Psyren is one of my favorite manga, character, fights, and art.

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By the way, WHY are there no Kyle/Frederica fanfics? Those two have SO much potential. Gah!

And this is fluff. Total fluff. But it needs to happen.

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Life had always been hard for him. Some days were harder than the rest. Standing in the middle of the hallway arguing with Frederica Elmore, his sister, Kyle Elmore had a sudden premonition that today would be one of the hardest.

"And if I hadn't blasted it away, you would have died!" He was tired, and he was covered from head to toe in dust and soot. Standing before him, Frederica looked even worse. A nasty red gash ran down her arm, and the blood hadn't stopped welling up and trickling out. Kyle fervently hoped that it wouldn't leave a scar. Van had been sent for ages ago. Why wasn't he here already?

"Shut up! I had it under control! There was no reason for you to interfere. And now the entire eastern wing has collapsed thanks to you."

"Is that my fault?" Kyle seized her arm and turned her around, voice rising. "Say that to my face, Frederica. Who was the one stuck behind a fire she herself started? Who was the one who lost control in that situation? Me or you?"


Kyle let go of her, staggering backward. In all the years he had known Frederica Elmore, he had only seen her with tears in her eyes two times. The last time had been during Granny's death, and it had been two years since then.

Immediately, he felt like he could die of guilt and disappear on the spot. He hadn't meant to humiliate her like that. Sometimes, Kyle knew he took things too far. Especially with Frederica, who he had clashed with constantly as a child due to their similar temperaments.

He was pulled away by Shao, ever the calm pacifist. "Leave her alone for now," Shao suggested. He nodded at Marie, who was already taking Frederica by the shoulders with soothing words. "You've both been through a lot."


"It's a shock for everyone," Shao berated Kyle later, once they were away from the scene. "We've been moving things out of the underground buildings for a long time now, so thankfully we didn't lose too much. The thing is - Granny built this place for us, for all of us. And it's been protecting us for all this time, so of course everyone's upset about it. But that gives you no right to yell at Fuu-chan the way you just did."

Kyle slumped on the wall, fighting back a groan. He was no longer a boy, not quite. Of all the Elmore children, he was the tallest, the oldest brother. But sometimes, when Shao went on and on like this, Kyle felt like he was back in the green fields surrounding the Elmore mansion, being lectured about the importance of moral strength and other boring things. He had never been able to stand those.

"I wasn't thinking about that at all." Kyle told Shao seriously. He clenched his hands together, and then unclasped them. It wasn't like Kyle to fidget. Shao couldn't help but be surprised by the way Kyle kept on moving about like an unsettled child. Nothing bothered Kyle for more than five minutes. Arguing with Fuu-chan must have shaken him up a lot.

"What were you thinking, then?"

"Frederica." Kyle began to pace restlessly. The sight of her crying had unsettled him, and he just couldn't get it out of his head. "I don't see why she got so mad at me. I was just trying to save her life. What was she thinking, rushing into a place like that when we already knew it was going to collapse? I had a heart attack, I thought she was going to die." Compared to the entire eastern section of Tenju's Root, Frederica was more important. What would they do without her?

Shao blinked, and then a look of surprise and amusement filled his face. The normally stoic boy actually smiled knowingly at Kyle. "I think I understand now."

Kyle tensed, about to lose his temper. He knew that at times, he could be pretty simple minded. He knew that Shao, with his rational thinking and clear view of the world, was better than him at figuring things out. Things like girls, for instance, when their actions didn't match up to their words. Shao had always been the one to understand and translate it for Kyle. For many years, Kyle had comforted himself with the fact that Shao's uncanny understanding did nothing to help him with Marie. But now that those two were suddenly all close and smiley, that no longer seemed to be the case.

"I probably shouldn't tell you, though. It might frighten you a little."

"Oh, stop being so stuck up." Kyle snapped. "Out with it already!"

Shao measured his next words carefully, as if they were ingredients to an explosive recipe. "Kyle, you're in love."

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