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"Mama! Mama! You're back!" Sophia squirmed out of her nursemaid's arms and ran towards her mother, the four year old was gladly picked up by her mother and snuggled close.

"Yes my sweet princess, I have returned," she placed her on her hip and walked into the parlor with her daughter, she sat her down with Sophia in her lap, "I also brought you something." She said with a smile, "would you like it now or after your papa joins us?"

"Now, mama! Now!" She said happily and clapped her hands.

Her mother smiled and produced a small pouch from her the pocket in her cloak. She untied it and revealed a necklace, one which had a pendant of a racing horse, gold and glimmering. "Here you, my darling, I got this for you." She told her daughter, "Now, I trust to take good care of this and wear it properly like a little proper princess. Do you promise me you will?"

"Yes, mama. It's pretty, like you." Sophia touched the necklace delicately, "I pwomise." She nodded.

That was all the confirmation her mother needed and she slipped the necklace around the four year old's neck, it dangled a bit low, but she'd grow into it with time. She just hoped her daughter didn't lose it.

Sophia gasped as her eyes snapped open, well that was odd. Almost instinctively she reached towards her neck, for the necklace but found her neck bare, of course she doesn't have the necklace on, she's never seen it before in her life! Or has she… Sophia thought back, the memories fresher than they were supposed to be, did she ever own a necklace like that! Yes! She did! She's always had it. She guessed. Up until age fourteen she had it at least. She needed to ask her mother. But some things still didn't make sense, the scenery for instance and she wasn't aware Kate was her mother when Sophia was four years old, they probably lived on opposite sides of New York by then!

She quickly buzzed the nurse, slowly sitting up in bed, not the wisest decision on her part in her not only groggy state but with every movement, came pain from her abdomen. Those damn cracked ribs! The nurse walked in, "yes, Miss Beckett?" She asked.

"Are any of the meds you all have me on able to cause hallucinations?" She bit her lip.

The nurse quickly looked at the girl's chart and her brow furrowed, "yeah, possibly but nothing too serious, have you had any?"

"I think maybe, well I had a dream that I can't quite explain but it feels real, like a real memory that replays in my dream, ya know. But it can't possibly be real."

The nurse tapped her chin for a minute, "I'll go get your doctor."

Sophia nodded, "thank you."

Regina Mills was cunning, sneaky, and most certainly unknown for being unknown. Unknown in the sense that she could always be one step ahead in the game. So there she was, in the Sheriff's station, did Sheriff Swan and her son really think she didn't know the precious storybook that started this whole thing really didn't lie in one of the drawers at the station? She scoffed a little to herself and pulled out her neverending loop of Skeleton keys, she picked out the one that opened everything in the sheriff's station, cabinets and drawers included and twisted it into the key hole of the top shelf of the desk in the main part of the station. She pulled it out and saw the old brown cover of the book. She picked it up with her leather gloved hands and looked around, hoping no one would intrude.

She knew Emma was off dealing with a drunk during the day Leroy and smirked to herself; if it was anything like she thought, it'd be hell on earth trying to haul Leroy back. Regina prided herself in knowing that Sheriff Swan had been here a year and while the curse had its weak spots, it had remained intact and she thanked that to surprisingly, Sheriff Swan's stubbornness to believe in the curse that was actually unbelievably true.

Regina sat down in the chair and opened the old looking book. The only thing about this curse that boggled her was where in the hell did the book come from? Was this the only book? If there were more where were they? It frightened her if they were sitting, out in the open at the pawn shop or the book store and it worried her even more if they were tucked away in secret by Rumplestilskin. She wouldn't be able to know just where the information that could possibly break the curse alone were located.

Regina tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and flipped through the pages. She bypassed her story, not being able to bear seeing the happy times between her and Daniel and the eventual betrayal of Snow White that lead to the death of her love at her mother's wicked hand.

Regina slowly flicked the pages with her leather covered finger and stopped when she came upon a page. She had never really took the time to read the storybook cover to cover so when she came across a much younger face she hadn't seen in thirty plus years it made her pause. She traced her hand across the picture of a little girl sitting in her mother's lap. The girl was only about four or five and she had a huge grin on her face, her dark hair spilled over her shoulders in wild curls and wore a very proper dress. What hung low and dangling, obviously too big for the four year old to wear properly around her tiny neck was what startled Regina. She knew what it was, she had asked about it. The girl never shared, so that's how she got it. That's how she had gotten the magic. The necklace Regina gave away the second she said 'I do.' to King Leopold.

Regina closed the book; she couldn't bear to even read the text that corresponded with the picture. No. She wouldn't go down that road. Just like she didn't go down the road with re-reading her own story.

A week had passed since Sophia's strange dream and today she was going home. They were still following up leads in the Grise case, and having finally tracked down the brother of Grise and that's how Ryan and Esposito managed to walk up to the apartment building in Queens.

"Can't believe Sophia's coming home today," Ryan said and buzzed the apartment number button.

A loud grumble came moments later, followed by, "what do you want. If you're not Chinese go away."

Ryan buzzed to speak into the intercom, "NYPD, let us up."

The sound of buzzing, signaling a door being unlocked sounded and Ryan and Esposito opened it walking up the two flights of stairs to get to the apartment.

"Yeah, I bet Kate's excited; I heard Martha's planning a welcome home party. Alexis flew in from college too."

Ryan nodded, "that'll be good, so Sophia can at least familiarize herself with everyone in her life and then try to start remembering and recovery. I heard she's on bedrest for the rest of the semester. Gonna go back in January."

"Yeah, Castle was telling me about that, Sophia was pissed, she may not remember school but she was mad about not being able to go back."

"She's like her mom, can't rest for too long." Ryan said with a laugh, "Remember when Beckett came back after she got shot? One of the first things out of her mouth was 'I want my gun'."

Esposito nodded, "yeah, girl was anxious to get back in the game."

When they arrived to the apartment door, Esposito knocked, "NYPD."

Some grumbling could be heard once more from the same location and a man, in his early fifties opened the door, cigarette hanging from his mouth, "yeah?"

"We need to talk to you about your brother, Andrew Grise."

"What'd mah punk, bro do this time?" The man replied and took the cigarette out of his mouth, puffing out smoke towards Ryan and Esposito.

The boys coughed but remained unphased in their facial expressions, "he's dead. Any reason why he would be?"

Panic flushed the older man's face and he opened the door all the way, "come inside."

"Protective order on Joshua Grise." Ryan handed the woman the paperwork and went to his desk, "great." Ryan rolled his eyes, "we're screwed. We really are."

Kate looked over at Ryan from her place at the murder board, "and why would that be?" She cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Found out why Grise was probably murdered."


"Because he was knee deep in some serious stuff. Ya know…" He started to fake an Italian accent, "this kinda serious stuff."

Kate froze and looked to Castle, "do you think Sophia could be in any more danger?"

"I don't know but I'd double up on the security detail you have standing outside her hospital room." Ryan laced his fingers together, "we put the brother under protective custody."

Kate slowly nodded and walked over to her desk, picked up the phone and made the call.

Kate breathed a sigh of relief when she stepped into her daughter's hospital room; she was unharmed and eating unappealing hospital food. At least she was eating.

"Mom! Hi!" Sophia said and swallowed the last bit of her food. It was slowly becoming more and more comfortable for her to call Kate mom and that gave both the woman a good feeling.

Kate smiled, "hey hunny, how are you doing? Ready to be going home in a few days?" She smiled.

Sophia nodded, "yeah! Hey could you do something for me?" Sophia asked and pushed the

"Anything, sweetie, what is it?" Kate asked and sat down on the bed.

"Umm I had this necklace and I don't know if I still have it cause I did last time I checked but last time I checked a lot of things are different." She laughed a little, "umm it's this gold necklace, it's of a racing horse like a horse in motion not like a horse at the Kentucky Derby. It might be in one of my jewelry boxes so could you check to see if it's there cause I feel like I have this weird connection to it that could maybe help with my memory."

Kate listened to her daughter talk and her brow furrowed, she had never seen Sophia wear the necklace but maybe she just never felt like it. But it meant a lot to her daughter so she'd try and look for it when she went home. "Yeah, sure, no problem." She smiled, "anything else?" She kissed her daughter's forehead.

"Nope. Well, maybe let the detail let Ty in?" She pointed and asked with a giggle.

Kate looked behind her and nodded to the detail. Ty came in with some flowers for Sophia, "you've lucked out, honey," Kate grinned and kissed her daughter's head again, "I'll talk to you later, sweetie."

"Bye, mom." Sophia said. She watched her mother leave and Ty walk in, "hey, stranger." She took the flowers and sniffed them, "what's up?"

"Nothing much, just got out of school, wanted to see you," he leaned down and kissed her.

Sophia smiled against his lips, adjusting to this whole "having a boyfriend" thing made her feel all bubbly inside. "Aww you're sweet. Now why did you really come here?"

Ty rolled his eyes, "injured and lost three years of memory yet can still read me like a boy." He smirked, "well, you might not remember but when I've mentioned my family and I've always said it was just me and my dad… I wasn't being exactly truthful..."

"Hm?" Sophia asked a little confused for many reasons.

"Well, it has always really been just me and my dad but it's cause well, you see, my parents they got pregnant when they were very young, actually right out of high school and they had my older brother, Dylan… and well ya know they managed to get on their feet after a few rough years and when he was in high school, my mom got pregnant with me. She died giving birth to me." He said and looked down a little.

Sophia cupped his face and tipped his face to look at her again, "Ty, I'm so sorry. But I don't really understand… so you have a brother?"

"Yeah, after my mom's death, he took it pretty hard, he was always a bit of a mama's boy and the second he graduated he took off, we never really saw him after that, just a letter or a Christmas card every so often to let us know he was dead." He sighed a little, "he wanted to be a vet but with all the money that went with hospital bills, a new baby, and the funeral that money had to be put elsewhere. He's always blamed and now…"

"Now what?" She stroked his cheek, "you can tell me."

"I guess he's become a cop."


"Yeah, he just got promoted to detective, here, in New York. Apparently he's been back here for the past several years." He ran a hand through his hair, "I just felt like I lied to you…" Sophia stopped him by kissing him, running her tongue along his bottom lip and pulled back, biting it playfully.

"You're forgiven if that's what you're wondering. I'm glad you told me." She stroked his cheek, "even though I don't remember, you still decided to tell me. And that's very admirable of you." She kissed him again, "thank you."

"You're welcome." He kissed her forehead, "now, I have homework to do because unlike you, missy, I don't get to dodge Calculus homework."

"Okay, I'll see you later?" She asked hopefully.

"Yeah." He said and got up, leaving.

"Esposito, Ryan, and…. Mr. Castle I assume you can come too." Gates said from her doorway.

The three men looked at each other like they had just been called to the principal's office. They filed into Gates' office and looked between them and then to Gates.

"Close the door, Detective Ryan." She said.

"Yes, sir." He said like a yes man and quickly shut the door.

"It's come to my attention that this investigation is going incredibly sluggishly. I understand that you are partnering with the boys in blue due to it tying to Sophia's accident but I can't let this go on for much longer or we will soon be wasting resources on a cold case." She explained.

"Sir, we interviewed the victim's brother. Grise was involved in the Mafia. We believe that Sophia's accident was supposed to be a murder, that she was never supposed to wake up from her coma should she had even barely survived."

Gates was silent for a minute, "well, I assume you doubled the security detail in front of Sophia's hospital room?"

"Detective Beckett did," Esposito said.

"Regardless, I think that all the more reason calls for help. He's new but he's quick." Gates made a motion with her hand for someone to come in.

In walked in a man, early thirties, dark hair, a little lanky and crystal blue eyes. He looked at the men before him and held out his hand for them to shake it.

"Boys, this is Detective Dylan Baker. Detective, these are Detectives Esposito and Ryan and Mr. Castle… a… consultant."

"Nice to meet all of you." He shook each of their hands.

Gates scanned her eyes over the four men, "Acquainted? Now get out of my office and solve your murder case."

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