A/N I have a bad habit of turning oneshots into looong stories, so this is strictly a oneshot, even if I am asked to continue.


Kitsune of the Dreaming

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I watched the television every day in silence. I didn't know which I hated worse; Katniss almost getting killed, or Peeta getting too close to her. Each time either would happen, my chest was ripped open again. And again, and again. And it was even worse when she gave Rue a good farewell. That was so... Katniss of her. She was beautiful, and strong, and I didn't have a chance. Even if she did get back, I would be "her cousin," and nothing more. I felt so selfish, so self pitying. I didn't want to watch, to put myself through that, but I couldn't stop. What if I missed her last precious moments on Earth? But all I got for my obsessive watching was her tearing my heart apart, kiss by kiss.

I shouldn't let myself feel like this. It was so much easier when she was keeping her head down and it was just us two, best friends. We did everything together. I would've volunteered, but of course she wouldn't let me. She had more power over me than I think she knew. I am waiting. If I ever see her again, she's going to know how I feel. I don't think I'd ever be able to let go.

I have to go. The end television is about to show the end of this year's Hunger Games.

I am not a stranger with hunger. For food, for justice, or for her. I hunger every day.