Saria: Thanks to some of my amazing reviewers, I got an idea for the second chaper. While I probably could be working on updating "Who? Me?" I definitly wanted to finish this one up first. / This chaper is more of a "haha" chapter, sooo... .

Epilogue (Kind of)


To say I woke up with the worst headache in the history of EVER, would be an understatement. My head was hurting so bad that I layed there for hours in the morning, just waiting for it to explode. I rolled over and shoved a pillow over my head when a knock on my door cause my brain to rattle.

"Lady Hinata?" The door squeaking accompanied with Neji's voice scraped across my eardrums.

I groaned in responce.

"I hope you're not looking for any sympathy."

Another groan.

Suddenly, the pillow was pulled out of my hands and thrown across the room, causing me to cringe as the sunlight reached my eyes. "Get up, Lady Hinata."

Slowely, I crawled up on my knees, keeping my head firmly on the mattress. I must've looked like an armadillo.

"Hinata, you're acting childish." Well, duh! My head was being split open with a hammer! "Come on, get up, you have errands to run for the clan."

I sat up completely, mumbling. "Why are you being so cruel."

"Would a cruel person give you this?" Neji held out a small pill to me.

"What is it?"

"It'll make you feel better"

Taking the small thing, I wearily stuck it in my mouth and swallowed. "yuuuck" I made a face at the horrid taste of the thing.

"It's better than dealing with a hangover all day."


"yes, the thing you get after you drank too much." He poked my head and I cringed. "Now get dressed, you have grocery shopping to do."

Neji was right... My head WAS feeling better. I wandered around the Konoha shopping district, picking and choosing what I wanted to make for dinner for the next week. I glanced up over the many different kinds of breads to see Kiba staring at me. I smiled at him and waved. He just blushed and turned arounds, walking away.

Confused, I walked through the outdoor market, pouting. What was up with HIM? I continued on my shopping trip, looking in the vegitable section. I was testing tomatoes to find which ones were ripe when a familiar scent passed though my nose. I couldn't identify it or where I smelled it before. Glancing around I didn't see anything at first. finally, my eyes caught the back of a head of pitch black hair.

The head turned and I found Sasuke smirking at me. Blushing, I looked down and continued testing tomatoes.

Don't get me wrong, I knew he was walking over to me, I could feel it, but I was completely unprepared for him to wrap his arms around my waist. "S-sasuke? W-what are y-you doing?"

"Hn" He just nuzzled up to my neck.

"S-stop it!"

"You're so shy today..." He murmured against my ears. "Nothing like last night."


I was mortified. What was he doing? last night? did we... no! we couldn't have!

"Fine" Sasuke released me. "I figured you wouldn't remember anything." He shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets. "But Hinata..." I glanced at him, blushing. "The fangirls just found out."

"wha?" I stared at him as he walked away, and then I looked around to find angry eyes watching me from all directions. I was surrounded. Panicing as the rabid girls started pacing foreward, I almost didn't hear Sasuke yell back at me.

"Oh! and Hinata!" Was that a grin on his face? "You should unbind your chest more often!"

The world went black.

Saria: I'll admit, the characters were totally OOC and nothing like they were in the last chapter, but I enjoyed writing this... not my best work by far, but good enough to make me chuckle. I'm glad I didn't give Hinata a tattoo though... now, what actually happened on that fateful night. You'll never know. Did that actually do anything? Was he just teasing her? idk...