AN: Wow I promised myself I wasn't going to be one of those people who don't post stuff for years on end, well look how that turned out, well I'm a hypocrite. Anyway so here it is the continuation of a very loooong ass cliff hangar, BTW Kodaka's mother didn't die until a little after Kobato was born.

Kodaka felt the warm sensation of sun light upon his face, it was comfortable at first but then it was just becoming increasingly annoying. Kodaka couldn't take it anymore so he decided to get up and shut the blinds, but as he was getting up he felt a pretty heavy weight on his stomach.

"Whats on me, did I go to sleep with the cat on my stomach? Wait, we don't have a damn cat, so what the hell is on me?!"

suddenly alarmed Kodaka threw the covers off of him, and came face to face with a really shocking site. Kodaka's little sister, Kobato, was on top of Kodaka, but that wasn't the shocking part. The shocking part was the fact that Kobato was fully naked and Kodaka's dick inside her, and the worst part was that he could still see a bit of cum leaking from her pussy.

"mmm An-chan put the blanket back on I'm cold"

Kobato murmured with her eyes still closed. Kodaka coming back from his shock slowly lifted his sister off himself from witch their combined cum spilled on the bed.

"Dammit there's another stain for me to clean up later, wait what the hell am I saying? that's the least of my worries right now!"

Kodaka laid his sister down on his bed an pulled the covers back over her, to which she then made a satisfied sound.

"mmm An-chan"

Kodaka grimaced at the mention of his name.

"I really hope she was just thanking me for the blanket"

After tucking in Kobato, Kodaka then quickly but quietly sneaked from his room. Kodaka was now sitting in the kitchen clad only in his boxers and teeter tottering in his chair going over the cluster fuck in his head.

"Crap, crap, carp, crap, did I really do this, did I just do it with my sister?! What am I, some of kind perv who can't control his urges!"

Kodaka then brought both his hands onto his face for an extreme double face palm, it did little to quail his hurting head.

"Why did I do it with Kobato anyways, wasn't I reluctant at all? Okay lets see from what I can remember I was sleeping in my bed when she came in and crawled in with me, I paid it no mind until she came out of nowhere and started to kiss me and that's when I freaked out, but then I saw something that calmed me down, but what was it?"

Kodaka thought and thought but still he couldn't think of any reason that would lead to him wanting to fuck his own sister, until it came to him.

Flashback – 5 years ago

A young Kodaka was currently sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal while reading the back of the cereal box, singing a light tune while doing so.

"Que sera sera, what ever will be will be..."

"Such a girly song from a little boy, I thought I trained you to be more manly my subordinate"

Kodaka looked up from his box and gave a stoic stare to the person talking to him in such a strange manner, and low and behold it was his mother, yet again.

"Morning mom"

Airi Hasegawa sneered at the way her "subordinate" talked to her, so she adjusted her eye patch and laid into him.

"Really, to address your commanding officer in such a way, do you know who you are speaking to soldier?!"

"My mother?"

Airi tsked at her son's response and then proceeded to make strange twirling movements before stopping to give Kodaka a peace sign.

"I am the the reincarnation of the most noble warrior to ever grace the battlefield, my name alone makes all those who have ever stepped on the battlefield to tremble, I am the greatest soldier to have ever graced Japan's military force, I am Xiàhóu Fan, the legendary soldier, V is the sign for victory!"

"Uh huh, your eye patch fell off mom"

Hearing that Airi felt her face for her eye patch and quickly realized her son was right, her eye patch had fallen off, witch then caused her to break character.

"Aah!, Sochi please help me find it, I can't afford to lose any more of them!"

Airi leaped to the ground looking for her costume piece, franticly checking under every nook and cranny, Kodaka however proceeded to go back to eating and let his silly mother search for her eye patch. However as he was about to pick up the cereal box again he spotted her eye patch stuck on one of her heels.

"Uh mom, you should check your shoe"

Airi pulled up from the ground and took a look at her heel and smiled with great delight that her eye patch was in fact there, Airi then pulled her eye patch back on and then proceeded to bring her son into a hug.

"Thanks Sochi your father told me he wasn't gonna give me any more money for my equipment if I kept losing all of it."

"Sure thing, commander Xiahou Fan"

Airi's eyes popped open at the mention of her fake name and quickly became embarrassed at being caught breaking character.

"Eh, Sochi why do you have to play a trick like that on your Kaa-chan!"

Kodaka merely raised an eyebrow to her logic.

"What trick? Shes the one who got flustered and broke her character"

Airi seemed pretty iffed at Kodaka breaking her acting and she didn't want him getting the last laugh

Airi came behind her son and whispered into his ear startling him.

"You know sochi its not nice to play tricks on your mother maybe I have to teach you a lesson"

Flashback End

Kodaka's eyes shot open, he now saw the source of the problem, he wasn't reluctant to do it Kobato because he wasn't seeing Kobato, he was seeing his mother, who which he had a long time affair with, it didn't help either that his sister resembled his mom so much.

Kodaka's head was spinning at the massive amount of childhood trauma rushing at him.

"Crap, when did I get such a fucked up life ?"

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