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Madness Venomania Fruit Final Chapter



The beautiful blond-haired person came closer to him, smiling. His curl locks looked so sexy Luffy couldn't stand watching her only. He needed her fast, in his bed. The beauty suddenly hugged him. Scent of her perfume reminded him of fresh-burnt tobacco.

"Let's get the main course, sweetheart."

The young woman smiled in his arms. "Say, you are so determine person."

"Shishishi… you're right." Luffy grinned. Women with great humor were always his delight. "What can I call you?"

The thrills of having another amazing sex suddenly changed into raging anger. Unexpectedly, that young woman locked him with sea-stone handcuffs. Her affectionate smile disappeared. There was only bitterness on her—his one-eyed face. Her curly eyebrows were also familiar. Dammit, Luffy hardly believed what he was looking at.


"Quite a charmer nowadays, Luffy?" Sanji threw his wig away. "Yet you hardly recognized your own crew?"

"What are you—"

"I'm here to end your filthy life."



Luffy jumped so high from the tower, but Shanks was after him. His current affair with Makino made Shanks turned mad with horrid jealousy. He was worse than Zoro, Luffy thought grimly.

"Luffy, how dare you!"

"She asked first, shishishi…" Luffy tried to curve a smile, but all he got was another cut on his body. "That hurts, Shanks!"

"Let me finish him!" Zoro raised his eyebrows, remembering how he stole Robin from his hands. "Open his handcuffs and let me fight him, one on one!"

"After he finished with me," Mihawk said coldly. The one who teased his Perona must die.

"Don't be ridiculous, you're not the only one whose girls got violated by that beast!" Buggy touched his red nose. He missed Alvida's touch there. "You fucking asshole, you'll pay!"

From another room, both Hanyabal and Magellan showed up. Their faces were as red as fire. Hanyabal screamed madly, "give him to me! Becoming Pirate King is one of my ambitions after succeeding Magellan title as Head Chief of Impel Down!"

"Hell with you!" Magellan yelled harder. "You had played with Domino's and Sadi-chan feelings!"

"Shishishi…" Luffy laughed. "Want to kill me? Come and try!"



Luffy was so shocked when a dead blow struck him. The red-hot lava hand appeared beneath his chests. That damned old dog was still alive. He gulped nervously when he fell hard straight to the ground.

That's my gift for taking away my Hina."

Luffy barely ran when suddenly he faced all of his concubines. There were no loves in their eyes. Shit, not again, not when he was so vulnerable.

"There he is!"

"Nami!" Luffy forced a weak smile. He needed her in his side. "Nami, will you…"

"Stop calling me that way, you son of bitch!"

Luffy didn't understand. He was out of idea why she behaved that way. Then, Sanji showed up after her. That was a clear picture, thought Luffy. What an ideal looking couple.

"You said you love only me!" Nami yelled at him. Her pretty face was as dark as clouded sky. "Look how many women you've seduced so far! Pay me with your life!"

"I couldn't believe you did this to me, Luffy-sama!" Sadi Suki followed Robin and Nojiko who were staring at him viciously. "You tortured me so much I want to revenge you!"

"Hope he died in slowly, painful dead." Alvida said, curving her sexy mouth.

He was no longer had chance to stay alive as those women stared at him with angry glares, accusing him for being the ultimate playboy in the seas. There was no one who could save him. He was so dead.

Doflamingo smiled mockingly at him. "Your time is up, Monkey D. Luffy. This world had grown tired of what you have become lately. You shall die."



Hancock smiled to him, hugging their baby girl closely. Their baby girl looked completely like her father. Many Kujas spoke that their princess was his mini version. He had never been that proud since he received the King of Pirate title. Live couldn't be much better than this, could it be?

The beautiful empress held his hand lovingly, saying, "Luffy, I love you so much."

He would have answered that he loved her too, but those words never reflected his feelings. Since eating that devil madness venomania fruit, Luffy had lost his senses, his sanity. He had lost himself upon those blinded lusts, the urges of having women, and more women. He had been no longer himself for a long, long time.

"Luffy, have you ever loved me, just once?" Hancock had asked him one night. Her tearful eyes normally would have ripped any hearts into pieces, yet Luffy had no heart. "Have you, love?"



Fucking dammit.

His eyes were so blurry he hardly saw who had just harassed him brutally, giving unstoppable deadly attacks that sent him to hell. Luffy coughed dark blood, tainted the ground around him. Shit, he didn't expect that would ever happened, especially from those, the ones he had trusted and cherished with all of his soul. Flashes of memory passed through his mind as he started to lose his consciousness.


Luffy had no time to tell Hancock that he loved her very much, deeply from his heart. All was far too late. All was lost and he was so tired, so cold. He hardly saw anything. All went black. Slowly, he closed his eyes, falling into eternal sleep.

In Isle of Women, Hancock knew that her lover was no longer alive. She just felt it. Tear slowly fell from her big, bright blue eyes.

" Oh, Luffy…"



Monkey D. Luffy, formerly known as the Pirate King, died last night in his castle. Some mentioned that world would be much better place without him. There are rumors that his position as Pirate King will be replaced by great royal shichibukai, Trafalgar Law.



Princess Shirahoshi pouted her lips in great sadness when she read the news. "Now Luffy is gone, who could satisfy me anyway? No penis would be as big as him… oh, can't believe he's dead…"

Jinbei heard her complains, and he was trying to comfort her. Hell, he was trying to grab the chance actually. "Princess, if you don't mind—"


Much later, Jinbei the hero of Ryuuguu kingdom was found dead, killed by deadly poisonous sea beasts and sea creatures. No one ever knew the real reason behind his death.






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