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Hinata was slammed up against the lockers. She coughed up blood and looked up with teary eyes. Her new round glasses were cracked and had tape holding the part over the bridge of her nose. She stared into the harsh, blue eyes of the leader of the BKB.

A slap was sent mercilessly across one of her cheeks, three scratches made. She looked up at him, even with tears streaming down her face and blood coming from her mouth, smiling. This annoyed him and he punched her dead in the face against the lockers. He punched her right in her heart.

"Go, Naruto-chan, kill that Bitch" Sakura said. As the others BNG watch the BKB beating up Hinata

The sleeves of her shirt were ripped off and revealed cut marks along her wrists. Braces shown as she smiled at them. It wasn't a nice smile, it was a devil smile. Then another slap came her way from a pale hand it was her cousin. She looked up into the onyx eyes of a guy she never knew before that his eye send a cold shivers down her spine.

'How the hell did this happen to me.' she though as she cough out more blood and fell on the floor and the BKB kicking her everywhere.


It all started when It was a normal sunny day in the village Konoha. The birds were chirping and the sound of the people just walking around the dirt streets of the market.

Hinata was walking to her school. knowing that everyone will give her bad stares. Everything is still the same. When she got to class only a few people was there. Hinata look around making sure she don't run into BKB and BNG.

She saw the teacher tie up behind the desk. 'Poor sensie.' Hinata though. she sat on my seat and look out of the window. 'Nothing change at all. Guess that thing that happen last night was a dream.'

"Where the fuck is she." As a pink bubblegum hair burst in the class. She look around and saw Hinata. "you" she pointed at Hinata. "You bitch." she yelled. As Ino and Tenten carried me out of the class room and to the halls. She was slammed up against the lockers.

"Why the fuck, did you that Hi-na-at-chan" Sakura said as her face was an inch close to hers. "I don't know what are you talking about." Hinata said as my eye were tearing up. "you know what I'm talk about, don't you act like you don't know you bitch." Sakura said.

"I didn't do anything" Hinata yelled. "Yo Hyuga! Who do you think you are huh!"Ino said. Hinata didn't say anything. And got a slap by Ino. "Ino, this is my fight, stay out of it." Sakura said as she push Ino on the side.

"You think you so special because your daddy is the owner of Hyuuga corps" she yelled.

"N-no" Hinata stuttered, her back hitting the stone cold wall. 'why is she hurting me'

"Well because of you I got dump by the most hottest guy in the world. And you know what no one can help you cause you are trapped! You think that anyone can come and rescue you cause you're the princess right, well your not, in this school no one like you, not even you cousin!" Sakura said as she kick Hinata on the stomach.

Hinata shooked her head as she slid to the floor holding her knees.

"Ha! Why did he dump me for you. Your hair is mad ugly, did you dye it to make people notice you? Well you're wrong, cause it looks like shit!" Sakura continued yelling. "And why are you on the floor? Aren't you supposed to fight back, so why don't you fight back! Oh right, it's because you are so fucking WEAK!"

"why can't you die" Hinata though she said it softly but then Sakura punch her in the gut. "what did you fucking say." she said coldly. "n-nothing Sakura-san." Hinata said as she tremble.

Sakura was about to punch Hinata's face, but Hinata grabbed it with her left hand. Sakura gasped as Hinata swung her hard towards the cold wall behind her. Sakura hit her back making a loud thud. "What the hell are you doing! Get her!" She yelled. Others tried to hit, kick or even throw themselves at Hinata and I hit the floor. Sakura, still leaning on the wall with a shocked look. "You bitch, how dare you did that to me.". Hinata push BNG then charge at Sakura and slammed her against the wall. Hinata was about to say something until she got interpreted.

"Sakura-chan, What up." said a spick blonde hair boy. "what the." he said. Then he grab Hinata by the back of her collar and slammed her against the lockers. "what the fuck, are you doing to Sakura-chan, you bitch." Naruto said. As the other BKB came by. "Naruto-kun kill that bitch because she just stole my guy." Sakura said as she kiss Naruto on the cheek. "sure thing Sakura-chan."

(end of Flashback)

Hinata was kick everywhere by the BKB. Hinata was coughing up so much blood that she was about to die. "any last words" Neji said "before we finish you off." 'why can't they all die.' Hinata thought. "Nothing. Ok then" Kiba said then was about kick Hinata. Hinata was about to die until she saw the same guy with red crimson eyes and had three comas . "your wish will be granted.".

Somehow she was surrounded by darkness and water Hinata was still hurt from BNG and BKB. "were am I" Hinata said. She saw a little light coming from a little cave. As she followed the light she was in a room with many picture of people and the room was black and white. Hinata saw a man playing a black piano.

He had a black raven hair, his skin was very pale, his smile was sweet but somehow it send a cold shivers down her spine. He'd wear a dark black suit and his eye were the dark onyx eye as the shadow man I saw but he was so handsome. He stop playing the piano and turn to Hinata.

"you much be Hinata Hyuuga." he ask as he walk up to Hinata. And touch her face that had so much cuts and brushes but when he touch Hinata cheek it was so cold but it send a nice warm touch she felt many years ago. And when he stop touching her face he walk away to a different room. "come with me " he said.

I look at a mirror and I was wearing a black dress with a red ribbing and my broken glasses, cut and brushes was gone. 'I look like my mother.' "are you come or not." the onyx eyes boy said.

Hinata walk inside the room. He was sitting on a couch and there was a TV on the front of him. "come sit." he said. "not until you tell me where the hell am I and who the hell are you." Hinata said. It was silence for a moment. "well I tell you this isn't you school or your no longer on earth." he said as he grab the remote. "well I know that but what the hell is this place. I was at school get beat up but the BNG and BKB." Hinata said.

"do you wanna see what are they doing right know." he ask. "umm sure, but wait you never told me your name." Hinata ask. "it's Sasuke" he smile. 'he really cute.' Hinata thought. Then I sat sown across him

"Hinata do you really hate your life." Sasuke said. I didn't say anything and just nod. "because what I'm going to sow you is going to make thing more easier for you." Sasuke said. As he turn on the T.V. I saw a women with long black almost look like indigo hair, she had lavender white eyes and a every find skin, she was beautiful, who was she? He was with two guys one had long black hair and white eyes and the other had short black hair almost like Sasuke and had dark black eyes and I wonder who was they.

-to be continue-

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