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Chapter 1

It was a normal sunny day in the village Konoha. The birds were chirping and the sound of the people just walking around the dirt streets of the market. But in Konoha High school isn't what people seem to be! Konoha high school has no rules, teacher are scared of the student, principle care less about what they do, this school has group, gangs, and club, that hate each other but there one thing they all have incoming.

"STOP" cried a young 17 year old girl with dark indigo hair and white lavender eyes. "Please stop!" she cried. She was surrounded by 2 top gang in the school. The Bloody Konoha Boys (BKB) and The Badass Ninja Girls (BNG). In BKB there was Naruto, Neji, Kiba, Gaara, Shikamaru, and Rock lee. In BNG was Tenten, Sakura, Ino, Temari, Karin, and Rin.

Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten and Temari were watching there other member beating up the indigo hair girl. "Dude, Neji you cousin a freak, Believe it" said the spiky blonde hair boy with a middle tan and whiskers on his face known as Naruto. "Let fucken teach her a lesson" said a bubblegum hair with grass green eyes and known as Sakura, as she kick the girl in the stomach.

" Guys, come on, she isn't going to fight back, she's worthless." said a dark brown hair boy with a upside down triangle on his face known as Kiba. "hey Neji, wanna know why your cooler then your fuck up cousin " said a red head girl, wear glasses. "What is that, Karin." Neji said. He had dark brown hair and dark white eye. "she's ugly, fat, useless, no one likes her, she can't do anything right, her style is so last year and her eyes are so creepy." Karin said. "And Neji, your hot, you got muscles, you so helpful, everyone likes you, you can do anything right, you style is so cool, and you eyes are sexy." said a brown hair that tied up like a bun with brown eyes. And know as Tenten.

Naruto kick the girl one more time. "dude, I'm bored let's go." he said. Every BKB left and followed Naruto. Naruto was the leader of the BKB. "Ya, let's go. But next time we see you again we won't stop." Sakura said. BNG followed Sakura.

'Fuck they did it again' as the dark indigo hair girl tried to stand up. Welcome to Konoha High school were everyone hate me. My name is Hinata Hyuuga. And those gang are the top gang that hate me really much and you must know that, that Neji guy is my cousin he hated me every since I was 5 year old. He was so nice to me but until my father didn't do anything when his father die and he blame me for that and he still hate me. But there something he doesn't know about my father hate me also and my sister is like a robot, all she do is listen to father.

"I'm home" Hinata said. "Hinata what happen to you? Why are you crying.?" my father said with a cold mean voice. "oh it's nothing father. I just fell down." I said walking up to the stair. "Hinata, your weak you can't just cry when you fall down, this is why Hanabi is better then you." he said. " Don't worry father." I said and ran up to my room.

I can't tell my father what happen to me, you know why, he won't be believe me. And Neji and Hanabi is his favorite. He think I'm weak and can't be a strong Hyuuga heiress. "Hey Hinata me And Father are going out." said a black long hair that reach her shoulder and have white eyes as she knock on her door. "oh ok Hanabi-chan." I said. " ya whatever." Hanabi said and left. It's not really my fault that I was born ugly and fat. I have thick glasses, I wore baggy clothes, I have freckles on my face and my hair was very messy. I saw a shooting star. 'I wish just one day I could die or kill all those people how hurtled me.' I close my eyes of a moment and fell a sleep.

"As you wish but to do so you must make a contract with me." Said a dark shadow but I could tell by the voice it was a guy.. What kind of contact." I ask. "Sign here and you wish will come true." the Shadow man said. Then a little devil and a little angel of me pop out of my shoulder.

'Sign it you idiot.' Said the Devil me.

'No Hinata. You can't do it, it must be a trick.' Said the Angel me

'Fuck that. Don't you want revenge on everyone.'

'NO Hinata your way better then that if you try more you could change everything.'

'What the fuck are you talking about. She been bullied her whole life. Why the hell she can change that. She never had any expenses since her mother die.'

"Bu-but she s-still h-ha'

'Face it Angel Hinata theirs is no way Hinata could ever be happy again if they be gone.'

So Devil Hinata win. I sign the contact. Then everything was a blur. "Once your wishes been served, you will deliver on your end of the bargain. there is always has to be a prince to pay, when you die after killing the one you hate, you soul will belong to hell, you will never know the joy of heaven." I couldn't hear what that shadow man said but all I know is that I never feel happiness my whole life, even if I go heaven there nothing that can change the feel I have right now.

I woke up and everthing was the same. but it was still dark. I walk down stair, I could hear Hanabi sleeping. I walk to the kitchen and I saw Hiashi siting on the kitchen table, i also saw 10 bottle of beer. "Hiashi-sama were you drinking." I ask. "Why do you look like her." he said as he glared at me. When he mean 'her' it mean my mother she die after giving birth to Hanabi. He blame me for everything all because of me looking like my mother but i don't look nothing like my mother she was beautiful and I'm ugly. "WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE" she yell at me. "I was getting a drink" I said. "oh you want a drink" he grab a beer bottle." HERE" he throw it at me. It went straight to my face, it leave 7 cuts on my face because of the glasses. "Why, why are you my daughter, Why." he throw another bottle but he aim the wall. I could feel tear running down my cheek. I was slammed up on the wall. I coughed up blood and looked up with teary eyes and my round glasses were cracked and had tape holding the part over the bridge of my nose. "I hate you" he said. A slap was sent mercilessly across one of my cheeks and three scratches were made. "go to your room, i don't want to see your face again."

I cried 'why, why, why was I born, why do you always think I'm mom. I'm nothing like mom.' I though, i ran to my bed and lay down and cried. "Nothing Change at all." I scream. " I guess it was just a dream' I look at my picture with my father and mother. "Why do father even think I'm you, Why,why, I'm nothing like you, you have a beautiful life but i don't, your beautiful, I'm not so why, why, do you smile like I'm like you." I said as i cried.

"Your wishes will be granted soon. My little Hinata just wait a little longer and your vengeance will be served." Smiled a dark shadow watching Hinata out of her window. "Just you wait Hina-chan, your life will change so much, you will be mine."

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