A/N: I know, I said I was going to update the other pending stories I have started, but hey, I just rewatched Jumper, couldn't let Griffin go without his own OC!

1. No air.

I was exhausted. Being as exhausted as I was, I had only one solution left before my eyes. Going in a pub, sitting my ass and drink a awful lot. To forget I had just murdered two more Paladins. With bare hands.

So I did as I wanted, I got in a cool pub near Picadilly, sat at the counter and asked for a scotch I swallowed in one go. Next to me, few people, the same age as me, though not as dangerously tracked as I was.

Suddenly, the usual crack that accompanied a Jump made itself heard on my right. I shuddered and searched for the Jumper. And here he was, few meters away from me, hitting on a blonde who looked like she barely had a brain. The idiot.

Then, I spotted another yound man, looking straight at me this time. His eyes were light blue and his hair was a sandy brown mess. I stared back.

« What do you think you're looking at? » My voice was harsh due to the alcohol, but I still had all my mind standing in its right place.

He looked aghast as I asked, then paid the barman and got out of the pub, leaving the novice and the stalker behind. His face reminded me of someone, but who? I couldn't make it.

As I quietly walked towards the underground, best place to Jump unnoticed, I heard a footstep behind me. So he was following me. He wouldn't be disappointed. I suddenly turned to hide in a small dark street, and got my knife off my pocket. I waited until his footsteps stopped few meters away, and I heard him swear. I made his position clear and Jumped right behind him.

As I pushed the knife against his throat, he took advantage of my drunkness and twisted my arm, passing behind me and pushing me hard against a wall.

"Who are you?" His voice too I knew, but I couldn't still put a name on it.

I pushed myself back to face him. His own knife was touching my cheek. "I usually don't answer to those who attack me without a reason."

His blue eyes lit with anger. "I asked you your name, Jumper."

My leather jacket under my arm, I pushed myself towards him, his blade scortching my skin, until I was free to go. He got my arm and turned me to face him again. This time I was the angriest. "What's the matter with you, guy? Can't you just ask nicely? I'm not a dog, I can go wherever I want without you pulling me back!" I lost my balance during a small second, and found myself landing in his arms. "Let me go!"

His eyes softened. His touched my bleeding cheek with his thumb. "I can't let you go wherever you want in this state. You need to sleep. With an aspirine." He put an arm around my waist and Jumped us to a small lair.

The walls were covered in Paladins faces. He only had a couch and a Playstation to get himself entertained. My lair was way better than this!

I turned to face him again and put my finger against his chest, stil insecure to stand. "Who are you?"

He sighed and pushed me on the couch. He pulled my boots off my feet and put a blanket on me. "It doesn't matter. You'll have forgotten in the morning."

I blacked out at that precise moment.

Where the Hell had I landed?