It was a day at a local dinner Pablo was playing a round of pool with his ex-arch nemesis Uniqua how was also known as "The lady in Pink" who now served the ISS as Pablo struck his stick as the balls clashed as his watch started vibrating he checked it as the face changed into a mini TV as he looked excluding Uniqua no one else was there

"Yes Miss T"

Pablo said to Tasha in a formal tone

Agent Secret, I need you and Agent Pink on a recon mission, meet me at headquarters"

Tasha said as the screen turned off the watch face flipping over it

"To my totally awesome shape-shiftable vehicle disguised as a car"

Pablo said

"Just call it a car"

Uniqua said as they drove away gaining speed in what looked like a mid-blue 69 camero driving on a side road

"You buckled in Pink?"

Pablo asked

"You know it Secret"

Uniqua said pointing to her fastened belt

"Good you're gonna need it"

He said driving off the road into the lake the car roof raising as the Camero shifted into a mini sub as they fallowed directions

"Ii think were lost Secret"

Uniqua said

"No were not, look"

Pablo said pointing to a sign that read

"ISS Headquarters-3 miles"

"That's convenient"

Uniqua said as they drove thru an underwater tunnel braking in the cavern

"oh, come on, my cars coated in fish!"

Pablo said throwing a fish off his car as a metal door opened as they entered