The Deal

Jim can't let Sherlock have all the fun, can he? So he makes a deal with the girl who lives in 221C Baker Street.

Rating may go up. Depends where this goes. Moriarty/OC (eventually) with some Sherlock/OC of sorts.

Avery Jackson didn't know where she was going. The rain beat down on her umbrella as she walked briskly down the deserted London street. At first, she was too distracted to notice the car that slowly crawled along the road behind her.

Something, intuition perhaps, made Avery turn around. She pulled her headphones out, shoving them into her pocket with her iPhone. The car drew up beside her, and the window rolled down slowly, revealing a familiar face. Moriarty.

Avery fixed him with a steely glare.

"What do you want?" she found herself asking, her tone fiercer and braver than she felt.

He smirked at her, and the door opened. He gestured she should get in the car.

"You going to kill me?" Avery asked skeptically.

"My dear, if I wanted you dead, I wouldn't be having this conversation with you," he replied.

Avery sighed and slid into the car, settling on the leather seat.

"You want something," Avery guessed, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Jim couldn't help but marvel slightly at the acute sense of knowing that the girl possessed.

"Sherlock Holmes trusts you. Therefore, you're useful to me," the consulting criminal explained.

Avery considered this.

"You want me to spy on him? Find out what makes him tick," Avery concluded.

Jim smirked at her accuracy. "Exactly. The man trusts you, foolishly."

Avery nodded, taking this all in.

"You think he'll tell me things? To him, I'm just the smart girl who lives in the downstairs flat," Avery said, sceptical of her own abilities.

"You said it yourself; you're the smart girl who lives in the flat downstairs. If you interact with him on the same intellectual level, he'll trust you even more." Jim explained, patient for once. It was vital that this girl brought him the information he needed.

Avery seemed to sense that.

"If I help you. If, then I need your word that you won't just kill me when you've got what you need," Avery said, her expression deadly serious.

"You have my word," the consulting criminal said honestly.

"Then you have a deal," Avery shrugged, pushing her gold hair out of her eyes and reaching to shake on it.

Avery took the opportunity to 'scan' him. Expensive suit: Italian. Gun in the left pocket; but he wasn't going to shoot her. It was too dangerous in the close confines of the car. What else? Arrogant smirk; he thought he was getting the better side of this deal.

Well. They would have to see about that.

Ok. This isn't the Sherlock/OC story I mentioned, but it was an idea I had. The Sherlock/OC shipping that happens later in this story is not going to be a continuation: Avery needs information. This will be more of a Jim/OC story. Reviews? Please? :3