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(Normal P.O.V)

Dai Shi watched as Casey slipped into unconsciousness, he sighed the tiger was going to be trouble, easy to turn, but trouble.

Camille walked in and said softly 'You already claimed him? Did he agree to-?'

'I had him practically begging for it, it seems he felt for the host, or at least he lusted after him. Now when did I say you could wander in unannounced? GET OUT!'

Camille backed out of the room slowly and asked 'would you like me to make sure you are not interrupted my lord?'

Dai Shi gave her a look that could only be described as a death glare from hell, fortunately for her, she took that as a cue to leave and scurried out.

"Wake up little tiger, I'm not finished with you yet" he growled out. He sighed as he saw the ranger wasn't going to wake up any time soon, and lay down next to him.

Casey's POV

I groaned as I opened my eyes, I tried to sit up, before I gasped at a sharp pain shooting down my spine, I was confused until last night came flooding back to me, the way Dai Shi, claimed me, owned me, dominated me… it was making me hard just thinking about it.

I smiled happily before looking around the room I was in. It wasn't the cell, I wasn't tied up, and I was on a bed covered in black furs with a very naked Dai Shi lying next to me.

I lay back down beside him, how could I fight him after last night? If the other rangers ever found out… I shook my head, I couldn't even think about that.

I frowned, I didn't know if I could choose a side, but I couldn't quit being a ranger, and I wouldn't betray the hot piece of ass, which happened to be my mentor RJ.

I would have fucked him by now, if it hadn't been for the fact he was straight. Hell I would've even gone for Dom or Theo over Dai Shi, but he looked so much like Jarrod, but he was all for girls, he beat up the last guy to proclaim his love to him, so like hell I was chancing it.

But Dai Shi wants me… like no one else has, if given a choice between them, who should I choose? My frown deepened, my knees always went weak when I thought of RJ, but again he was straight and I was getting hard at the thought of Dai Shi owning me again.

I moaned as I felt a hand wrap around my cock, I looked down and saw Dai Shi's hand moving up and down, maybe I won't have to choose, maybe they won't be able to rescue me, and I can stay here.

"Ah" I cried out as I felt something enter me.

"These will keep you prepared for me" My captor growled out as he pushed the beads inside me, there were five, each the size of golf balls, I cried out every time he pushed one in, when it came to the last one, I couldn't hold my tears in.

"Please stop Da-" he cut me off pushing a ball gag into my mouth, before continuing.

When he was done, he flipped me on my stomach and tied my legs and arms to each corner of the bed. I felt a sharp pain on my ass as he spanked me with the paddle like he had done yesterday, before I had passed out.

He continued to spank me for half an hour before there was a knock on the door, and Camille's voice sounded "The rangers are here my Lord"

He placed the paddle down next to me and walked calmly out of the room, leaving me there with my ass on fire, tied to the bed, in a humiliating position.

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