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"Oh I love the snow."

"It is pretty beautiful, isn't it" Rick claimed, but his eyes never actually made it to the snow. He just stared lovingly at her.

Kate glanced up at him and smiled, bringing a hand up against his cheek. She loved everything about him, but especially his face. "You're too good to me, you know that, right?"

"You deserve it."

"Nonsense" she said before peppering kisses against his lips. "I love you."

"I love you more." Rick kissed her deeply, pulling her tightly against his warm chest.

Kate wrapped herself around him and tightened her fingers through his hair; her tongue finding it's way into his mouth. She reluctantly pulled away for air and smiled up at him, staring up at him with pure love and adoration.

"Oh I'm cold" she whispered, holding her hands out to him.

Rick collected both of her hands between his and pressed a kiss to her fingers, rubbing her hands until they were warmed up. The ritual looked subtle and cute to any couple passing by, but was a common occurrence between the two of them.

"We should probably get out of the middle of the street" he whispered against her lips, kissing her again.

"Probably." she said with a giggle before catching his lips for one more kiss. "Let's go home."

She had every part of him, every little detail, burned into her brain. His face, his chest, his arms, his lips. Each small detail of her husband is what made her wake up in the morning. She knew what made him laugh, what made him cry, and what made him scream her name. As well she should know everything about her husband of 3 years, partner of 5.

"Rick, stop!" she giggled, covering her blushing face from is awful singing. Sure, he could sing brilliantly, but whenever it came to mocking someone, he was terrible.

"I would do anything for love! But I won't do that" he belted out, smiling cheerily over at her.

"Meatloaf! Really…" she mumbled before laughing loudly.

"Oh, come on Kate. You can't tell me you love it."

"I love you. Not your singing, just you. Hey, you know what they say?" she asked softly, trailing her fingertips up his leg.

"What's that?" he asked, his foot tapping the break as he slid up to the stop sign.

"They say there's a 100% chance of getting pregnant if you have sex in a car."

"I- you… Oh I see" he said with a smirk as she undid her seatbelt.

Kate stretched across the console and pressed her lips tenderly to his, her hand resting on his upper thigh. Her lips moved slowly over his, her soft hand caressing his face all until…

The truck behind them never stopped.

The crash happened in a blink of an eye. One moment she was wrapping herself around him, engorged into another perfect kiss, the next flying through the windshield of their car.

For Rick, everything was moving in slow motion. She was breaking their kiss off for air when a screeching sound appeared and she was gone.


He watched in shock as his wife flew through the windshield of their car before everything around him swarmed into black.

Rick woke up, groggy, staring up at the bright lights.

"Where is my wife?"

"Mr. Castle, we need you to relax please. You've experienced a significant amount of trauma from the car accident so please, just lay back."

"No. I'm fine" he retaliated, sitting up in the bed. "Where is my wife? Where's Kate?"

"Mr. Castle, your wife experienced significant brain damage from the accident. Due to the extensive swelling in her brain, our neurosurgeon decided to keep her in a comatose state until we are sure of the damage."

"I need to see her. I need my wife."

The nurses escorted him into her room and his jaw dropped at the sight.

There were cuts across her face, the biggest one stretching through her eyebrow on her forehead. She looked so small and tired, and it broke his heart watch her in pain.

Rick pulled a chair over and sat next to her bed, collecting her small hand between his two large hands.

"Please Kate" he whispered into her palms, sighing heavily. "I love you so, so very much."

A week later, the doctors informed Rick that it was finally time to wake Kate up. The swelling in her brain decreased significantly and she was healthy enough to wake up.

Rick stood in the hospital room with the neurosurgeon, holding in air as Kate's eyes fluttered.


"Mr. Castle, you need to let her do this on her own. Your wife is going to be groggy."

"Ow…" Kate mumbled, her face clenching in pain. "Where am I?"

"Kate, you're in the hospital. You were in a serious car accident and suffered brain damage."

"Everything hurts."

"I know. I'll go get you something for that."

Kate stared up at Rick and tilted her head slightly before opening her mouth up to speak again. "Doctor, was anyone else hurt?"

Rick's face went from hopeful to hurt in a matter of seconds. "Katie… You do remember me, right?"

"Wait. Aren't you my doctor?"