I just want to say thanks if you're reading this and I hope you enjoy! I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, Donna wouldn't have had her memory wiped.

The Doctor felt his cell phone buzz in his pocket. He froze. It continued to ring. He didn't think he'd ever hear the sound again.

Martha hadn't wrung, Mickey hadn't wrung. Rose couldn't ring. River wouldn't bother calling if she needed him. Amy and Rory were off having their own adventures. Who could it be?

He picked it up and looked at the name flashing at him in bright letters. It was Wilfred Mott.

'No' the Doctor whispered. Why had Wilf needed to call? The Doctor was already dreading the answer.

'Hello?' he said.

'Doctor! I thought you'd never pick up. It's Donna. She's remembered. She's remembered, Doctor. She's remembered.' Wilf repeated himself like a broken record as if he couldn't comprehend the news himself.

Fear filled the Doctor's hearts as he swallowed hard and tried to speak. 'Is she...Is she...' He couldn't do it; he couldn't bring himself to say it.

Wilf caught on and let out a breathy laugh. 'No, not yet. She's burning up, Doctor. Sylvia's trying to keep her fever under control but she needs you. Save her. Save my Donna.'

The phone line went dead and the Doctor choked back a sob. 'Donna remembered,' he thought as he set a course for Chiswick. He tried not to be too hopeful but one thought and one face replayed in his mind. One face stood out in all of time and space. One beautiful face, lying restlessly on a bed surrounded by bottles of water and medicine: the face of his best friend.

He was going to see his brilliant Donna Noble again.