Oh My God, guys. My stories. Every last one of them. They're all gone. I think I'm going to cry. Everything. 101 Moments of You and Me. Kiddie Daze. The Red Flower. Every last one of my story documents are gone. I'm so going to cry.


As the sweet decadency melted in my mouthy I hummed a note of pleasure. I tilted my head up to stare at the pure white clouds that slowly drifted by.

One leg stretched out in front of me the other resting at an angle. My hands was holding me up and my right hand was reaching for another sweet.

My pure white skirt was going to get grass stains but, at that moment I didn't care. I rubbed the grass, feeling the softness of the bright green shards.

As I brought another chocolate to my mouth a cloud passed by.

"Heart." I muttered, placing a name on the shape. The moment I uttered the word though, I regretted it. It brought tears to my eyes and I had trouble swallowing the cocoa powder covered treat.

"Oh, 'Amtaro. Paris is sweet, but not as sweet as you." I whispered, feeling tears prick at the corner of my eyes.

Not even a month ago I had left behind all of my friends. I never even got to see little Penelope tell her best friend she had a crush on him. Or have Pashmina confess to Stan. Sandy and Maxwell finally hook up.

Me confess to Hamtaro.

He was everything I had ever wished for and hoped for. I just wish I could have had him. I sighed reaching for another chocolate I popped it into my mouth and sighed.

"I loved him." Pulling my legs to the side I let a few tears slide down my face.

I would never have him. But I had been so sure he liked me back.

*Cheesy flash back fade in*

"Well um, I guess this is it."

"Oui, I guess it is."

He sighed and kicked a rock meekly.

"I… I guess I should tell you something…"

I cocked my head to the side to show my confusion and interest.

"Well um, I…" his face flushed red and he looked around. Not directly meeting my eyes. Feeling my clutch beep and vibrate I looked at him sadly. It was time for me to leave.

But before I could second guess myself I stood on my toes and connected us with a single kiss. Not wanting me to leave so soon he placed his hands lightly on my waist, drawing me closer. Placing my hands around his neck I deepened the kiss. The only thing that drew us apart was the beeping of my phone a second time.

Pulling away I saw his face was a brighter shade of red.

Giggling I wiggled my fingers in a wave.

"Au revoir, 'Amtaro."

"Goodbye, Bijou."

*Cheesy flashback fade out*

I openly wept silently. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed a hand grasp a candy.

"I love you, 'Amtaro."

I closed my eyes and heard the grass crunch underneath the weight of the newcomer.

Thinking it was my friend Sofia I groaned and muttered.

"Go away, Shopi."

When nothing shifted I sighed. No getting rid of her.

"… I love you too, Bij."

Gasping I turned to my left as saw a boy. His hair was half orange half white. He wore a baggy orange vest and normal blue jean, to anyone else he was just a normal passerbyer but I instantly recognized him.



'Kay well I guess this is kinda late for a Valentine's Day story. So Happy Belated Valentines Day! Lol sorry I haven't updated in forever. But hey, at least I'm not dead! :p

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