Title: Safety
Author: RemyTehFrog
Rating: G
Summary: The monsters in the dark don't know Sam's safest hiding place.
Author's Notes: I was bored?
Disclaimer: Roses are red, Sam is cute, I don't own Supernatural, Eric Kripke's the lucky dude.


Sam checks his wristwatch in the moonlight. Midnight.

He swings his legs off the bed and runs across the room to Dean's bed. The fourteen-year-old is sound asleep.

Heart racing - they could be anywhere - Sam climbs into the bed and gets under the covers. Dean cracks open an eye before murmuring, "Just don't hog the blankets, Sammy. It's cold tonight."

Sam wriggles his way into Dean's arms, and Dean doesn't protest. Slowly Sam's heartbeat returns to normal.

It is all right now. They can't get him here. He is safe with Dean.

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