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Chapter 1 - Chuck vs. Valkrie

The darkness was so inviting as the sun was now dipping below the California shore line. The black clad female was sitting patiently in her car, keeping a close eye on her target who had showed up not more then ten minutes ago.

She was the best at what she did and tonight would be no different. Sure she could not explain fully how she came to know the target would be at this spot, but none the less, she was not going to shoot a gift horse in the mouth. Her handler had given her the mission to terminate this double agent that had apparently gotten the best of her in a past mission.

She shook her head out of reflex as if trying to regain her lost memories. Quinn had not given her much info, but info didn't really matter to a cold-hearted assassin like herself. She knew something was missing, but there was no denying the coldness in her heart. She was a trained killer and killing is what she knew kept her warm. She was a good little soldier and so when the order came to eliminate her newest target, she accepted with no questions asked.

She glanced in the mirror and smiled at the dark reflection that stared back at her. She instinctively ran her fingers through her long black hair. This was who she was, the black queen, the leather clad goddess as some called her. But to her victims, the last name upon their lips was that of Valkrie. This was the real her. The blond bimbo that was really only used when the CIA needed a seduction mission was no where close to being who she truly was. Matter of fact, she would never resort back to that person again. The CIA could shove it up their collective asses if they thought for a second she would ever go back to the Sarah Walker persona. Sarah had died long ago thanks to the mark she was about to eliminate. It was Valkrie that was left, and oh did it feel so good.

. . .

Chuck was sitting on the beach, in their spot, the emotions of the past 48 hours completely washing over him just like the waves he saw crashing upon the shoreline. His wife, the mother of his future children, his partner, his everything was once again ripped from him. He grabbed his head in his hands and pulled hard on the sides of his hair as frustration hit him.

How could someone so smart always seem to do the dumbest things when it came to his family? Why did he just stand there with his face plastered against the window as his wife slowly drifted away in her train cart. He was such an idiot for just crying out her name instead of acting upon the situation. They were damn spies and all they could do was stand there? Really? And now everything was gone.

Chuck screamed out in pain as he yelled at the sky. Why did this always happen to them? Just when things were so close to being perfect, its ripped right of his hands. Not to mention what those remains at the warehouse where Sarah must have been held meant. She was most likely no longer the Sarah he knew and loved. Sure there was a small chance that she actually kept her eyes closed instead of looking at the stupid cards, but he knew the power of the Intersect once it latched on. He just prayed that there was a small part of her left to save.

Casey of course had to do what he thought was right. He informed Beckman of what Quinn was probably up to using Sarah as the tip of the spear. Beckman promised him that they would take every precaution to keep Sarah safe, but the Intersect was just to valuable to let it fall in to the hands of someone like Quinn. Even though the thought of something happening to Sarah at the hands of the CIA terrified him, he still understood it.

But with everything going on, with all the debacles of the past few weeks, there was one thing Quinn never planned on. The Intersect was just a simple glorified computer device for hosts not named Chuck Bartowski. But Chuck knew that he still had the Intersect and even though it was suppressed, it still had taught him more than he could ever imagine. In a small way, it almost felt like the Intersect was still there helping him when he needed it most. Of course maybe it was never the Intersect but him all along. Either way, Chuck Bartowski was not going down with out a fight.

It was time for Chuck to do what he did best. That was implement a plan. A plan to save Sarah, save the Intersect, and finally get rid of Quinn. But as with all his plans, things had to work perfectly. The chess pieces had to be in play at just the right moment. It was now time for the first move... He paused as he heard the soft sound of footfalls behind him.

"On your feet asshole."

Chuck could hear the coldness in the voice but he knew exactly who it was. He was ready for this as he slowly got to his feet and turned around. His jaw dropped at the sight before him.

Valkrie knew what the parameters of the mission was. Quinn had ordered her to kill the prick, and she had planned to do so as she leveled her gun at the agents face. She could feel the inviting feel of the trigger as it beckoned her to end the life before her. She was about to end it when something odd struck her in her chest. At first she swore this Carmichael person must have shot her or something but she knew he didn't make a move. He just had this adorable look... She paused in thought. Adorable? Really? When had the mighty Valkrie ever used the word adorable? And why was the moron staring at her like that?

"Gosh you're so pretty." The sentence was meant as a double meaning but the truth was no less than what he thought. Sure it was not the blonde goddess he was used to, but oh man did he have a thing for the leather clad look. His wife was absolutely the sexiest thing alive.

Valkrie shook her head as this was not the way she had planned things to go. What in the world was happening to her? The highly trained agent must be using something to try and control her. A Jedi mind trickā€¦ What the hell was a Jedi mind trick? Carmichael must be poisoning her somehow and if she didn't do something quick, she knew she would go mad. She had to get control the only way she knew how.

Chuck could see the indecision in her eyes and he knew his Sarah was in there somewhere. He had done it once by some miracle and he would have to do it again. Sure this persona that Sarah had taken would be much harder then the one that walked into the Buy More over three years ago, but Chuck was a different man now. He was no longer the lonely nerd with out a life. He had everything now and he was not about to let it go. He would win back his wife at all costs and he knew it was about time to pay up. He was expecting this, but it still was not something he looked forward to as the gun came crashing against his skull. His last thought was how much he loved her as the darkness over came him.

Valkrie just stood there for a moment, frozen in time as she stared at the crumbled form of the handsome... of the double agent before her. She could not take her eyes off him as she slowly looked around at where she was standing. Something was very familiar about this place and it was as if her brain was on the edge of a sneeze. The memory just would not come to her, but she would be damned if she didn't dig deeper.

She bent down to drag the body back to her car. As she lifted the unconscious man in her arms, she suddenly closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as a rush of warmth and such a wonderful, familiar smell over came her. She could not explain why, but for whatever reason, being near this man, being this close to his body was triggering something inside her. It was like her entire body was suddenly on fire. She had to gain control because the way she was acting was not how the mighty Valkrie acted.

She hurried as fast as she could back to the car, dumping the man in the front seat. She quickly ran around to the driver side and started the engine. She would never convince herself what she did next was of her own accord, but before she drove off, she fastened the passenger seat belt, making sure the agent was safe... no secured. Then she was off. It was time to get some answers.

{* * *}

Chuck could not believe his misfortune as he finally was able to wake up only to find himself hanging from the ceiling by his hands and completely nude. 'Crap!' Chuck thought to himself as he tried to get his bearings and hopefully recognize his surroundings. Where the hell was he? He frantically looked around realizing suddenly that Sarah was the one who knocked him out and must have tied him up. But why would she have him nude? He never had time to finish as his black leather clad wife came strutting in.

"So Carmichael, you ready to..." Valkrie couldn't speak as something very long and extinguished caught her eye. The sight of a certain appendage literally made her speechless as she felt a strange sensation rising in her lower abdomen. She tried to speak, she tried to pry her eyes away but all she could do was run her tongue slowly over her lips, biting ever so slightly on her bottom lip.

Chuck could not help the redirected blood flow as he hung there, in front of his wife, with possibly the biggest erection he ever had. It's not like he did it on purpose but damn it his wife just looked so hot and he missed her like crazy. He wanted to try and explain, a deep blush coming over him, but the only words he could speak was "Sorry."

Valkrie stood there silent for a good minute, not once moving her eyes. Finally realization set in as she looked up to Agent Carmichael, a deepening blush all over her own cheeks. "Really Carmichael?" She had her head tilted, trying to look him in those beautiful brown eyes, but her eyes kept wondering much lower.

"I'm sorry okay. Its just..." Chuck had to think of what to say. He knew he couldn't just come out and tell her the truth. Tell her that she was his wife and he missed her so much. He had to take this slow, to bad the rest of his body wasn't listening. "Your just so beautiful okay. I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you and while I would love to say that my thoughts and intentions are pure... Really all I want to do is make passionate love to you hanging here from this ceiling. I just want to feel your warmth as you guide my..."

"Enough." Valkrie did not mean for the slight squeak to emanate from her voice, but it was not up to her apparently. Once again she was losing control as the more Carmichael described what he wanted her to do to him, the closer she was to ripping off all her clothes and screwing his brains out. This thought alone was strange to her considering she never thought like this. Sure she had had sex before but never had an orgasm, at least that she could remember. Usually the guys she was with never lasted that long or they definitely were no where close to being built like Carmichael. But here she was, just inches from her captive, and she was practically spilling over with her own orgasm.

She needed a minute to regain her senses as she quickly walked out of the room to get the prisoner some clothes. Apparently her bright idea to demoralize and humiliate the captive by hanging him there naked did not quite work out the way it had with other Marks she had to interrogate. Yeah, that was such a bad idea.

Chuck couldn't help but smile as he saw his wife's reaction. He was always a little self conscious about his own body, especially compared to the Goddess like status of his wife. Not to mention the mission where they saved Roan Montgomery and Sarah never defended their sex life. And most recently, when Gertrude had made fun of him when they were at the nude ranch. Those moments really made him take a hit to his ego and possibly could have turned out to be a bad situation. Luckily that night after the mission, when he finally opened up to Sarah about how he felt, she made sure he would never again question what she felt for him sexually... over and over and over. Chuck looked down, "Oh that's going to help" as he felt like he was going to burst. He tried thinking of something else to redirect his blood flow. Fortunately General Beckman was the one that popped into his head. 'Yep, that did the trick.' As Sarah once again came into the room.

Chuck tried his best not to smile as Sarah had her head turned slightly reaching out her hand with his pants in them, not once looking directly at him.

"Here, put these on." Valkrie demanded, trying her best to stay strong, she was Valkrie damn it.

"Uh, there is a slight problem with this Ms. Valkrie."

"What is it now moron?"

"Well... you see my hands are tied. Looks like your going to have to help me." Chuck shifted so his full frontal nudity was right smack in her view. He honestly couldn't believe he was acting like this. In a million years he would have never acted like this.

And damn damn damn, this was so not thought through, Valkrie reprimanded herself, practically slapping her forehead with her free hand at how ridiculous she was being.

Chuck could see her struggling and why a big part of him thought it was cute, he did not like seeing Sarah so flustered. This was not the time to screw... wow such a wrong use of words, he didn't want to mess with her head, at least not yet. "Ms. Valkrie, I promise you I won't try anything if you let me down. I will answer any questions you have and if I get out of line, well I'm sure you know what to do."

This time Valkrie looked into her prisoners eyes and couldn't help herself. She actually believed this man. How could she be so trusting when this man took everything from her. Her partner, her Director, her memories. She couldn't let this happen. She would not let him get the upper hand.

Chuck couldn't believe what happened next as his wife knocked him out once again.

{* * *}

The last time Chuck felt like this was after Blizz Conn 2003 when he and Morgan got dead drunk with a couple of Night Elf females. Ellie about ripped him a new one for coming home like that and sure enough, he paid the price. Now it felt like that once again as the haze started to clear and the pain returned.

"Nap time is over Agent Carmichael." Valkrie slapped her prisoner again. She would not let him get the upper hand.

"Damn it honey, that freakin hurts." Chuck just spurted it out, not even realizing what he was saying. Luckily he wasn't hanging from the rafters any more, he was tied securely to a chair, but it didn't lesson the pain any.

"What did you say?" Valkrie once again slapped his face.

"STOP IT!" Chuck lost control, the pain just to much. "Stop it now damn it. That's enough"

Valkrie froze. No man ever controlled her. Yeah she followed orders but it was because that is what she felt like doing. At no time would anyone ever belittle her or treat her like a secondary citizen. Yet this man in front of her, shouting at her, broke something deep inside her. She couldn't explain the sudden feeling that hit her. She felt like she had just kicked a puppy.

Chuck had never once yelled at his wife. They had had a few fights, but not once did he ever lose his temper. He felt like an idiot for doing so now, especially with Sarah needing his help. Still, whether she remembered or not, she was his wife and he would not let her continue treating him like this.

"Listen Valkrie, Sarah, whoever the hell you think you are now. I know you are in control. I know you probably believe all the lies Quinn told you even though I'm pretty sure deep down you are questioning them. Either way, I don't give a damn. You will not continue to treat me like this." Chuck swallowed deeply, his bravado quickly fading. "I told you I would cooperate. I said I would not escape and I meant it."

Valkrie wasn't quite sure what to do. He was the prisoner. He was the one tied up. Yet she felt like he was the one in control. What the hell was happening to her?

"Sarah, will you please just look at me." Chuck tried to tilt his head so he could see her. He flinched as she raised her hand to strike again.

"Don't you call me that name. I am Valkrie."

Chuck was surprised she didn't hit him. That had to mean something. He had a choice to make though. Should he try to convince her she was his wife, or did he continue to play along, continuously chipping away at her armor. It didn't take him long to figure out what to do. It was to early still to spring the truth on her. "Fine... Valkrie. And please don't call me Agent Carmichael. My name is Chuck."

Valkrie smirked. "Chuck? Really? I didn't think people still named..." Valkrie stopped as her mind started playing tricks on her yet again. For the first time in her life, she had no idea what to do. Just the presence of this man, this handsome guy named Chuck, confused her and caused her thinking to go all out of whack. She knew she should have followed orders and exterminated this man at the beach, but something inside would not let her. She was determined to find out why and even though she may not have all the answers now, she would make it her life's goal to find them. One thing she did know however, as she stared into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen; things would never be the same from this moment on.

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