Title: Safety Initiatives (Delivery 2)

Pairing: Regina/Emma
Rating: NC-17, BDSM
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters

Summary: Regina can't stop thinking about Emma, and requests a late night meeting.

Regina was no stranger to obsession; she had devoted her life and the lives of countless, unwitting others to pursuing her single-minded thirst for revenge and vengeance. She instantly recognized the tingly feeling when she started to obsess over something, or more apt in this case, someone: Sheriff Swan. She shivered as she moved closer to the fire in her study, unable to get warm or stop thinking about the blond woman who had crash-landed in her town announcing she had given birth to Regina's son.

A whole week had transpired since their last meeting, and Emma had taken great pains to avoid Regina for the past 7 days. Regina had replayed their encounter over and over in head, almost in disbelief that it had actually happened. She was under the impression that Miss Swan had enjoyed herself enough that she would want to play again. Much to Regina's chagrin, that didn't seem to be the case.

Taking a deep breath, she crossed her legs and tried to get comfortable. Unwanted thoughts of what the Sheriff was doing at that moment flooded in despite Regina's resolve to not think about her. Was she at the office waiting for calls? Out patrolling the town for perps? Or at home in bed sleeping soundly?

Knowing herself quite well, Regina also knew she would not be able to go to sleep until she found out, exactly what Emma Swan was doing. Sometimes she replayed their heated conversations over in her head thinking about what she had said and then coming up with a better insult or one-up that she would use next time to attempt to best the Sheriff. She knew it was an unhealthy obsession, but since Emma had decided to stay and insinuate herself into Regina's town she might as well enjoy the sport of it. She knew just how to push Emma and she was quite proud of her latest plot. She felt her pulse quicken as she picked up the phone, dialing as she glanced at the clock: 9pm.

Emma absently picked up her cell from her favorite place on Mary Margaret's couch; they were half-way through watching an episode of Modern Family. Emma recognized the number on the caller ID and rolled her eyes, but answered immediately.

"Is something wrong with Henry?" Emma asked before Regina could speak.

"Sheriff, I am calling to remind you that we have a meeting tomorrow at 8am, and I wanted to make sure you are prepared," Regina replied unwavering.

"Meeting? About what?" Emma asked perplexed as this was the first she heard about any meeting.

Regina let out a long exasperated sigh to portray her annoyance at having to handhold the new Sheriff, "You didn't check your outlook? It's with all of the council members on new initiatives for safety and security."

"Oh…" Emma sat up, "What do you want me to do for it?"

"You, my dear, are leading it," Regina smirked in satisfaction, knowing she had the element of surprise in her court, even if she did orchestrate the whole event and purposely left Emma off the meeting invite.

Emma felt her blood pressure rise, willing herself not to get upset as she had come to expect that Regina would set her up for failure yet again, "Okay, I can work on something now- what new initiatives are we proposing?"

Regina was completely nonchalant as she expected Emma to be up for the challenge, "You could come over and I can help you."

"Really? You're going to help me?" Emma's tone was sarcastic, but this seemed to be lost on Regina.

"Well, of course I'll help you. I know it's late, but if we put our minds to it we can have an agenda prepared in less than an hour I'm sure."

Emma had the distinct feeling she was being played, and cocked an eyebrow at Regina's suggestion, but had no other choice than to agree to come over, "Okay, I'll be over in a minute."

Regina clicked off the phone, sitting up straight and smiling with satisfaction. This was going to be fun.

Emma showed up, still clad in her pajamas, 10 minutes later and Regina pulled open the door before Emma even knocked. Regina stood by, smirking, as Emma clomped inside, a frown evident on her face.

"Why didn't you tell me about this with some notice, Madam Mayor?" Emma emphasized the 'M's so it sounded insulting.

Regina pulled her robe tight around her body and quietly led Emma upstairs, "If you insist on arguing at this late hour, at least come into my room where you won't wake Henry. We wouldn't want to upset him, now would we?"

"Gah! You are so condescending. I can't believe you dragged me over here to plan this whole meeting last minute!" Emma was extremely perturbed.

Regina ushered her into the bedroom and closed the door. She reached for Emma's outstretched arm that was waving in indignation and tried to calm her down. Emma wouldn't have it, she snatched her hand away and pushed back at Regina's arm, "Let's just get this over with, so I can go back home and sleep."

"Sit down and stay a spell," Regina insisted as she delightfully took note that Emma was wearing her hello kitty pajama pants low on her hips, and she wasn't wearing a bra beneath her thin, white tank top.

Emma reluctantly sat on the edge of Regina's bed. Her shoulders were hunched and tense and she was looking down, trying to reign in her temper. The more Regina appeared calm and collected the more Emma felt enraged. She remembered their fight in the cemetery over Graham and how satisfying it had been to punch her in the mouth. She had an overwhelming urge to wrestle her down then and there.

"Sheriff? What exactly are you thinking?" Regina asked, removing her robe to display her ice blue night gown, and taking a seat next to Emma, trying somewhat to maintain a proper distance.

"I'm thinking you did this on purpose, and you love seeing me upset," Emma seethed.

"Perhaps I did, but the question befalls to you: what are you going to do about it?" Regina leaned forward, whispering the end of the sentence.

Emma turned her head and nodded, "Now I'm thinking, how there is no one to arrest me if I happen to attack the mayor?"

"I dare you," Regina edged even closer and could barely control the excitement she felt at Emma's provocation.

Emma didn't even think beyond the warning of the dare, she had Regina pinned and on top of her in a second. She held Regina's arms above her head, while the brunette writhed beneath. Her flimsy nightgown rode up her thighs and Emma's increased breathing rate betrayed her as she tried to maintain her anger. She had to admit, this wasn't the first time she had pictured this very scenario involving Regina.

Emma pressed herself on top of Regina: chest to chest, she kissed her hard and bit at her bottom lip, "Did you bring your box of toys home, by chance?"

"Ah-ha, so you do wish to play again? I was beginning to wonder if I had scared you off," Regina's eyes gleamed with joy as she taunted Emma.

"Where are the toys?" Emma asked through gritted teeth, "…and don't you dare make me ask again or your punishment will be severe for… withholding important information."

"Closet…my, my how assertive my little Sheriff has become, you have me very intrigued," Regina mocked as Emma rose to find the box in Regina's closet. She was surprised to open one of the closet doors to find not just a box, but that the whole closet was filled with masks, whips, chains, dildos, and various other bondage accoutrements. Emma gasped dropping the act momentarily, and turned to Regina who had splayed herself out on the bed, "you have all this shit out right here? What if Henry found this?"

"Is that bad?" Regina asked batting her eyelashes and pulling her face into an exaggerated frown. Regina knew full well that Henry would never snoop around her room, but she usually kept the closet double locked to keep him out. She had unlocked it for tonight, just in case this very situation arose.

Emma's eyes widened, the thought of Regina as a depraved and irresponsible parent was a bit much to take, but it comforted her in that she would definitely be deserving of the punishment Emma was about to administer on her. The marks on Emma's own thighs from their last go round had all but faded, however the memory was still fresh in Emma's mind as she had continued to think about their encounter nightly since it had occurred.

Regina stared at Emma, imagining what her skin would feel and taste like, she zoned out for a minute, but she was brought back to focus by the sharp crack of a whip.

"I asked you a question, did you not understand?" Emma raised her eyebrows and brought the riding crop down hard through the air inches away from Regina's leg to demonstrate her intent.

Regina swallowed, thinking maybe she had created a monster, and thought perhaps they should create a safe word just in case this got out of hand. She had no idea what Emma had asked, but she figured she had better answer. They were supposed to be creating an agenda for the citizen safety campaign meeting. But things had already gone too far into their game, and if Regina hesitated for another instant, Emma would let it rip. Emma shook her head in warning.

"Yes," Regina answered uneasily, not wanting to test the blonde holding the threatening whip by asking what the question even was.

"Clothes off," Emma barked her next order.

"Thought you'd never ask," Regina mumbled slyly, but Emma was not amused.

"Don't sass me," Emma ordered, and as soon as Regina sat on her knees and pulled her nighty over her head, Emma ripped it out of her hands and delivered her first blow across Regina's left buttock. Regina yelped more from the unexpectedness of the hit rather from the pain. It pushed her excitement level to ten as she was now completely exposed and at the mercy of the quite possibly deranged Sheriff.

Emma went to town, raining blows across Regina's ass until it was zigzagged with red welts. Emma enjoyed taking her aggression out on the one person who aggravated her the most, and the one person who aroused her and freed her from her self-imposed bounds of normality. Regina loved the attention as depraved as it was. Emma lost interest in the whip, needing to feel Regina's skin against hers. Her need to touch was too intense after watching Regina squirm sensually under the sting of the whip.

"Up," Emma commanded, "I want to feel how wet you are."

Regina sat up on her knees, while Emma got on the bed facing her, she reached up to Regina' face gently cradling her cheek and smoothing back a wayward strand of hair. The feelings of hatred and desire were so confusing for Emma; the tension in her body increased, and she pushed forward kissing Regina as she let out a deflated moan of approval. The kiss was titillating and much needed; Regina pulled Emma closer still, one hand resting on her shoulder, and the other unable to keep from slipping beneath the waistband of her pajama pants. She ran her fingers through her wetness, simultaneously swallowing Emma's throaty moans into her own mouth, barely letting Emma breathe

Emma pulled away from her lips, startled by her ferocity, but shaking it off and launching her own campaign of undoing by snaking her fingers between Regina's legs and parting her thighs. Regina went rigid with pleasure, her breath coming in shallow gasps as she felt Emma mimic the movements of her own hand until neither woman could tell who was doing the leading and they felt into a languid mutual thrum of sensuality.

"This is nice, but I want to get another toy," Emma said, hesitantly breaking away from Regina and crossing the room. Regina licked her lips in anticipation for what Emma would choose. She was not disappointed when Emma bravely returned holding a long, clear double ended dildo.

"Have you ever handled something like that before?" Regina asked a slight tone of incredulousness seeping through her lust-filled voice.

"No, I've seen one in a porn once," Emma confessed and she was too turned on to care about her admission or Regina's dropped jaw, as she finally ripped off her pants and tank top.

"You watch porn…featuring dildos and women?" Regina asked more impressed than ever with her sexy, naughty, lesbo Sheriff.

"What? Please? You're judging me?" Emma sat on the edge of the bed, turning back to business, "I think you need to get on your back- I want to see this go inside you."

Regina happily complied, spreading her legs and watching with apt attention as Emma slowly inserted one end of the dildo inside herself as far as possible and then roughly pulled Regina toward her by the tops of outstretched thighs. She placed the tip in and slowly fed the rest of the fake cock into her, slowly stretching her and letting her natural wetness lubricate the thick dildo. Regina cast her eyes downward, propping herself up on her elbows, reveling in the sight of their bodies joined together.

"Do you like it?" Emma asked adorably uncertain, and Regina answered her with certainty by pushing her hips forward, rocking the cock into Emma and pulling back slightly, trying out new rhythms and setting a pace that would drive them both to the edge. Regina changed position, throwing one leg over the other, effectively closing her legs around the dildo; she dug her fingernails into the bedspread and looked over her shoulder. Emma continued pumping her own hips, head thrown back, bottom lip trapped between her teeth as she concentrated on matching Regina thrust for thrust.

Regina guided Emma through several positions to maximize their enjoyment: ass to ass, Regina on top, Emma below. Emma was thankful that Regina had a sturdy quiet bed, if they had been up to half these activities at her house the whole bed would have surely jumped across the floor (if not across the entire town of Storybrooke) with the way they fucked. Emma had held out as long as she could, her back ached and her pussy was throbbing around the cock, when she felt herself cumming. She dug into Regina and hung on, losing her breath as stars danced behind her eyes. It was only seconds later that Regina let go herself, luxuriating in her much needed release.

After a few minutes of recovery, Regina started lightly grazing at Emma's nipple with her teeth, meeting her tired eyes playfully. Emma took a deep breath, amazed that Regina wanted to play again so soon and especially at the late hour, but they couldn't stop once they started, and the next round was just a little bit rougher and a little bit more adventurous than the first.

It was after 4am when they finally stopped fucking and fell into a hapless sleep, side by side, the morning meeting long forgotten. Regina slept lightly, accustomed to rising early, when the alarm sounded at 6:30am, she quickly silenced it and rose reluctantly from bed. She smirked at the sight of Emma in her bed, naked and beautifully bruised. Regina took an exceptionally long, hot shower to try and relieve some of the persistent soreness from her night of debauchery, and then dressed and made sure Henry was ready, walking passed the slumbering blonde several times.

Finally, at 7:45 Regina poked Emma with the discarded riding crop to awaken her. She sat up gasping and trying to gain her bearings in the unfamiliar room. She looked at Regina dressed and ready, and then at the clock on the bedside table, "Oh my God, you let me sleep this long? We have that fucking meeting!"

"Sorry dear, you looked like you needed your rest," Regina smirked, not sorry at all.

"15 minutes? I don't even have time for a shower. I don't even have time to get fresh clothes!" Emma started to panic.

"Breakfast is ready. You can wear something of mine since Hello Kitty flannels, and nipples poking through your paper thin shirt, isn't exactly appropriate for a town meeting," Regina sneered, her lip curling slightly.

"Is this payback or something? I didn't properly..um.. satisfy you last night?" Emma asked bewildered at the treatment.

"Oh, I am definitely feeling satisfied right now, thank you!" Regina winked over her shoulder as she gracelessly exited the room, her own soreness betraying her, and left Emma to figure it out on her own.

15 minutes later, the pair pulled up to city hall in Regina's Mercedes, both running just a tad late since Emma insisted on eating breakfast. The skirt was a bit too tight for Emma, bunching awkwardly around her hips, and she hadn't bothered with panty hose. The shirt did seem to suit her. However, none of the council members were fooled in the least when both Mayor and Sheriff walked- rather hobbled- into the meeting a few minutes late, and wincing in pain as they gingerly sat down next to each other in the only seats left. Emma accidently brushed Regina's thigh as she took her seat, causing her to shiver, and plunge back into her own delicious memories from the night before, wishing to be anywhere but in this meeting. The whole ordeal was wholly humiliating for Emma, who felt like she still smelled like sex and evil Mayor.

"Mayor Mills?" One of the townsfolk asked impatient for her to get the meeting underway.

"Right, thank you and good morning, everyone. Sheriff Swan is going to be speaking on implementing new safety initiatives in town. Sheriff, the floor is yours, and we are all anxiously waiting to hear your ideas."