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Who Is This I Love?

Andrew stared at her. This woman he had been sharing his life with for almost a year was not his wife. She was not Siobhan. This woman had made him fall in love with her, got his daughter the help she needed, and been the mother she had never had. He didn't know what to do, what to say. These months had been the happiest time he could ever remember. Bridget made him happier than he could ever remember. But she wasn't his wife, she never would be.

She had lied to him from the start. She was a drug addict and a fugitive. She brought a killer into their, no his, home.

"Get out," he demanded.

"Andrew, please. This doesn't change anything. I love you." She reached out to him but Andrew back away.

"You're a criminal. A fugitive. You put my family in danger," he retorted.

"No, I would never. Siobhan did," she corrected.

Now with the truth about Siobhan out Bridget had thought that Andrew would come around. They where happy together and Siobhan had tried to destroyed that. She had tried to hurt not only herself but Andrew as well.

"Bodaway wanted you dead. He killed people, tortured your friend, just to get to you. He came here and tried to kill us," he reminded towering over her.

Bridget said nothing. There wasn't anything she could say. He was right. She had been the one to bring him straight here.

Bridget wiped the tears away. "I do love you. I love both you and Juliet."

She left leaving Andrew to stare after her. Andrew fell back into his chair. Siobhan. Bridget. He never thought Siobhan would try to harm him, maybe divorce, but actually try to hurt him? And Bridget, she fixed their family, made him fall in love with her. She was an incredible mother to Juliet and wife to him. They had even been talking about kids of their own. He couldn't imagine his life without her.

Standing up Andrew raced to the elevator slamming the down button.

Bridget could stop herself from crying. What did she expect really? That he would just accept her and they would live happily ever after? No, no, that would never happen now and it broke her heart.

"Bridget," a voice called grabbing her shoulder. He yanked her around pulling her into his arms.

"Andrew?" she questioned confused.

"I love you too. I don't know how this is supposed to work but I do know you are the best thing to ever happen to me," he whispered into her ear.

Bridget wrapped her arms around him looking up into his eyes. Andrew leaned down their lips touching.

Neither knew what was going to happen, how this was going to work but they were going to do it together.

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