pretty solid comprehension once Ellis lightly touched the bandage covering his bullet wound.

"I don't know what I woulda' done without ya if somethin' ever happened…"

A spark flared up in Nick's abdomen, much like the one his lover was feeling at the time, and it doubled in intensity when their eyes met again.

"Same here, kid," he said while tightening his hold on the boy's waist, savoring the feel of their chests rapidly rising and falling in unity.

The arms Ellis had hooked underneath Nick's shoulders moved to encircle the man's neck next, hands grappling at the collared shirt with an almost feral desperation. "Fuck, I love you…" And with that, they were back to snogging as if a second apocalypse was just around the corner, zombies or no zombies.

Nick leaned into their kisses and placed a hand on the southerner's lower back to keep him from falling over, but the impassioned grip Ellis had on his partner made it unlikely for that happen. A few scattered words of praise and adoration were thrown around between breaths, Ellis bringing up a second time how hot he was for Nick when fearlessly facing those bank robbers, and Nick telling the mechanic how hot he was for him every waking moment of the day, which wasn't an uncommon thing to hear during pre-sex activities.

When it finally got to be too much for them, Ellis peeled off his lover's dress shirt and made sure to avoid bumping against the area where his injury was healing. Nick also aided in the intimate event of taking off each other's clothes, letting out a satisfied purr when he was able to admire the Georgian in his full glory. Both sported very impressive erections that were searching to find release, something which the conman was eager to remedy. But, instead of immediately maneuvering the younger man into position, he decided to ask what his smaller partner had in mind.

"How do you want it, El?"

Those few words made Ellis' dick twitch. He loved when Nick gave him a bit of control, whether it pertain to their positioning or the pacing. It was comforting to know that he and his lover could share such aspects in their sexual relationship.

Without verbally responding, Ellis gave the older man a once over with his eyes and turned around, pressing his backside into the gambler's blushing member that gave a jump of it's own when it felt that warm, familiar cushion he had come to adore so much. Ellis molded the rest of his body flush against his companion's front and let one arm bend behind him to clamp onto the back of Nick's neck.

"Is this okay?" As if he even needed to ask.

Nick feared he could barely answer without moaning, but he forced his voice to remain as firm and steady as it'd been throughout the foreplay. "You bet it is."

The temptation to leave a mark on Ellis' neck was something the gambler never repressed, so he licked the spot he had chosen for his deed and proceeded to leave a large purple hickey against the bronzed column of skin. He tasted exceptionally fresh all thanks to the mint-scented body wash the mechanic lathered on himself this morning. It really opened up the airway in your nose when used in the shower, like one of those Listerine tongue strips , which was probably why he liked it so much.

Ellis' complacent sigh hitched in his throat when he felt his lover's hand snake down his back, over his rump, and between his legs. Those talented fingers made quick work of loosening the southerner up for what was about to be put there in place of them. They carefully moved in and out of the warm entrance, coaxing Ellis to relax his weight against Nick, head lulling onto the other's shoulder. Nick took advantage of his partner's rag doll state and left a trail of kisses up and down the side of his face and around those all too sensitive ears.

"Hahhh, Nick…" Ellis gasped, his right arm coming down to latch onto the older man's thigh. The fluttery feeling in his stomach, as well as his own arousal, intensified with each passing second.

Nick jerked his lover off with his free hand at an easygoing pace that drove the Georgian up the wall. The sounds he made had a similar effect on the conman, if it wasn't already evident by the way his dick was insistently pressing against Ellis' lower back. A second trickle of precum oozed down his length, and that was the final straw for Nick.

"Ellis, I gotta…" His sentence was cut off midway by another bout of pleasure rolling through his system.

"It's okay. I'm ready for ya," Ellis said under his breath. He bent over until he was all hands and knees, and reached back to take his partner's stiff member in hand, aiming it in the direction of his now pliant entrance. "Put it in me, Nick."

The arch in Ellis' spine begged to be touched, and the gambler complied readily by running his hands up the broad back in admiration. "Fuck, kid… I think you and I both know this isn't going to be one of our smoother rides."

"S'fine with me," the southerner crooned and stretched so that the head of Nick's cock rubbed up against the cleft above his buttocks. "You can do what ya want, Mr. Hero."

"Damn right, I will," he growled, sinking the entire length of his erection into the boy's plush interior.

And yes, it was still the best piece of ass he'd ever had the privilege to enter.

"Ahhh! Oh God, Nick…" Ellis was a bit surprised at how quickly Nick opened him up, but that wasn't to say it was unpleasant; quite the opposite, actually. The mechanic parted his legs even more, allowing his body to take in the sudden girth that it wasn't so used to accommodating (of course, that had changed a bit during their years together.)

Nick sucked in through his teeth and let out a soundless grunt, one of his hands moving from Ellis' back to the nook in his hip. "Shit, you feel amazing." He always did.

After a few more agonizing seconds of adjusting, Nick started off their rhythm in a slow back and forth motion, as if he were handling the most delicate of instruments. The friction around his cock was heavenly, and Ellis seemed to whine in agreement with the way his own inner walls were being rubbed.

The conman leaned down to hover over his companion's form, executing a few timely thrusts that grazed Ellis' prostate. He received a heaving groan in return that rumbled through the boy and into Nick's own person.

"How's that feel, El? Sliding in and out of you like this… I don't think I'll ever get enough of it."

Ellis' body rocked in time with the older man above him, the blankets scrunching up beneath his curling and uncurling hands. "Shit, Nick… Just don't stop…" His brow furrowed from the sensation of his sweet spot being brushed, but he knew there was a certain amount of restraint in Nick's movements. The man did love getting him riled up, after all.

"I don't plan to," the gambler responded in a gruff tone.

Without warning, he began to piston his hips into the warmth enveloping his dick, causing Ellis to go weak in the arms and keel over until his elbows were flat against the bed spread.

"Aww, GOD. Yeah… jus' like that!"

"Fuck, El…"

Nick placed his hands on either side of the younger man's head and loomed over the boy while delivering his thrusts. The smacking noises of their skin on skin contact was an odd turn on, tempting him to increase the motion of his hips, sending both men to a higher level of pleasure they'd been aching to reach.

"Ohhh, Nick… I ain't gonna last much longer." The northerner didn't need to be told this, as if the clenching around his member wasn't enough of a clue.

"C'mere." In a burst of strength fueled by his growing lust, the conman pulled Ellis back up against his chest, fell back into the headboard, and maneuvered them so that his hands were hooked underneath the boy's knees. He spread Ellis' toned legs and held them there, resuming his rapid-fire pacing he usually saved for the time when they neared orgasm in tandem. Now all they needed was a mirror on the wall in front of them, and Nick was sure the visual stimulation would make him cum in that instant. He never considered himself self-voyeuristic, but hell if the idea of recording one of their nightly romps didn't cross his mind at least once.

Ellis was confused by the sudden change in position at first, but he quickly learned to enjoy it when he felt his partner's cock penetrating deeper than it had before. He moaned the gambler's name and reached back to wrap his arms around Nick's neck once more, which allowed the older man to rest his chin on the southerner's shoulder.

"Oh, oh, oh hohhh my gawd... Feels so- ahh!" At this point, Ellis' prostate was being hit dead on with each jerk of Nick's lower half, and the new position only made it all the more gratifying. He looked down and saw a glimpse every now and then of Nick's cock disappearing and reappearing out of him, but most of the view was blocked by his own rigid erection. As if his mind had been read, the conman draped one of Ellis' legs over his own to keep it in place, and used his now free hand to stroke his partner's member until they reached the finish line.

"Oh yeah, yeah, fuck, yeah!" Ellis started thrusting downward, keening at the intense sensitivity of his inner walls and abused prostate. "Haahhh, Nick… more… please, more!"

"Nngh! Ellis…!"

The rest of their words were nothing but babble, the inevitable orgasms approaching fast and hard. Nick's fingers formed a tight circle and created a titillating pressure from the base all the way to the head of Ellis' organ, which ushered that last push the boy needed to arrive at completion.

"Ahhhh!" he cried out, digging into his lover with the way that his back bowed. Nick, driven by the sound of his lover's climax, rolled his hips a couple more times until he was releasing his seed into the Georgian's supple ass, issuing one more bite into the shoulder he currently had his face smothered in.

The two, unmoving, gasped for the air that had been sucked from their lungs, still basking in the post-orgasm experience. Nick lowered the boy's legs and allowed his full weight to collapse against the wooden headboard. There was no doubt some new markings would adorn the wall behind it.

Ellis waited, a bit amused by how he could feel Nick's length softening within him, gradually. He must've really burned up all his fuel for the night. Then again, the same could be said for the both of them; Ellis' body refused to move during the first few minutes. It was kind of disappointing, though, when he finally felt Nick slide out of his entrance, which started clenching at the void left by the conman's retreating member.

Their positioning hadn't really changed from a few moments ago, with Ellis laying against Nick's front, limbs sprawled out and head propped on the older man's collar bone. They didn't say anything or move to lie down properly; they were simply there, enjoying each others' proximity, as well as the matched rhythmical breathing they shared. Nick loosely draped his arms around his partner's middle, smiling when he felt the mechanic's own arms intertwine with his. The gambler pressed his nose and mouth into Ellis' hair and sighed, wondering if he should be the one to break the ice or not, but the sunny southerner already opened his mouth.

"S'a good day to be alive."

Nick snorted, but not in a chastising manner. Yeah, it was a pretty unexpected thing coming from his companion, and yet he couldn't find himself disagreeing with the sentiment at all. He couldn't imagine a world without Ellis - to touch him, to see his smile, to poke fun at his grogginess in the mornings - and he figured the same thought had been running laps in the Georgian's head, too, probably more so than his own. It was the first time Nick had a solid understanding of how his partner had been feeling these past couple of weeks… and it hurt. The idea stabbed Nick right in the area below his precariously placed bullet wound, causing the dark hair on his arms and neck to prick up from an unexpected wave of goosebumps. Unconsciously, those limbs curled themselves tighter around the boy's waist, like a child would their stuffed animal during a storm.

Ellis did the same with the grip his hands had on Nick's. He knew, without even needing to ask. A link had been formed between them that offered an understanding of what the two survivors had been trying to communicate to each other since the day the barrel of a stranger's gun had been staring them straight in the eye.

And, for the moment, everything was just fine.

"Couldn't have said it better myself, kiddo."

The End