After Steven left Pablo and Uniqua sat down at a table

"I'm gonna get something to eat, you want something?" Pablo asked

No thanks, I have to use the bathroom, I'll be right back" Uniqua replied

"Are you serious, you have to use the bathroom now?" Pablo asked

"I'm a girl, what do you expect, I can't exactly hold it in" Uniqua said entering the girls restroom as Pablo as sitting at the table Steven came back in

"I just checked you car, the fuel exhaust was messed up and somehow the engine was flooded, I could probably fix it by tomorrow, but there's a motel where you're more than welcome to say" Steven said as he pointed to a building a small walking distance away as they waved goodbye

"I should have your car back first thing in the morning" Steven said as they walked away

"Secret, have you ever heard of air-tight seals" Uniqua said

"I thought I put one on Pink" Pablo said as they entered the Motel seeing Austin behind the counter

"Austin what are you doing here?" Pablo asked

"I fallowed you, I have some info on what S.N.A.K.E.S.K.I.N. is up too, they're searching for a ruby called the Blood scale diamond" Austin said handing them a paper

"So is it a ruby or diamond?" Pablo asked confused

"A ruby, I don't know what for but I'll meet up later here a key to the only open room they have left" Austin said leaving as they entered the room