"Time to wake up, Hannah." Hector awoke her. "There's a nice cool stream for you to drink from."

Hannah slowly woke up, crawling off of her friend's back and onto the ground.

She crept up to the creek and stuck her face in, taking a drink.

"I'm beginning to feel better, Hector. Thank you."

"Your welcome, Hannah." Hector replied.

"I think I hear other bears." Hannah said, lifting up her head to see a group of black bears advancing towards them.

Hannah raced to Hector's side.

The smallest of the black bears, a female with a necklace of daisies, advanced towards them until her claws hung over the edge of the stream.

"Greetings, visitors. My name is Ayashe, of the Alameda Tribe."

"Um. We are Hannah and Hector. Of the.. Bear Bowl." Hector replied for them both.

"You do not look well. We should take care of you." She insisted.

"I don't want anyone touching me." Hannah growled.

"But they might be able to help us, Hannah." Hector insisted.

Ayashe nodded. "We have herbs that can make you feel better!"

"Herbs?" Hannah creeped forward. "As long as it's nothing like the Flat-faces have.."

"Of course not." Ayashe turned to walk away, her crowd following. "Whatever those might be.."

Hannah climbed back onto Hector's back as he crossed the stream, following Ayashe.