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Title: Sleep talking

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None.

Warnings: Shounen-ai

I wrote this while waiting to get picked up after work. I love Manjyome and Judai together.


Manjyome glanced at the clock, it blinked 1:06am. He groaned, one arms sprawled across his chest, the other underneath his head. At this rate, he was never going to fall asleep.

He glanced over at his companion. How was Judai able to sleep so peacefully? It was like a sauna in here!

"No Mr. Elephant! I don't wanna ride on your balloon!"

Before Manjyome could even ask what the heck Judai was talking about, the other boy flailed his arms in his sleep, hitting Manjyome in the face. "Ah!" Manjyome shot up, rubbing his sore nose. "Dumb slacker!"

"Only if you eat a banana."

Manjyome blinked. Did he even want to know what Judai was dreaming about? "Hey," he shook the sleeping boy. "Hey, you." He growled lightly. "Wake up Slacker!"

The younger boy grumbled something in his sleep about dancing hamsters before rolling over.

"Come on Judai." The raven haired boy shoved his boyfriend harder causing him to tumble out of the bed. He involuntary winced hearing Judai's bottom connect with the floor.

Judai peered up over the bed. "Manjyome?" He rubbed his tired eyes. "Why am I on the floor…?"

Manjyome crossed his arms over his chest. "You can't sleep in my bed anymore."Judai pouted, crawling back onto the plush mattress. "Aw! You say that every night."

"I mean it this time!" Manjyome grunted, wrapping his arm around Judai.

Judai gave Manjyome a goofy grin. "Night 'Jyome." Judai kissed his cheek, closing his couldn't help but smile. "Sweet dreams Slacker."


I hope you enjoyed!

Yami Sango