W: hey everyone. I'm tired of people thinking that Kowalski's inventions don't work. This is dedicated directly to him! Thank you for inspiration Kowalski ^_^

Summary: "Kowalski did your invention actually work" skipper asked surprised. "I think it did skipper" I answered. "Yes" I shouted.

Pairings: none

Word count: 425

Chapter 1: working invention

Kowalski's pov

I was twisting the knobs on my new device. This time I would make sure that it worked perfectly. This was going to work so good that I am going to meet the president. I slowly picked it up, but stumbled back, and it dropped out of my grasp, and hit the ground breaking into a million pieces. "No" I shouted as I gazed at my broken machine. All that hard work; ruined! I picked up the remaining pieces, and set them down on my desk.

I silently set my head down onto my desk with tears lining my eyes. "Why does this always happen" I asked myself. I heard the door open, and I lifted my head expecting skipper to be there. But instead of skipper it was Julian. He came over to the desk, and stared down at me.

"Hello smart-y penguin" Julian said as a wide smile grew on his face. "Leave me alone Julian" I said rather rudely, but I was in a weak set of mind. "Oh did your machine-y device thing break" he asked. "Yeah" I answered. "Well I can help" Julian said as he picked up the hard drive to my machine. "Why does the machine-y thingy do" he asked as he spun the hard drive around.

"Well it's suppose to build things faster" I answered. "Well then I see the tiny problem" Julian said. "What do you mean" I asked confused on what he was getting at. "Well you're using a drive- 2001 when you should be using a drive- 2012" he said. "Really I thought I got a 2012 one" I said back. How could I have missed that? "Well thanks Julian" I said as he left. Then I stopped midsentence. Was I really thanking Julian?

Maybe this is all a dream and I'll wake up soon.

Morning in the penguin base

I slowly opened my eyes as I saw a crack of sunlight come through my window. "I must have slept here to long" I said to myself as I got up. Well time to show skipper my latest invention- the dural tron 9000.

W: well what do you think? Finally a story where his invention doesn't always fail!