I just got word.

My Kingdom…some idiot thinks he can take it just because the royals are absent

Idiot. I'm still here. And no one. Absolutely no one, is going to take my throne.

It's not that far. I'll go myself. And he better be there, for me to kill him.

I wonder how I'll take him out

Cut him open? Sounds good

Tear him apart one by one? Maybe…

Drown him? No fun.

Hang him? Could be fun.

Poison? Nah.

Rip him open? Bingo!

I've finally arrived and located the sucker. Thinks he's such a big shot, breaking into my palace and installing himself…

Must Kill.

Job done.

Have the mental guy.

Now what to do with him?

Oh...people are looking at me, afraid. Yeah, and they're living in my country.

Great! Works in my favour.

I just ditched the body into the river. No one will dare to do anything.

Seems like my Kingdom's safe for the time being…Shishishi.

Life's Sweet!

Now back to the boss.

Don't want to annoy him


Who knows…

That too could be fun.