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Scorpio and I spent most of our time together laughing and playing in the den. One day he turned on me, I was walking down the corridor and I saw Scorpios and a group of boys, I went to say hi to him when his friends (who were slythrin because the rivalry isn't there anymore) sneered "there's the mudbloods daughter"

"I heard redheads have a terrible anger" one slythrin

"Really" they laughed I felt my face go hot I was so furious so I punched Scorpios (because he looked like the leader and he was in front of me) on the nose I think it broke, "blimey, Rose" he said as he went to the hospital wing. I turned around to walk off something wet fell on my chin I realised it was because I was crying; I was thinking how could he do this to me. Becca my best friend always knows when I was sad she also was the only person who for knew my feelings Scorpios. I told her what happened she comforted me. Later that day we had potions I was sitting next to Scorpios I gave him a sour look he shrunk into his chair. He asked "why did you-"

"I don't want to hear it Scorpios" we sat there in silence the whole lesson when the bell went I rushed out the door when I was about to go to my common room Scorpios grabbed me "sorry, I'm sorry Rose." He asked me with an apologetic tone, I looked him in the eye "can we be friends again"

"No, no we can't, I wasn't allowed in the first place, you're a, Malfoy" he looked hurt he was about to say something but I sped off.

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