Edward POV

Emmett and I are running across town, we're going hunting tonight in Wasatch National Forest, when I smell the blood about half a mile from the hospital that Carlisle works at.

"Hold your breath." I immediately say to Emmett, who is still vulnerable to the scent of human blood. We both stop dead in our tracks. "Stay here, I'll be right back." I run to the source of the smell and find the body of a young girl. Her body is greatly disfigured; I can tell most of her bones are broken. Her heart is still beating though. But very faintly. I know that if I don't do something fast, she'll die. I find her face and gasp, recognizing Sarah Pearce, Carlisle's intern.

I run back to Emmett. "Go tell Carlisle that…" I try to find the words to tell Carlisle that the girl he is so fond of is injured beyond repair. I just come out with the truth. "Tell him that Sarah is hurt, and to get ready, because I'm bringing her home."

Emmett's eyes widen in shock, but then he slowly nods and runs back towards the house.

I make my way back to Sarah. I gently lift her body off of the cold concrete and cradle her against me. She starts to move a little.

"Sarah, don't move, you'll hurt yourself.", I whisper to her as I start running. She seems to understand me, because she relaxes in my arms. I can barely make out her thoughts, they're so faint.

I'm flying. I must be dead.

"You're not dead Sarah; you're going to live, okay?" I tell her, trying to keep her with me.

An angel. It must be…

"I'm not an angel, Sarah. It's me, Edward Cullen. Carlisle's son."

Where are you taking me? She thinks, but her thoughts are getting fainter.

"I'm taking you to Carlisle. He's going to help you, okay?"



Carlisle POV

Edward and Emmett have only been gone for about ten minutes when Emmett rushes through the door, without Edward. Esme, Rosalie and I all look up from doing different things. I can read to distress on Emmett's face. I flit over to him.

"Emmett, what's wrong?" I ask. "Where's Edward?"

He takes a deep breath, not looking me in the eyes. "It's Sarah," he says. He looks up. "she's hurt."

"No." I say, shaking my head. "No." Esme walks over to me a wraps her arms around me. I look up at Emmett. "Edward?" I ask.

"He's bringing her. He said to get ready."

I know what I have to do."Ok, everyone outside. If there's blood, we don't need anything bad to happen." Everyone runs out the back door. They don't stop until they reach the woods behind our house. I slowly walk upstairs and take the sheets off of the guest bedroom bed. I bring my doctor's bag into the room, though I doubt I'll need it. If Sarah is so far gone that Edward is bringing her to me, then he must know that the only thing that can fix her is vampire venom. I sit down in a chair beside the bed and start sobbing because even though I thought of her like a daughter, I couldn't even imagine her actually becoming my daughter.


Edward reaches the house about ten minutes later. I meet him at the door and my eyes immediately fall on the crumpled heap that must be Sarah.

"How?" I ask as Edward follows me up to the bedroom.

"I don't know. We found her about half a mile from the hospital." Edward replies.

Edward gently lays her down on the bed. I lean over her and listen to her heart. Her heartbeat is almost at nothing. I stand back up. Edward looks at me. "Go." I tell him. He runs down the stairs.

I turn back to Sarah. She is completely unconscious. I know that if I don't act now, I could lose her.

I decide to act. Sarah is too good of a soul to waste. There's not enough time to give her morphine, but if I introduce the venom to more places, then the process might go faster. I start at her ankles, kissing each before I bite them. Sarah starts to twitch. She's coming back to us, but I know that she can't survive her wounds as a human.

I move on to her wrists, biting each carefully but forcefully. Sarah's face is scrunched up in pain. I move up to her neck.

"I'm so sorry." I whisper before I bite her. Her eyes flash open.


Edward POV

We have been standing outside for about two minutes when the screaming starts.

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