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"I love you." She whispers out softly as she kisses him, and they slowly begin to rid themselves of their clothes.

Once they are both naked, he moves her so she's lying back on the quilt her head resting on the pillow. He hovers over her naked form and just soaks in her beauty, the way the soft lights from the artificial stars over them cast a warm glow over her body. Her nipples already hardening and he can see the way her taunt stomach moves with each breath she takes.

He's seen her naked hundreds of times but there is just something about now, in this moment, knowing what they are about to do, that makes her just that much more beautiful. His heart races as he places his hands on either side of her face, "You're so beautiful."

She blushes under his scrutiny and tilts her head so he can kiss her. He slowly sucks on her bottom lip caressing it with his tongue, as she gasps softly against his lips, her tongue soon slipping between his lips. He kisses her feverishly as he lowers his body, his growing erection brushing against her leg. He groans softly as he nips at her lips a few more times until he pulls back.

"I have...condoms." He breathes out, before she leans up to kiss him again.

"Me too." She answers with a smile, "A girl must always be prepared."

They both grin, as he moves his lips slowly against her jaw and then to her neck, taking the lobe of her ear between his teeth, tugging on it gently, as her back arches and her hands grip his shoulder.

He slowly begins to pepper soft wet kisses along her collarbone and then shifts his body lower as he takes a nipple into his mouth, his hand moving to massage her other breast. He slowly begins to suck and lick her nipple, swirling his tongue around the hardening nub, before he latches his mouth around her entire breast and sucks on it gently, loving the tiny little gasps she releases as he continues, her fingers tugging on his hair.

He releases her other breast and starts trailing his hand down her stomach, his finger tips just barely grazing her skin, lightly moving to the curve of her hips as he feels her open her legs, bending one of them at the knee. He continue to lavish her breast, his teeth grazing her nipple before he nips it, then soothes it with his tongue, all the while his other hand moving to the apex of her legs. When his fingers brush against her folds, he moans against her breasts when he feels how wet she already is.

He's about to slowly move his finger along her folds when she grabs his hand, stopping him, his fingers still at her entrance

"What's wrong?" He asks with concern, releasing her breast, which is now glistening under the fake starlight.

"I...I need" She gasps out, rocking her hips against his hand.

He nods, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips before he scrambles to get the condom out of his pocket. When he gets back to her she sits up, easily taking it from him and tearing open the packet. His cock tightens in anticipation, and he remembers their fail attempt at sex when he visited her in San Diego. Her dads were out for the day and Rachel had gotten flavoured condoms, and she wanted to try them. Never one to say no Rachel going down on him, he quickly agreed, they went through a few before they got it right, and it was pretty awesome. In the heat of the moment, Rachel said she was ready, and since they already had the condoms, they decided to try. Suffice to say, things didn't go as planned and Rachel panicked and changed her mind.

Now though she wraps her hand around his cock, pumping it briefly before she nervously rolls on the condom, on noticing that, he cups her face so she can look up at him, "Hey. It's just us."

He watches as she smiles, and her nerves somewhat diminishes, so he leans forward and kisses her deeply, until he feels the tension leave her body. He then guides her back to the pillow, and settles himself between her legs.

She gets up on her elbows and kisses him soundly, "I love you."

"I love you too."

He moves as she widen her legs, biting her lips as she watches him, he gently runs the tips of his fingers against the soft skin of her thigh, slowly making his way to her core, his fingers just barely touching her folds and he can feel how wet she is. He rubs her wet folds softly, watching as she squirms and her hips bucks at his ministrations. When he's sure that she's ready, he grabs his cock, pumping it a few times before he lines himself at her entrance and looks up at her for permission.

She bites her lip, but nods at him. He slowly begins to slide between her swollen lips, grabbing her hand as he reaches resistance, he looks at her again and he sees that her eyes are shut tight, he brings their clasps hands together and kisses her knuckles, "Baby, look at me."

She opens her eyes slowly and looks at him, and once he has her full attention he slowly begins to move in deeper, when he sees her eyes begin to fill with tears, he stops, "Do you want me to..."

She shakes her head vigorously from side to side, "Continue, just...move slow."

He nods and slowly begins to ease in again, until he feels like he's all the way in, he bites his lip hard to keep himself from moving, feeling her around his cock like that, is unlike anything he's ever felt before and he thinks any sudden movements and he'll explode. But he focuses on Rachel, watching as her face contorts in pain, "Baby? You okay? Talk to me?"

She looks up at him squeezing his hand, "I'm can move."

He slowly begins to move, watching her closely for any discomfort, trying his hardest to ignore his instincts, and the feel of her muscles gripping him tightly. After a while he sees her relax, and he begins to pick up his speed, his hips rocking against hers, he can feel her clench around him and he groans as she slowly begins to meet his thrust, her hips rising off the bed.

"Fuck baby." He hisses out, and he shuts his own eyes tightly, trying to hold off, longer, knowing she's nowhere near ready yet.

But the way her muscles squeeze his cock, and her breast are pressed firmly against his chest, he doesn't know how long he's going to last.

"Finn, let go." She whispers, their fingers tightly intertwined.

"" He gasps out, as her hips rock against hers, and he bites his lips hard.

"It's okay." She whispers, he feels as she clenches around him, raising her hips again, and that's all his takes and he groans out her name as he spills out into the condom.

"Oh, god Rach, I'm so..."

"Do not apologize Finn Hudson!" Rachel hisses slapping him on the shoulder, "This was perfect okay?"

"But you..."

"Perfect." She stresses, both of them groaning as he slips out of her, but he can't hide his guilt if he tried, he can't believe he couldn't even wait for her, he's terrible.

"Finn look at me." She calls out again, and he looks at her apologetically, "Remember we talked about this? I told you, girls don't usually orgasm the first few times. It's normal. This, right here. Us. This was perfect. I don't want you feeling guilty for this. I love you and this was everything I ever imagined and more."

"I love you too." Finn returns, and allows her to kiss him deeply, trying hard not to beat himself over this.

He quickly sits up and then pulls off the condom, tying it and then wraps it in one of the napkins, to get rid of later. He crawls back over to Rachel, who is currently lying on her back watching the stars. He moves to share the pillow with her, taking her into his arms, as she curls up at his side, "You okay?"

"A little sore, but perfect nonetheless." She answers truthfully, pressing her lips to his bare chest, before she looks up at the fake stars on the ceiling.

"I can make you...if you want...I mean...with my hand or mouth..."He trails off his ears reddening at the fact that he can't even voice that he wants to get his girlfriend off by other means.

"I know you can." Rachel says with a little giggle, "But I'm a little sore, so how about I hold you to that tomorrow?"

"Okay." He replies, kissing the top of her head.

"And Finn?"

"Yea babe?"

"You owe me two orgasms so that we're even by tomorrow." She says teasingly, as she rolls over so be breasts are pressed firmly against his chest and her eyes are twinkling with merit.

"How two?" He asks in amusement, more than happy to do as she requests, and he hopes they can try again tomorrow and she gets off during sex.

"Two days go, behind the old abandon shed."

He grins as the image of him leaning back against the old shed, Rachel on her knees in front of him, her mouth wrapped around her cock pops into his mind. That was the riskiest thing they have ever done and he's pretty sure the whole thrill of it (added to her awesome mouth) is what made him come faster than he's ever had before.

"Bet you I could give you three." He says confidently, his arms wrapping around her waist, lightly. caressing the tops of her ass.

"I'll hold you to that." Rachel says with a giggle as she leans up to kiss him deeply.

Turns out that age old saying adults tell you when you're kids, that 'practice makes perfect' is so totally true (Finn's pretty sure that's not what his teacher in elementary school intended) and by the middle of summer they are both enjoying sex whenever they can. Making places Finn never thought possible, a very good place to have sex.

Sex in the lake is even better than he imagined, totally irresponsible, but so good.

He's so wrapped up in Rachel and all the other camp duties he has he doesn't even realise that they are halfway through summer until Rachel points it out one afternoon. Weeks have gone by and he has yet to tell her about his plans for after high school and he knows he has to tell her seeing as it involves her as well.

Rachel is on lifeguard duty one sunny afternoon, most of the kids along with their own counsellors are enjoying the lake, but despite the numerous adult supervision and the help of junior and senior counsellors, the camp still has a policy about having lifeguards on duty. Rachel got certified last year (She claims its never wrong to know CPR), so she has that extra duty this summer.

He's got the afternoon off so naturally he's spending it keeping her company, they are both sharing a bench that allows Rachel to see on either side of the dock. She's dressed in a red two piece, her hair tied back and a whistle on around her neck. She reminds Finn of that old show with all the lifeguard chicks, Burt likes to watch, not that Finn tells her that.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" She asks as she leans against him, her eyes still train on all the children in the water, "Do you want to go to movie night? Or find something else to do."

Finn chuckles at her suggestive words, "I think you like doing it more that I do, and that's saying something."

"Are you saying you don't enjoy sex with me?" Rachel counters, taking her eyes off the lake for one second to send him a look.

"Of course not." He says quickly, and frowns when Rachel laughs wholeheartedly at his expense, "Hey! You can't joke about these things Rach!"

"You are such a boy." Rachel teases, kissing his cheek before turning her focus back on the people around them, "But in all seriousness, what do you want to do? Mary was talking about some of the counsellors were planning on getting together in 5F to have a party, well not a party, but just to hang out and stuff."

"Is Chelsea going as well?" Finn asks about Rachel's other roommate.

Rachel turns to him again, her eyes twinkling, "She is."

They both exchange grins, and he squeezes her bare thigh, "So we're hanging out in your cabin tonight then?"

Rachel giggles, "I guess we are."

"There's actually something I wanted to talk to you about." Finn confesses, knowing now is not the best time to get into it, but also he needs to tell and he doesn't want to blindside her too much when they get together later.

"What about?" She asks curiously, her eyes still lighting up with mischief, "I'm sorry I don't have any more of those flavoured condoms."

Finn laughs, they are lucky they both thought to bring condoms, cause there is no where he could go to buy some, they should really be careful, at the rate they are going, they'll run out before the end of the summer and that would suck.

"Not that, something else."

To his surprise Rachel, doesn't ask what, but she actually looks at him slightly guilty, "I...uh...I have something to tell you too, and I kinda have been putting it off, cause we've been having so much fun together, I didn't want to put a damper on our summer but...I..."

He turns to completely face her, his eyebrows knit together in worry, "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I have to leave camp earlier than expected." Rachel confesses, "A week early. Daddy needs me home to pack, remember I told you they were thinking about moving? Well everything was finalized right before I left so, I started packing, but I know they need me more to unpack all my stuff. Papa wants me to be settled into my new room before the school year starts."

"Oh." Finn says in shock, he know it's only a week, but their time is so limited already, on seeing her guilty expression he squeezes her thigh, "Is the house closer to your school at least? You always say you hate the drive to school because it's so far."

"It's definitely closer." Rachel says with a smile, "You're not mad? I know I should have told you earlier, but I was so wrapped up in us and everything..."

"'s okay. It sucks yea, but we'll make the best of it right? We always do." Finn says kissing her softly in reassurance.

They pull back when they hear giggles, and just to the right of the dock is a group of 10 year old girls looking at them and giggling. Finn cheeks redden, yea getting caught making out with his girlfriend when she's on duty or whatever won't look good.

"So what did you have to tell me?" Rachel asks, her cheeks still red, as she casts the girls a look, before returning her focus on the lake.

"I want to go New York with you." He blurts out, his eyes wide, this was not how he was planning on telling her.

"You mean you want to visit me when I'm in New York?" She tries to clarify, and he can hear the edge in her tone without having to look at her expression, he knows she's upset

"I want to move to New York with you, after high school." Finn confesses.

"What about football?" Rachel asks incredulously, finally turning to look at him her eyes blazing, "You love football. You've been working towards this for three years. You told me your coach says you practically have the scholarship! It's OSU Finn. They are one of the top college football teams. You can't throw that way."

"But I love you and I want to be with you." Finn protests, not liking the way she's dismissing his suggestion. It's his decision.

"I love you too Finn, but I can't let you do this."

"Let me? It's my decision whether or not I got to OSU!" He almost shouts.

"Finn, please don't give up your future for me." Rachel says softly, taking his hand in hers, but he pulls it away in anger.

"But you are my future don't you see that?" Finn says desperately, "I love you Rachel and I want to be with you."

"I want to be with you too. We can still make it work Finn," Rachel points out, "I don't want you making plans right now, not when you still have the rest of the year to decide. Don't throw away your future."

"Wanting to be with you, for more than two months in a year, is throwing away my future?" He asks incredulously.

"No. Of course not, what I'm saying is. We'll figure it out and..."

"I don't want us to find a way to be together." Finn says stubbornly, "I want us to be together. Me coming to New York with you solves that."

"Not when you have a full scholarship to OSU!" Rachel points out stubbornly, "Finn I know it would be hard, but we've figured it out so far, we can..."

"This is our last summer together Rachel! I thought we both wanted the same things. But I guess not."

With that said he gets to his feet and walks off, ignoring Rachel's calls and knowing she can't follow him because she's currently on duty and would be for another three hours. He's so angry at her for not even wanting to discuss it with him ask him what plans he had anything. She just wanted to make the choice for him.

Finn growls in frustrations stomping into his cabin a few minutes later collapsing on his bed, he hates this. He hates fighting with Rachel and he hates the fact that in a few weeks he doesn't even know when he'll see her again. These summer vacations have always been a sure thing, a safety net, that they will see each other. The reality that it will soon be over and they won't have that is slowly sinking in, he's beginning to wonder if their relationship would even last with them living in two different states, and he hates the fact that Rachel doesn't even seem concerned about it.


He's awoken to her soft voice and he can feel the way his bed dips where she's sitting. He opens his eyes squinting at her, as his eyes adjust to the darkness. How long was he asleep for? Rachel is now dressed in her pyjamas her unzipped hoodie over her tank top, she's biting her lip looking at her nervously.

"Rach?" He asks unnecessary his voice still laden with sleep as he sits up and notices that the rest of the cabin is empty, so it can't be too late if Sam and Matt aren't there.

"I couldn't just go to sleep knowing that you're angry at me." Rachel says quickly, and putting her hand on his knee before he can say more, "I'm sorry. But you know how much I love you, how much I want to be with you and it's because I love you I can't...I don't want you to give up on your dreams for me. I would love for you to come to New York and we live together but not at the expense of you giving up your dreams. I could never ask you to give up your dreams for me, anymore than you can ask me to do the same. Which is how it is supposed to be. We'll make it work, New York is only about an hour flight from Ohio, we have weekends, holidays and we'll always have summers. Just because we aren't coming back here anymore doesn't mean we won't be together for summer. We'll make it work. You're my best friend Finn and you'd be silly to think for even a second that I'll let you go."

Finn looks at her with wide eyes, it's been a while since he's been privy to a Rachel Berry monologue, and after listening to her little speech he feels terrible for even doubting her from before. It's clear from her speech she's thought about their future as well. She is Rachel Berry after all, one thing she is, is being prepared. He has no doubts she looked up flights to and from Ohio and New York. She wants this just as much as he does.

He takes her hands and kisses her softly before pulling back grinning at her surprised expression, "Okay. You're right."

"That's it?" She asks in disbelief.

"I over reacted. "He admits sheepishly, "I was probably more upset that you're leaving earlier and freaking out that this is our last summer, and you know this bubble we created here, it's almost over. But what I forgot was just because we won't be coming back to camp anymore doesn't mean that our relationship is going to be over. It's going to be hard has hell, but I was able to visit you for New Years Eve, I'm sure we can work something out again and like you said New York is only an hour flight away which is much cheaper than flying to San Diego all the time. Which we can totally do until you move to New York. Like you said, we'll figure it out together."

"Yes." Rachel says with an unease smile, that Finn can't decipher.

Finn frowns immediately picking up on her mood, "What? What's that look for?"

"What look?" She asks innocently.

"You look...' But he never gets to finish because she's suddenly crawling into his lap and attaching her lips to his, tugging off his t-shirt.

"We have just about two hours till your roommates come back." She says coyly, as she shrugs off her hoodie, "I think..."

But this time he cuts her off because why waste the little time they have talking, he'll ask her about that later.

He never remembers to ask her, no big surprise there. Rachel does have a very good way of distracting him.

They spend the rest of the summer together like they always do (with the added bonus of sex of course) He tries to make plans for the school year, when he he'll get to visit her and stuff, but she keeps distracting with sex, and Finn can't complain about that. To Finn's great displeasure the summer comes to an end much quicker than he would like, but what surprises him even more though is how much Rachel is not disappointed.

When it's time for her to leave, he doesn't want to let her go, he probably kisses her more times than he could count and she's the one comforting him, telling him that they'll be okay.

They both agreed they would talk about their future plans later, but one thing that's for sure is that they will get together before the end of the year. Finn asks her if he can visit her for her birthday, and she simply tells him that its a great idea. Usually something this big like their birthdays ( something neither of them have ever been able to celebrate together) she would have been already planning everything, but she simply said it would be great.

Finn can't help but wonder if something is up especially now, when he's saying goodbye and she's comforting him, with promises of texting and Facetime (Thank god for iPhones) but she's not upset in the slightest, or not nearly as much as he thought she would be.

She does cry when she has to say goodbye to their friends though and her roommates and he's there to comfort her. When she leaves he's left there wondering what exactly is going on with her and also what he's suppose to do a whole week at camp without her. But then she texts him and they spend that week much like they do when he's back in Ohio anyway.

Leaving camp was not as nearly as hard as he thought it would be, and he thinks it's because he's grown out of camp and that at one point camp just represented the time he spent with Rachel, so it's no wonder when he says goodbye the final time to everyone, he's not as upset as he thought he would be, because he knows he's not saying goodbye to Rachel. Maybe that's why Rachel was able to leave so easily as well. He was saying goodbye to camp, but not goodbye to her.

On the first day of senior year, he's walking down the corridor, his head in his phone, frowning at the little green app and the fact that he's yet to get his 'Happy First day of school' text he always gets from Rachel, its cheesy but he likes them anyway. In fact the entire week he's been home Rachel has been slightly evasive and just not herself. Sure she's shown him every inch of her new room, including the collage of pictures of the two of them she made, he really needs to get a copy of that. But when he asks her about the neighbourhood and more about her new house she goes back to being evasive.

He makes a mental not to call her tonight and make sure that she's okay. He's on autopilot as he moves to his locker, putting away his books, he doesn't even hear when someone walks up next to him, till the person talks and he drops his stuff in shock at the all too familiar voice.

"Happy first day of school baby!"

He turns around, his fallen books forgotten, when he sees Rachel standing in front of him, dressed in a little pink dress, a school bag over her shoulders, and the brightest smile in the world.

Finn is speechless as he gapes at her.

"Surprise!" Rachel says brightly, giggling as she jumps into his arms to hug him and kiss him briefly on the lips.

Finn has yet to move, his jaw hanging open, "Is this a trick?"

Rachel laughs wholeheartedly, bending down to pick up his fallen books and sticking them in his locker, "No, silly. Remember I told you I was moving?"

"I thought you meant houses not states." Finn says incredulously still wrapping his mind around the fact that she's standing there.

Rachel giggles again, "I never specified. Papa got a pediatric fellowship offer at one of the hospitals here. Last year when I visited you, it wasn't just for you, we came to check out some houses as well as the hospital here."

"You moved to Lima?" Finn asks stupidly, "You're going to school here? You live here?"

"Yes to all over the above!" Rachel says brightly and jumping in his arms again, and this time Finn at least responds by wrapping his arms around her.

"You're in Lima." He repeats his eyes wide, "You're in Lima!"

He then cups the back of her head and kisses her deeply, putting all his emotions into it. He's so lost in the familiar feel of her lips against his, the way her nails dig into his shoulders and she gasps against her mouth, he doesn't hear someone approaching them, until they call out to him.

"Yo Hudson!"

Both he and Rachel pull back, and turn to look at the person the voice belongs to, only to be greeted with a ice cold slushie in their faces.

"No making out in the hallway frankenteen!" A new voice taunts, Finn wipes the sweet sticky fluid out of his eyes to see Santana smirking at him, Quinn at her side shaking her head in a tsk sort of fashion. "You know the rules."

"Rules?" Rachel splutters in shock as she wipes the slushie out of her own eyes.

"Welcome to McKinely." Finn says dryly as the cheerleaders walk off laughing at their expense.

He silently takes her hand and ushers her out of the crowed hallway and to the nearest locker room, locking the door after they enter. This is not how he wanted her to find out about the insanity that goes on at McKinely, but the fact that she's here with him at his school is all that matters to him.

He has his best friend.


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