Title: Expatriate
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 2/19/12
Date Ended: 2/19/12

Comments: 'FMA:Brotherhood' ended perfectly. Of course, I couldn't help but add a little wishful thinking of my own.

Roy stepped off the train in Aerugo with a tired sigh. Leaning back and popping his aching vertebrae, he quietly cursed the fact that he hadn't expected this particular train ride to be so long. By the time they'd stopped to refuel, he realized that they had been travelling for a good six hours, and then it took another six to get to their final destination.

"Well, it's worth it," he muttered as he made his way out of the station. After all, he'd have someone to talk to on the way home.

Checking the map his old war friend had given him, he made his way through town. The sun would be setting soon, which meant he'd have to stay overnight. Oh well. He did have a lot of talk about. After all, Amestris was safe now that the threat of Father and the homunculi was gone.

Finding the house hadn't been hard. Walking up the steps, he looked around after knocking gently. It was a small house near the canal, and street lamps surrounded the street from all corners. It was rather quiet, but then again, it was also late.

He turned when he heard the door opening. Smiling, he held up a hand. "Ciao, Raffaele."

Raffaele's eyes widened some at the sight of his old war friend. "Mustang. You're a sight for sore eyes. I take it you're here to finally take him home?"

Roy chuckled as he stepped inside. "I am. His wife and little girl really can't wait to see him."

Raffaele now let out a sigh of relief. "Good. Because if I see one more birthday party picture, I'm going to lose it."