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Josh was in a full blown run by the time he hit South Street. The phone call with Aidan was still ringing in his ears. "J-Josh, please. Rebecca…come get me."

"Where are you?" Josh asked, springing into action.

"O-outside the compound…back alley. Josh please. Please, come get me. I don't think I can-" Aidan's voice was cut off and Josh was pretty sure he heard vomiting.

"I'm coming," Josh promised. "Just hang on, Aidan. Just hang on."

And now he was skidding into the alley, his feet pounding on the pavement as he slid in a puddle of grease, water, and was that ash? If anything that pushed him faster. He stumbled around the corner, a muddle of tangled limbs and messy steps.

He stopped just a few feet away from Aidan, his steps slowing to an awkward gait and finally a complete halt. "Aidan," he said softly, holding up his hands. "Aidan, it's me. Josh. I'm coming closer, now. Okay?"

Aidan was leaning against the brick wall, looking more like a crumpled pile of rags than a 257 year old vampire. He looked up when he heard Josh's voice. His eyes were wide, and to Josh's sudden fear, black. His mouth opened and closed a few times and for a moment it looked as if he was going to say something. But his mouth didn't form words and the only sound that escaped him was a choking scream. And then Josh was being tackled and there was a pair of overly strong arms wrapped around Josh's waist. Josh's hands hovered fearfully over the top of Aidan's head before he dropped his hand onto Aidan's damp hair. Then he put his hands under his best friend's arms and eased them to the ground. It was only after Aidan latched his arms around Josh's neck that Josh realized Aidan was trembling.

"Okay, Aidan. Okay," Josh said shakily. "Let's just calm down, alright?"

"I killed her," Aidan choked out.

"Shh. I know. I know."

"I murdered her."

"Shh." Josh wrapped his own shaking arms around Aidan. "It's okay, Aidan. It's okay."

Aidan gasped desperately and choked. He pressed his ear against Josh's chest. "Ah-" Josh started softly.

"Shh," Aidan begged. "I just need to hear your heartbeat."

Josh didn't know what to say, so he brought his arms around his friend, cradling his shaking body to his chest and tried to breathe deeply. Eventually, Aidan stopped shaking enough for Josh to get him to stand up and try to lead him home. Two hours later, they finally staggered through the door.

From there, Josh simply hauled the exhausted Aidan over his shoulder and carried him upstairs. He wasn't particularly strong, but Aidan wasn't particularly heavy, either. He dumped him onto his bed and went to back away. Aidan reached out with his iron grip. "Don't leave," he begged.

Josh gnawed on his lip in childish hesitation before lying down beside his best friend. As Aidan drifted off to sleep, Josh rubbed his friend's back, not saying anything. Not that there was anything he could say. Sometimes, the comfort of closeness and silence was all one needed to heal.