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Epilogue: Darling everything's on fire.

A few years later

I woke up in my perfect bedroom, alone in my bed, as every morning since a while. Where has he gone to again?

I Jumped to my kitchen and found Sme, deeply asleep, on his couch. A few drawings lied around him, and I gathered them into my special drawing's box.

I quickly ate my breakfast, as I knew I had only a little time for myself before the real day would start.

I walked to my drawer and what I found in there startled me. Few year before, I would only have found leather things, pants or tops, things that would be easy to wear when you went into a fight. Now, there were only sweatshirts, jeans, cotton trousers or light dresses for when I was alone and they were out fishing.

The phone rang. Shit!


"Hey, it's Millie!"

"Hey Mils! What's up?"

"I wondered if you had a free time scheduled today so I could pass by."

I giggled. "I'm afraid we both are desperately needing time-out, but unfortunately my lazy husband has gone out again, and no note, as usual.

"I think he's gone somewhere with David, 'cause he wasn't there either when I got up".


"You said it. Cheers beauty!"

"See ya!" I put down the cellular and tried to ear some movement coming from the other side of the house. None. I sighed in relief.

"So, Sme, are we going to be able to swim in the shore today?" Then I definitely heard some movement. "Apparently not."

I got up and bolted towards the fridge, already taking out milk and cornflakes, orange juice and bread. I put it carefully onto the table and pretended I was doing something really useful.

"Hiya." I heard a thunder noise as she landed on her chair, and I smiled to myself. She knew where she got it.

"Hello darling. Nice sleep?"

"What do you think?" Lynda ate her breakfast as fast as I can write it without stumbling around the words, and then she grabbed her schoolbag and barely kissed me goodbye before Jumping to school.

"You missed me?" I smiled as my husband appeared next to me and kissed my cheek.

"Where the Hell have you been M. O'Connor?" I put my hands on my hips.

"Fetching your anniversary present, Mrs O'Connor."

I giggled as he, as usual, Jumped us to the bedroom where he started taking my clothes off, a very skilled thing to do indeed, seeing as his lips were on mine all that time.

Told you it was going to be a busy day...

Bitch! :p