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~ Aqua stared at him, and before she could stop herself, she promptly started crying. ~

23) Sweep

Aqua stopped her cleaning long enough to give Terra one of her rare, peeved looks. "Will you just drop it already? I already told you, I'm fine."

Her mouth, that was now a thin line, said the opposite to him, though.

Terra let out a deep sigh. "Aqua..."

How long did she plan to keep up with this nonsense, he wondered. Knowing Aqua, it could literally take months before she finally told him why she was acting weird. Yes, he had more than enough experience with that...unfortunately.

So Terra had told Aqua that he'd started dating Kairi. Now the bluenette was sweeping the non-existent dust and Terra just knew that something was terribly wrong. He wasn't sure what it could be, but it - whatever this "it" was - didn't feel right at all. After all, Aqua only cleaned her apartment as if her life depended on it when something was bothering her immensely.

To his great chagrin, however, she kept insisting that everything was fine. Maybe to the point where she'd started believing it herself, but Terra couldn't be fooled that easily. Had it been any other moment, he would have found it funny how well they knew each other; he only had to look at her body language to know that things didn't add up. Sometimes not even that; sometimes he just had a hunch. If only Aqua would start admitting to herself that she couldn't hide her issues from him forever.

Eventually, Terra sighed and gave up. Women were impossible sometimes, but he was fairly capable of recognizing a lost case. He'd talk to Ven about it when he saw him again. Surely, the blonde would be able to get some info out of her; everyone knew of Aqua's weakness against Ventus's puppy dog eyes. Even Terra himself found it difficult at times to say no to his youngest friend, and that said something. Thanks to the fact that he now knew how human beings work, Ventus was practically invincible.

"I should go now. I have a meeting in an hour. Larxene will skin me alive if I dare to come late again. Take care."

"Good luck."

Terra frowned. She wouldn't even look at him, almost as though she was mad. His mood didn't improve when he slipped thanks to the wet floor and hit his shoulder against the door, hard.

A few minutes after Terra had left, Ventus walked in with two huge grocery bags. "Okay, I think we've got everything we need for the feas- whoa!"

Before the blond knew what hit him, he slipped and fell on the floor. Everything fell on the floor with him, some things damaged beyond repair. Ven was quick to get on his feet again.

"N'aww, that's too bad… Didn't know you had sweeped the floor as well, Aqua. But I'm okay!"

Aqua stared at him for a moment, and before she could stop herself, she promptly started crying.

At once, Ven's eyes widened in shock. "I'm so sorry, Aqua. I'll clean up everything by myself and I'll go back to the supermarket again, I promise. Please don't cry!"

Aqua hiccupped and shook her head. "N-no. It's fine… It's not that…"

That was all she could say before she broke down in tears again. This time her body shuddered uncontrollably. Ventus quickly led her to the loveseat and tried to comfort her as best as he could. He didn't ask why she was crying yet, but he had the strange feeling that it had something to do with Terra if it wasn't because of the huge mess he'd made. Ven might be the youngest of the trio, but he was not stupid.

Still, it was weird seeing the always so strong Aqua break down like this. It nearly made his own eyes water. He blinked furiously to get a hold of himself. Two crying people was even worse than one crying person.

"You smell like eggs and tomatoes," Aqua said in between hiccups, causing him to laugh.

"Yeah, some of the food landed on my clothes. That's why."


"It's fine, Aqua. You can bake me some of those delicious Grandma cookies for me later to make it up to me."

This elicited a weak laugh from her and Ven let out a relieved sigh. "Thank heavens. For a moment, I was afraid you'd tell me off...or that you'd forgotten how to laugh."

If only he knew, she thought to herself.

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