A/N: I don't own Glee nor the characters within. Another tumblr prompt. Nayariveragirl supplied 'Her scent is intoxicating but addictive at the same time,' as well as specifying it was werewolf!Pezberry. Was supposed to be a one-shot, but, as per normal, it grew. I aim to please. ...Okay, my imagination aims to please.

Note: this has nothing to do with my story Santana: Werewolf Hunter. And, woo! Huzzah for the terrible Harlequin Romance type of title. XD

And onto the prologue~

Her scent is intoxicating but addictive at the same time. It makes it hard to concentrate whenever she's near, and the effect she has on her only gets worse when they're shut in the same classroom together.

And unfortunately for Santana, her senior year is filled with classes she shares with her temptation.

Swallowing the thickening saliva that always appeared the closer to the full moon it got, Santana continued staring at the back of Rachel's head. Having to continually pull herself back from burying her nose into long, luxurious locks, a low, vibrating whine started high in her throat.

"Berry…" she rumbled almost inaudibly, leaning over her desk to get close enough to touch one of the random out of place strands of hair with the tip of her nose, "You have no idea how much danger you're in…"

Contrary to popular belief, Rachel wasn't oblivious. Goosebumps prickled along her neck and shoulders when the burning presence of Santana drew closer to her back, and she swallowed, trying to keep her shiver unnoticeable. Lowering her chin as her eyes fell to the worksheet their teacher wanted them to fill out as he lectured, she bit down on her lower lip.

Ever since the new school year had started, Rachel had been feeling the uncomfortable excitement of being Santana Lopez's prey. She hadn't mentioned it to anyone, but she knew it wasn't her imagination that every time she looked up Santana's smoldering eyes were transfixed on her.

In the beginning, she hadn't known if she should be concerned or not. The other girl hadn't been making moves to harm or attack her; she was just always there. And once her initial fear had worn off, Rachel made it an exercise in discretion that she'd observe Santana observing her without her knowing. She wanted to know what was going on, and for some reason she didn't want to involve anyone else. Santana's attention was hers and hers alone.

When the bell rang, Rachel put her book and binder away as slowly as she could without it seeming like she was intentionally doing so. Nodding and making all the correct noises as she listened to what Tina had planned for their glee girls sleepover that Friday, she pushed her hair behind her ear, letting the natural act of her eyes following the motion cover her specific glance at the walking past Santana. The girl looked sharp and severe, and her dark eyes slid along Rachel's face, meeting her gaze and slipping away. Feeling heat and danger in her wake, Rachel watched her walk off, then smiled and offered up the use of her portable karaoke machine.

The closer it got to the weekend, the more Santana skulked around the edges of Rachel's awareness. She didn't leave her alone. The full moon was Saturday night, and her body was preparing itself. With her sharpening senses was her growth of appetite, and as the shifter inside of her grew closer to the surface, her hunt for Rachel intensified. Her mental processes grew baser, and with each new second around Rachel, the fight grew harder to suppress. Her urges grew harder to suppress. She grew stronger, and Santana's control grew weaker. All she knew was that Rachel was hers. She needed to exert her ownership. She needed to claim Rachel.

And the night of the glee girls sleepover was when she broke free.