So your 4th Emma so stay close, do a few jumping jacks or just jog in place.

OK I say then begin to do a few jumping jacks, I count until I get to 44 when I stop.

Coach Luikin Pokes me to tell me one more person till um up so I go ahead and walk to the red mat where I stand until it's my turn.

Once Payson finishes her routine with a perfect 1.5 twist, the whole audience begins to clap and so does my coach and so does… I look over and notice Shawn Johnson clapping to, but lightly.

I want to make a good impression so I try to act more professional.

I walk up to the side of the beam and wait for the judge to raise the flag for me to start.

1…2…3 thne one of the judges raises the flag and I salute.

I swing my leg over the beam until I'm sitting with my legs straddled, I count the seconds I hold 1…2..3. and I swing my legs back and jump tuck land.

Next thing I know I'm Getting ready for my first tumbling pass.

I stand still for 3 seconds and …BAM! I do a back handspring back handspring back layout step out, both my feet land on the beam solidly. I have to force a smile because I see Shawn watching me.

I next do my leap pass, Split leap, pike leap combo, I smile and do my dance combo, Finally my favorite part of my routine with the standing tumble, Full twisting back tuck, I count to 4 and BAM! I do the back tuck with a full twist… ANND.. Both my feet land on the beam and I push straight into a wolf jump.

I look at my coach and I know right then my score was going to be high but all I had to do now was the dismount… 2.5 twists.

I take a half turn and I'm backwards, take a deep breath and do a back handspring back handspring 2.5 twist ,I feel my feet land on the rough mat but I know I did good because I hear everyone clapping so loud my ears are going to fall off.

I smile and salute to the judges and then to the crowd and everyone just starts clapping, I felt like I was about to tear up because I see my parents clapping so loud.

I walk to my coach and he high fives me and so does Nastia , I walk to my gym bag and pull out my

Hair tie and put my hair into a pony tail.

I turn around and Shawn walks up to me

Nice job on beam Emma

Thanks I wonder if I will qualify

""I'm sure you will with that D score Emma.

"You better go get ready for your next even Emma".

"Ok" I say as I begin to walk to my gym bag.

As I pull out my wrist guards Payson walks up to me.

"Nice job on beam!"

Thanks Pay

I turn around and I see one of the judges holding a sign that says

Emma weber-16.490

I begin to cry from my happiness, but the real tears don't come till the judge holds up a first place sign with *MY* name on it.

My coach walks up to me and gives me a high-five and a thumb up.

I put my wrist guards on and walk to the floor where I practice my routine.

I think my first pass in my head.

(Round off back handspring 1.5 front layout)

I imagine myself doing the pass perfect.